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The g.irl spent tens of millions of dong hunting for "Idol Swing" concert tickets when she received news of losing her job

Mai Trúc13:56:28 11/12/2023
Many young people today are ready to spend a large amount of m.oney to join the battle to hunt for concert tickets to be determined to attract idols in the international market. However, one g.irl had not yet had time to celebrate her successful ticket hunt when she suddenly received news that she was fired.

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Binh Duong: The driver caused an accident that left one person unable to survive and then fled

Cát Cát13:36:16 11/12/2023
Recently, the police of Thu Dau Mot city, Binh Duong province are investigating the case of a truck leaving the scene of an accident that left a 4-year-old c.hild unable to survive on the afternoon of December 9.

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"Professor, doctor" Ha Duy Tho famous on official social networks was fined more than 100 million VND

Thanh Anh15:36:09 07/12/2023
Recently, the Inspectorate of Ho Chi Minh City Department of Health has announced sanctioning decisions on administrative violations against Professor and Dr. Ha Duy Tho who are famous on social networks recently.

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Khe Tre market fire in Hue: 335 stalls damaged, small traders choked on tears watching goods burned

Đào Thị10:29:58 04/12/2023
Recently, a large fire broke out inside Khe Tre market. Receiving the news, the fire police dispatched several fire engines and dozens of soldiers to the scene to extinguish the fire.

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Gia Lai: Eating poisoned steamed toad eggs, 1 person critical, 1 person did not survive

Tiểu Trúc06:02:00 03/12/2023
Recently, an incident of p.oisoning occurred in Klăh Bang village in Gia Lai province. Accordingly, the Department of Food Safety and Hygiene of Gia Lai province said that it has just recorded a case of food p.oisoning caused by eating toad eggs that caused 1 person to not survive, 1 person critically.

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Timely rescue of 4 people trapped in a fire at a veterinary medicine factory in Hanoi

Thanh Anh13:35:48 30/11/2023
Recently, the Fire Prevention and Rescue Police Department of Hanoi City Police promptly rescued 4 people trapped in a fire at a veterinary medicine factory in Hanoi.

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Break open the door to rescue the male driver trapped in the truck cabin after a 7-seat car collision in Ho Chi Minh City

Đào Thị10:24:48 24/11/2023
Recently, the Fire Prevention and Rescue Police Team of District 1 Police just rescued a male driver trapped in the truck cabin after a 7-seat car collision in Ho Chi Minh City.

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A 4-year-old Korean b.oy talks about the trauma caused by his parents, making everyone heartbroken

Tiểu Trúc15:44:42 23/11/2023
Recently, on social networks, an interview with a Korean b.oy has spread about his thoughts about his parents and the trauma he has experienced, making everyone heartbroken.

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Hanoi's air pollution is at an alarming level, seriously affecting health

Thanh Anh10:51:43 23/11/2023
Dr. Hoang Duong Tung, former Deputy Director General of the General Department of Environment (Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment), said that the North and Hanoi are entering the air pollution season. Calm wind combined with fog causes dust in the air to be stored at low levels, causing pollution.

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Is the trend of young people freezing their eggs to avoid the pressure of getting married early? Is it a safe choice?

Thanh Thanh16:12:39 22/11/2023
Recently, many young girls tend to freeze their eggs because they want to focus on their career before finding a suitable partner. However, many people question whether this is a safe choice.

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A woman in Thua Thien Hue lost hundreds of millions of dong because she believed a fortune teller

Thanh Thanh10:36:21 22/11/2023
Recently, the Office of the Police Investigation Agency of Thua Thien Hue Provincial Police decided to prosecute the case, prosecute the accused, and temporarily detain two subjects who pretended to be cyber fortune tellers and fraudulently appropriated property.

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Inviting a former colleague to a wedding but not attending or sending an envelope, the g.irl was upset and "collected debt"

Tiểu Trúc16:27:11 21/11/2023
Netizens were suddenly shocked when a g.irl angrily demanded a debt from a former colleague because she invited him to a wedding but neither attended nor sent an envelope. This incident caused fierce debate in the online community.

