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Zhao Liying, Yang Mu fought fiercely, a male star was suddenly called out?

Bút Mực15:07:46 10/05/2024
Zhao Liying and Yang Kai are rumored to be reuniting at the red carpet of this year's Cannes Film Festival. This information made fans of the two No. 1 beauties of the Chinese screen couldn't help but be excited.

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Trieu Lo Tu expressed a strange attitude when meeting Chi Pu, the Vietnamese representative "responded" too subtly

Keng10:23:53 08/01/2024
Not long ago, Chi Pu was invited to participate in Hunan Radio's year-end festival. This is considered one of the milestones marking her success when encroaching on career development in China.

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Lam Tam Nhu was "in love" with her real beauty through "normal cam" when participating in a reality show

Mai Trúc06:41:27 22/11/2023
Recently, when participating in a reality show, Lam Tam Nhu was shown to love her real beauty too much. The appearance of beauty Hoan Chau Cach Cach has caused a stir in the online community.

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Lin Chen laughed at himself, criticized himself for being incompetent, and played badly in 'The Perfect Way'

Juni Nguyễn16:08:45 07/11/2023
Although the role of Xia Zizhi in 1998 was the role of Lin Tam Nhu's life, in retrospect, the actress judged herself at that stage to be immature.

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Zhang Jianyi pushed Qin Lin to fall, being uncomfortably convex when he was 'suspended' from the Lisa case

Ning Jing14:35:57 04/11/2023
Before his long term when Weibo was discolored due to the influence of going to see Lisa, Zhang Jiayi was recently exposed to a series of concave personalities unlike what people have seen causing a stir in CNET,

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Yang Zi was criticized for revealing offensive actions to male stars, netizens shouted the name Li Xian-Deng Luan

Nhật Hân10:51:47 03/11/2023
Yangtze's recent comments were met with fierce criticism from netizen, according to which most thought that the actress's actions were too offensive when the other person was the opposite s.ex.

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Dilraba's tragic "fall" is still enough to prove that Duong Tu is not on the same level

Gia Hoàng19:01:24 31/10/2023
Despite being laughed at as one of the top ranks but continuously slipping, Dilraba Dilmurat recently surprised netizens by still being able to prove that it is difficult for any beauty to surpass her.

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Lam Tam Nhu announced that she would not participate in the program with Yang Zi even though she was paid a high salary

Thư Kỳ15:10:40 30/10/2023
With the statement that no matter how high the salary, Lam Tam Nhu still decided not to participate in the program with Duong Tu's presence, many people were shocked and surprised. When Lam Tam Nhu said the reason, everyone acknowledged it.

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Lam Tam Nhu was heavily criticized by netizens for her lack of respect for people, and a series of scandals were exposed

Yaya15:55:12 28/10/2023
After many years of returning to Taiwan to m.ake m.oney, Lam Tam Nhu recently returned to the Mainland to participate in a variety show. Instead of being accepted, she was harshly criticized.

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Zhao Liying got intimate with 1 famous artist, "retaliated" against Feng Shaofeng for showing photos with his new love

Snow18:53:09 27/08/2023
Zhao Liying has just been caught by netizens bouncing jubilantly with a famous artist Cbiz at the concert. It's also the rare time the queen has come out in a postpartum state.

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Truong Kiet: "King of soundtracks" in Chinese, married to China's No. 1 MC, rumored to be "clinging" to his rich wife

Uyển Đình17:30:49 25/07/2023
Truong Kiet is a singer with a large fan base. He is the performer of many popular Chinese film soundtracks. Besides, he is also admired by the public with his perfect marriage with China's No. 1 MC.

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Assistant Truong Kiet - Ta Na "physically affects" fans right at the airport, fans are pressing, talking excitedly

Ngọc Sa13:31:33 25/07/2023
Recently, the social network suddenly spread a clip recording the moment when singer Truong Kiet's assistant acted rudely to the audience at the airport. This action made fans angry, leading to lively discussion.

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'Peace the wind 2023': Chi Pu defeated Luu Nha Sat to debut with Ella, making fans angry for 1 reason

Juni Nguyễn14:05:07 18/07/2023
Although the ranking finale has not taken place yet, recently on Chinese social networks has spread a list of supposedly beautiful sisters who will debut in a group in Dap Gio 2023.

