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Assistant Truong Kiet - Ta Na "physically affects" fans right at the airport, fans are pressing, talking excitedly

Ngọc Sa13:31:33 25/07/2023
Recently, the social network suddenly spread a clip recording the moment when singer Truong Kiet's assistant acted rudely to the audience at the airport. This action made fans angry, leading to lively discussion.

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Ta Na - the hottest "Billionaire" Pedal the wind: 5 times 7 times rumored to be divorced, ki bo, crooked, stealing m.oney from colleagues

Thảo Mai15:56:55 15/05/2023
Ta Na is one of the artists that attracts attention when participating in Pedal Wind 2023 - a popular Chinese show featuring Chi Pu. In the Chinese entertainment industry, Ta Na is known as the hottest female MC in China. Ta Na, born in 1981, is a top Chinese singer, actress and...

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How rich is Trieu Le Dinh at the 500 billion villa, giving a gold ring to Ta Na's c.hild?

Hoàng Phúc10:03:51 10/06/2022
Coming from a poor family, Trieu Le Dinh had to go through a poor childhood. However, after many years of efforts, the 8x actress now owns a huge fortune that many people dream of. Specifically, Trieu Le Dinh is said to be a real estate giant, with many villas scattered in...

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Quach Phu Thanh was broken up by his girlfriend because he was stingy and not as hated as this person

Hoàng Phúc10:37:50 27/03/2022
The Chinese star is hated for being stingy, the one who gives his girlfriend soap, the one who goes away to pay shockingly. The cult stars of the Chinese-language entertainment industry are hated and hated for reasons few expect. The King of Hong Kong - Quach Phu Thanh was...

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Ta Na - Truong Kiet accused of "playing dirty", threatening real estate brokers

Hoàng Phúc11:43:50 08/02/2022
Currently, the famous couple Truong Kiet - Ta Na has not yet responded to the incident. On the evening of February 7, the Chinese social network was noisy with the information that the famous couple Truong Kiet - Ta Na was accused of improper behavior by a netizen. This netizen...

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Duong Mich said a sentence that netizens admired when the MC asked if the director had ever cheated on him

An Nhi11:19:00 28/12/2021
As a beauty with a high EQ, Duong Mich was not embarrassed by the MC's difficult question. In the Chinese entertainment industry, Duong Mich is a top star and has a very solid foothold for many years of artistic activities. Not only possessing excellent visuals, the beauty Tam...

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Ho Hanh Nhi, Lam Y Than and the Chinese beauties "promoted" their beauty after giving birth

Hoàng Phúc10:25:22 30/11/2021
Not only quickly regaining shape after giving birth, these Chinese beauties are also more and more beautiful. How to get back in shape as before is the concern of most women after giving birth. However, there are exceptions and the following Chinese-language beauties are the...

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