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Timely extinguished many consecutive fires in Hai Phong, rescuing 2 people trapped in the fire

Đào Thị10:01:52 21/11/2023
On November 20, the Fire Prevention and Rescue Police force of the City Police. Hai Phong has extinguished many consecutive fires. At the same time, successfully rescued 2 people trapped in the fire.

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Having the "distress" of getting married during the flood season, the groom's family had to wade through the water to the bride's house to pick up the bride

Tiểu Trúc16:29:38 20/11/2023
The online community has just passed on the moment a wedding met with an accident that took place on a rainy day. Even if the groom's family has beautiful makeup and neat clothes, they still have to wade to the bride's house to pick up the bride.

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The largest mushroom production and purchasing factory in Lam Dong burned down, causing much property damage

Đào Thị10:33:08 20/11/2023
On November 19, a mushroom production facility in Da Nhim commune (Lac Duong district, Lam Dong province), about 30km from Da Lat, caught fire. The fire caused many machines and equipment on the farm to be burned and damaged.

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The woman divorced her husband because she was "addicted" to running, and also put her daughter in a dangerous situation

Tiểu Trúc07:18:21 19/11/2023
Recently, a woman decided to divorce her husband because his addiction to jogging made her obsessed. He even pushed his daughter into dangerous situations just because of his passion.

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The recyclable waste treatment plant in Nghe An had a big fire, workers panicked and ran for their lives

Đào Thị07:12:10 19/11/2023
At noon on November 18, a fire occurred at a factory specializing in processing recyclable waste (not yet in operation) located in an industrial park in Nghe An. The workers ran out in panic to escape.

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The couple spent all their wedding savings to do something meaningful?

Thanh Thanh16:14:04 18/11/2023
Recently, a couple spent all their savings on a lavish wedding to do something meaningful. Their actions immediately attracted the attention of the online community and received many compliments.

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Kon Tum: Rescued a woman who was lost in the forest for 5 days, had to eat vegetables and drink spring water to survive

Thanh Thanh11:25:00 18/11/2023
On November 13, a woman left her house to go into the forest in Mang But commune to pick leaves and did not return. After 5 days of searching, the working group found this woman lost in a forest in Dak Ha district, Kon Tum province.

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Quang Nam: More than 500 households in mountainous areas were isolated because heavy rain caused road landslides

Mai Trúc10:40:17 17/11/2023
On November 16, more than 500 households in the mountainous region of Quang Nam were completely isolated because heavy rain caused road landslides. Local authorities have mobilized means to make efforts to clear the route, but it has not yet been completed.

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The g.irl has a unique livestream style, selling "lightning speed", making people unable to take their eyes off her

Mai Trúc17:08:17 16/11/2023
Recently, social networks have appeared as a new sales tactic. Accordingly, a g.irl caused a fever with her quick livestream sales strategy that made people unable to take their eyes off her.

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Da Nang: Fire in a 12-story apartment building, people panicked and fled the building

Mai Trúc10:29:47 16/11/2023
At about 2:15 p.m. on November 15, a fire broke out in an apartment on the 5th floor of Apartment 12T5 (Nai Hien Dong ward, Son Tra district, Da Nang city). Detecting smoke, people shouted and informed the authorities.

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The m.ale s.tudent set up a tent to "stay" in the shopping center. Knowing the reason, everyone sympathized

Thanh Anh15:22:35 15/11/2023
A m.ale s.tudent set up a tent in a shopping center in Shanghai, causing a stir in the online community recently. Knowing the reason for this action makes everyone sympathize.

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The g.irl organized her own "funeral" to overcome the s.hock of breaking up with her boyfriend of 3 years

Thanh Thanh16:20:36 14/11/2023
A young g.irl in China organized her own funeral and invited friends to attend with the aim of forgetting her ex-lover and starting a new life, shocking netizens in this country.

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