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'Blow on the wind 2023': Thai Thieu Fen fell, Chi Pu was praised by Ella for surpassing master 'Xa Xiu Fen'

Juni Nguyễn10:37:27 03/07/2023
After the announcement of the results of Cong 4 at the program "Pedaling the Wind 2023" was announced, besides the tears because of having to say goodbye to some beautiful sisters, there were also laughs from the comedians of the show. cast of artists.

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"Pedaling the Wind 2023": Chi Pu "howled" when HKT suddenly appeared, Luu Nha Sat revealed a "cheat" that was hard to deny?

Chi Chu11:56:00 16/06/2023
Besides the stressful moments of watching and tears because of intense training, Chi Pu and the billions of billions of Da Gio 2023 also had extremely comfortable and muddy moments together.

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'Blow the wind 2023': Ella, Ta Na, Amber are sure to debut, Tu Hoai Ngoc goes upstream, Chi Pu is eliminated?

Yaya16:10:30 14/06/2023
Wind Pedal 2023 has reached the halfway point, the talents and personalities of the participating artists are also partly revealed through the popularity voted by the audience. Recently, 5 names are expected to hold the debut rate.

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Amber, Ella, Ta Na "confronted" extremely intensely at "Pedaling the wind", Chi Pu launched a rap to advance to the final?

Phương Nam09:26:32 13/06/2023
The 4th concert has not taken place yet, but Chinese fans have now passed on information about the 5th performance round for the Billionaire to step on the wind to turn the wave (Dap Gio 2023). Because the song was too difficult, Chi Pu had to stay and practice.

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'Blow on the wind 2023': Ta Na was cursed and slapped for surpassing Amber and Chi Pu, Ngo Thien was c.ut o.ff all scenes

Ning Jing12:03:13 03/06/2023
Although her dancing and singing skills are only temporary, Ta Na's performance at the top of the most popular rankings from first to second is still more talented in this year's billions of billions. That's why it made netizens angry. Recently, the public popularity ranking has...

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'Peace the wind 2023': Ella expressed her attitude when she was defeated by Chi Pu - Amber's 'rumor love'

Yaya12:16:51 20/05/2023
With her talent, popularity as well as her seniority in the entertainment industry, training many generations of juniors, Ella (Tran Gia Hoa) is always confident that she will be at the top of the polls. . But this time, the member of the youth group SHE was surpassed by the...

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'Peace the wind 2023': Chi Pu was mercilessly knocked down by a 'big sister', Ella debuted at the top?

Ning Jing11:19:30 19/05/2023
Although it has only aired two episodes, recently the script as well as the list of artists who will debut on the hit show of Hunan station has also been revealed. In general, the w.inning faces are all the "bloody" names of Cbiz. Not different from previous years, even though it...

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Billionaire Pedal Wind: Chi Pu was in big trouble with See Tinh, suspected of favoring domestic chickens, making Cnet angry

Nhất Diệp10:03:58 17/05/2023
After airing at Da Gio 2023, the "See Tinh" performance of 4 beauties Ella - Truong Gia Nghe - Ngo Thien - Chi Pu achieved a certain effect when becoming the team with the highest number of votes in the first round. The identity of the members of this team is also "talked about...

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Prediction of the Billionaire Champion: Chi Pu 0% chance, Ta Na is difficult to surpass Ella, Japanese beauty is difficult to swallow?

Minh Lợi09:52:54 17/05/2023
Right from the end of the first round of concerts, Pedal Wind 2023 "acquired" h.ot searches on Weibo, from the stage to the performance of the "billionaires" were discussed and scrutinized by netizens. elaborate. Although the show has only just finished filming the second...

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Billionaire Pedals the Wind and Turns Waves: Chi Pu is threatened by a beauty, even Ta Na, Ella must be scared!

Mưa13:31:01 16/05/2023
After the first round of the program "Bride the Wind 2023" (former name: Billionaire pedals the wind to turn the waves), singer Maria was the one with the highest number of votes, nearly 60 million votes, 5 times higher than second place. Many viewers were surprised because the...

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'Pedaling the wind 2023': Falling back with the sands of Ta Na, Truong Gia Nghe and Ella, Chi Pu went to the chicken coop to play

Juni Nguyễn11:44:25 16/05/2023
Besides the popularity, the competition for a group debut slot of the reality show of Hunan TV, the amount of m.oney that the Mango family would spend to invite the beautiful sisters of Cbiz to participate. are also interested. Right from its launch, the TV show "Billion billion...

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