Nemo's page posted a forum exposing Liqing's mood before his prison day, and he was cornered

Thanh PhúcSep 11, 2023 at 15:38

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Before going to prison on the charge of disrupting public order, h.ot g.irl livestream Page Nemo suddenly posted a direct denunciation of "white shirt sister" Le Khanh, accusing herself of being cornered.

In recent days, the news that h.ot g.irl Page Nemo was officially sentenced to 9 months in prison, the court rejected the appeal, causing netizens to constantly stir. The last trial, which was also the last, closed the case of a dispute and back-and-forth between two figures who have taken the internet by storm over the past year. With this sentence, netizens also agreed, besides mocking the mistake of this famous character.

Nemos page posted a forum exposing Liqings mood before his prison day, and he was cornered - Photo 1

Accordingly, Page Nemo was dismissed by the court on appeal for suspended imprisonment under an earlier decision on June 6 this year. Finally, the owner of a famous fashion shop, was sentenced to 9 months in prison, for disorderly acts, acts of physically affecting the victim, Le Khanh, in a war of words with each other on social networks, about business related to Tran My, social sister to Liqing.

Nemos page posted a forum exposing Liqings mood before his prison day, and he was cornered - Photo 2

Recently, before the e.xecution date, Page Nemo had an article, a message for his son. Despite being the wrong person, with the family who stayed behind were always the most heartbroken. The owner of the fashion shop wrote a message to her son: "Sit here with me. Everywhere you go, you ask for your mother. What should I do, my child! Why do you have to corner someone else, don't you have children? Everybody says she's strong, she's not as strong as they think, no mother is as strong as she thinks she is."

Nemos page posted a forum exposing Liqings mood before his prison day, and he was cornered - Photo 3

And yet, the owner of the fashion shop also revealed more details about the person who sent her to prison, Ms. Le Khanh. Specifically, Nemo Page wrote: "After the incident, I sent a basket of fruit and an apology to the house, said no, after receiving it, said it was not valid enough. After the incident, I was harmed, splashed with water, splashed with shrimp paste at the shop. My assistant's friend's house was threatened by a whole bunch of about 5-7 guys who came to s.mash the altar. Going out, there was a group of strangers with thugs, all with photos and videos."

Nemos page posted a forum exposing Liqings mood before his prison day, and he was cornered - Photo 4

"So I ask everyone, do I have the courage to face her at her house? Who is the one who guarantees my safety, while her husband is the big brother, declares that no big brother in Saigon will touch me. And if I apologize at her house, do you know? So I chose to apologize in the safest, most crowded place possible, namely in court. I lowered myself, begged her, knelt at her feet, I didn't show up. The whole country sees through the media. Is that sincere enough? She appealed from the bottom of the first instance to the appeal despite 2 trials both judges explained and dissuaded."

Nemos page posted a forum exposing Liqings mood before his prison day, and he was cornered - Photo 5

"She always used apologies to bully me, to sue me, to go on livestreams for sales purposes as you can see. Already my conversation with My is done! She was the one who blatantly entered my store with no intention of making a purchase and I also politely invited her out. To this day I still don't understand what My and her relationship is. At first I didn't know, then the sisters, then the general sales," Nemo added.

Nemos page posted a forum exposing Liqings mood before his prison day, and he was cornered - Photo 6

Previously, in January 2022, Tran My accompanied Pham Le Khanh to Trang Nemo's store to explain and apologize. However, the meeting turned into an argument. Ms. Pham Le Khanh was snatched from her mask by Trang Nemo and 4 employees (including 2 salespeople and 2 security guards of Trang, including Nguyen Phuoc Tuan, Phan Hoang Nam) rushed to influence the council. As a result, Ms. Pham Le Khanh suffered multiple soft injuries, scattered swelling and bruising of parts of her b.ody, an injury rate of 3%.

Nemos page posted a forum exposing Liqings mood before his prison day, and he was cornered - Photo 7

Currently, the story and post of Nemo Page are still being widely transmitted by netizens. However, it seems too late that the court has made a final ruling. The current job of the h.ot g.irl now, advised by netizens is to focus on executing the sentence well, obeying the law to return to her family soon.

Nemos page posted a forum exposing Liqings mood before his prison day, and he was cornered - Photo 8

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