Lin Qingzhi angrily responded to anti-fans when he was criticized behind 'cutlery', just like Page Nemo

Juni NguyễnOct 10, 2023 at 10:22

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In response to questions about Lam Khanh Chi's true beauty after "smashing and rebuilding" as well as comments that she used excessive editing software to be what she is now, Lam Khanh Chi responded.

Lam Khanh Chi is probably the name that receives the most attention at the moment when the singer has determined to play big, continuing to spend billions of VND to China for a facelift. In particular, the singer did not hesitate to hide it, but instead she publicized the surgery process as well as the images during the facelift that made many people squirm.

After the beauty restoration trip "journey of youth", Lam Khanh Chi continuously posted many images showing off her shimmering and youthful beauty. People must "roll their eyes" in surprise, if this is indeed a post-cutlery appearance, then Lin Qingzhi has officially successfully transformed.

Lin Qingzhi angrily responded to anti-fans when he was criticized behind cutlery, just like Page Nemo - Photo 1

Although her beauty became beautiful, Lin Qingzhi was not supported by netizens. Most comments advised the singer to stop beauty restoration to stay healthy. According to netizen, the current beauty of the singer is beautiful enough and there is no need to spend m.oney and energy on this anymore.

However, after that, the aesthetic unit posted videos and images of the process of Lam Khanh Chi using the service, showing that the singer's beauty is not as shimmering as many self-posted photos.

Lin Qingzhi angrily responded to anti-fans when he was criticized behind cutlery, just like Page Nemo - Photo 2

It is also because of the opposition between the restoration party and the owner Lam Khanh Chi himself that has sparked a heated discussion on social media teams. There were even comments expressing doubts about Lin Qingzhi's beauty. People didn't believe that she was just as beautiful in real life: " It's so beautiful outside, sister. I really asked, I didn't mean anything." In response to this comment, Lam Khanh Chi shared that she was not "photogenic": "Going to the livestream page will see that I am telling the truth. I'm prettier on the outside because I'm not photogenic."

Lin Qingzhi angrily responded to anti-fans when he was criticized behind cutlery, just like Page Nemo - Photo 3

Not only that, there were anti-fans who did not hesitate to frankly disparage her: "What application is it that is virtual, princess?" When receiving this comment, the singer was extremely angry and said: "Your face uses 100 apps just like that. Stop being jealous of young women."

Although Lam Khanh Chi always tries to "live virtually" on social networks, her everyday moments when caught by the audience make people extremely surprised. The face shows a wryness, less fresh skin that is far from the carefully edited photos of the singer, making the audience more skeptical about her true beauty.

Lin Qingzhi angrily responded to anti-fans when he was criticized behind cutlery, just like Page Nemo - Photo 4

Even in some of Lam Khanh Chi's latest photos, Lam Khanh Chi's bold make-up style and horizontal bangs make them mistakenly think Trang Nemo – a fashion shop owner who once made waves.

Under the image of Lam Khanh Chi shared by social networking forums, netizens left comments: "Glance at it thought Nemo Page was always there. Looks like twin sisters. It's too similar", "A glance at Page Nemo", " Looks like Fan Bingbang", "Make-up on pictures is also pretty", "I didn't recognize Lin Khanh Chi the other day, today is better", "I must admit that Mrs. Chi is really good at pain", "A bit like Trang Nemo but really prettier", "I don't know if I use photoshop or photo editing app but it is much more beautiful"...

Lin Qingzhi angrily responded to anti-fans when he was criticized behind cutlery, just like Page Nemo - Photo 5

This is not the first time Lam Khanh Chi has publicly had plastic surgery. Previously, in addition to the transgender "major surgery", the singer has undergone many large and small "cutlery" touches to maintain her youthful appearance such as in October 2000, Lam Khanh Chi went to Thailand for vocal cord surgery to have a feminine voice, improve herself post-transgender or in August 2023, She said she had just finished surgery to correct her nose.

The singer once shared: "Working hard every day to get the results I am today, I trade a lot of health and m.oney. Do you spend 1 billion to invest in beauty in the year? Come on, as long as you're pretty."

Lin Qingzhi angrily responded to anti-fans when he was criticized behind cutlery, just like Page Nemo - Photo 6

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