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Samuel An: Overseas Vietnamese caused a stir on the big screen, his voice once bombed The Voice

Star's profile

17:08:58 13/01/2024
Huynh Samuel An is a face that has received a lot of love from the public in recent years. A handsome, multi-talented overseas Vietnamese guy, he returned to his country and started his passion for art. The male artist has bombarded all fronts, from music to cinema.

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The Ton brothers: Caused a fever among viewers with a strange script, mixing Hong Kong with America

The movie that is causing a storm on Netflix - The Ton Brothers has been well received and received positive feedback since its release. The film received a lot of love for its unique combination of Asian and American cultures.

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Truong Diem: "I cherish the title of Talented Beauty Miss Cosmo VN"

Vietnamese showbiz

16:27:44 13/01/2024
Possessing a powerful, inspiring voice, Truong Diem won the Talented Beauty a.ward at Miss Universe Vietnam - Miss Cosmo Vietnam 2023. This is a precious a.ward, recognized by many audiences from Truong Diem.

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100-year-old man saves 100 million USD, how to live like a poor person all his life?

Hot trend

14:58:17 13/01/2024
Netizens were excited by the story of a 100-year-old man who lived like a poor man all his life and now saved 100 million USD. Being thrifty will surprise everyone who hears it.

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Truong Giang bowed his head in shame because he 'surpassed' Thanh Loc and cried because he owed the audience's gratitude

Beautiful stars

13:55:51 13/01/2024
Artist Truong Giang made the audience stir before his speech at the Green Star awards ceremony. Lucky to receive the audience's love, the actor had to cry. At the same time, he also admitted that he was extremely embarrassed when he surpassed his senior Thanh Loc.

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Do My Linh's husband revealed his enormous assets, people were shocked by the specific number

Hot KOLs

12:18:11 13/01/2024
Do Vinh Quang, the son of elected Hien and also the husband of Miss Do My Linh, recently made people scrutinize and discuss the huge assets he holds. Although it is known that the young master is a man of many talents, no one has imagined the specific number.

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Song Hye Kyo was ignored by her colleagues even though she was an A-list star, her identity shocked fans

Korean stars

10:52:06 13/01/2024
Top Korean actress Song Hye Kyo made people stir with the unfortunate story of her wedding to another colleague. She was treated harshly and ignored even though she had previously acted in the same movie. The identity shocked people.

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Miss Tieu Vy has no choice but to deny, the hint of dating a Thai male god is clear?


09:30:54 13/01/2024
Miss Tieu Vy continues to stir up the online community when she suddenly reveals another hint of a date with the Thai male idol, who has been rumored to be in love with her for the past year - Nicky Nachat.

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Hien Ho was accused by the community of being fake, with an impatient attitude, and with a harsh response that shocked everyone

Vietnamese showbiz

07:33:13 13/01/2024
Female singer Hien Ho just made a notable move on a recent livestream. Through a series of uproarious feelings of brotherly support, Hien Ho seems to have been k.illed on all fronts. That's why wherever she appears, she is attacked.

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Revealing the princess with the most husbands in Chinese history, living a debauched, indulgent life

Wonderful world

17:14:09 12/01/2024
Although she is a princess of a prestigious royal family, this g.irl leads a debauched and indulgent lifestyle, and is even known as the most married woman in Chinese history.

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Loan Hoang: H.ot mom used to live in a 15m2 house, but now she has a fast car and a house with billions of dollars spread out, causing shock

Famous people

16:53:37 12/01/2024
Loan Hoang, formerly known by the nickname Heo Mi Nhon, is a famous h.ot mom in Hanoi. She is also the wife of actor Kien Hoang. Since returning home, the two have received more attention from the audience.

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Shark Binh surprised with his '18 year old' visual, Hong Dang immediately said a sentence

Hot KOLs

16:17:11 12/01/2024
Businessman Shark Binh made people excited when he suddenly showed off his appearance like an 18 year old b.oy on his personal page. Everyone was surprised because it was so different from the usual Shark Binh. Hong Dang and the Vietnamese stars also immediately poured in their compliments.

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