Ngan 98 was accused of "exploding" by his assistant Page Nemo, selling badly, and immediately responded

Đình NhưMay 04, 2024 at 15:09

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Over the past time, Ngan 98 has become a name that has received a lot of attention from the public when she was constantly called by the close sisters Que Van - Nam Em on social networks, denounced the "canvas" about the huge amount of assets that she showed off on social networks.

After a period of patience and deliberation, Ngan 98 on April 26 officially worked with the Ho Chi Minh City Department of Information and Communications. HCMC to sue Nam Em for livestreaming insulting female DJs.

Ngan 98 was accused of exploding by his assistant Page Nemo, selling badly, and immediately responded - Photo 1

The fuss with Miss Mekong Delta has not yet subsided, recently, Ngan 98 continued to be voiced "phosphate" by Pham Quyen Quy - Trang Nemo's former assistant. This person constantly shared photos and clips of Luong Bang Quang's girlfriend, accusing her of "coloring" the story of buying a supercar, building a 60-room love hotel in Dalat. Quyen Quy emphasized: "Buy a car through a bank, the bank is in your name. Buying cash after a month can still bring the bank to disburse. Put all the disbursements back." This person is also not afraid to confront Ngan 98 directly on the livestream.

Ngan 98 was accused of exploding by his assistant Page Nemo, selling badly, and immediately responded - Photo 2

Not stopping, Quyen Quy also accused Ngan 98 of "eating without saying yes", selling products without quality assurance. "Ready to investigate for me about his weight loss pill sales income. See if there are banned substances. He wants to go away from me," Nemo's former assistant declared. He also strongly challenged Ngan 98 to sue him if he found that what he said was false.

Ngan 98 was accused of exploding by his assistant Page Nemo, selling badly, and immediately responded - Photo 3

Previously, Pham Quyen Quy "stirred" social networks when accusing Trang Nemo's husband of having an affair, blocking 11 billion from his wife to spend on personal matters. He also affirmed that he would continue to clarify many hidden corners about the husband of the former owner, confident enough m.oney and evidence to "confront".

Ngan 98 was accused of exploding by his assistant Page Nemo, selling badly, and immediately responded - Photo 4

Soon after, on the afternoon of May 3, Ngan 98 spoke out clearly on his personal Tiktok channel.

The DJ shared: "The trend is mixed now, not explosive mines, cheesy explosive mines. Seeing people fishing like sentences, now that creating an explosive mine trend is old, the mixed mine is cute. The trend of exploding mines is that the next life will be like the Bom (Ngan 98 dog) in my house.

Ngan 98 was accused of exploding by his assistant Page Nemo, selling badly, and immediately responded - Photo 5

Ngan's car didn't see Ngan o.ff much, didn't see Ngan take many pictures. Actually, Ngan's personality is very funny, everyone, once something is Ngan's, Ngan is very lazy to boast.

Each person counts, Ngan's things will forever be Ngan's, so I want to o.ff all the time, so there is no need to o.ff year after year, o.ff every moment of anything. S.hooting all the time, s.hooting with the car he crashed."

Ngan 98 was accused of exploding by his assistant Page Nemo, selling badly, and immediately responded - Photo 6

She expressed the opinion that even if I rent anything, it is not bad, I rent with my own m.oney, there is nothing to be ashamed of.

However, when the female DJ went to buy a car Ngan 98 had deposited nearly tens of billions for the company, not two billion cars, but 50 million and 100 million as Pham Quyen Quy said.

Ngan 98 revealed that what she bought was all her own m.oney. The DJ is very afraid of the economic crisis or the epidemic coming suddenly again, people cannot do business, she cannot do business, how can she have m.oney to pay off debts to the Bank. Therefore, how many banks will play, but ngan does not dare to buy installments.

Ngan 98 was accused of exploding by his assistant Page Nemo, selling badly, and immediately responded - Photo 7

When challenged by Page Nemo's former assistant to prove his assets, Ngan 98 also responded harshly: "Take out the papers to prove it, I am not obliged to do that. I'm not a kid and just let you encourage that."

Not only that, Ngan 98 also revealed that this is just a ploy of the mastermind to increase engagement. After that, you will sell online and when everything stops, you will fake madness and deny everything. Thereby, she wishes the audience not to be gullible and then led by the nose.

Ngan 98 also revealed that she only has a few days left in Vietnam. After that, Ngan will go to Australia and Canada so he will spend more time loving Bom instead of caring about unnecessary noise.

Ngan 98 was accused of exploding by his assistant Page Nemo, selling badly, and immediately responded - Photo 8

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