Truong Kiet: "King of soundtracks" in Chinese, married to China's No. 1 MC, rumored to be "clinging" to his rich wife

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Truong Kiet is a singer with a large fan base. He is the performer of many popular Chinese film soundtracks. Besides, he is also admired by the public with his perfect marriage with China's No. 1 MC.

Zhang Jie is a famous male singer, considered one of the kings of the pop music industry in the Mainland region. He is considered the leading singer for the new generation of idols. "Little Heavenly King" Truong Kiet has a strong fan base in China.

In 2004, Truong Kiet participated in the singing contest "My Show" of Oriental TV station. He excellently won the Champion a.ward and signed a contract with Thuong Dang company. After that, Truong Kiet released 2 albums "The first album" released in 2005, "Love me again" released in 2006.

I thought his career would develop smoothly, but obstacles came to the male singer. At that time, the singing career was frozen after an internal company incident took place. Not accepting this sad fate, he determined to start over.

In 2007, Zhang Jie participated in the singing contest "Super Boys" of Hunan Television. In the competition, he continued to assert himself as the Champion of the Chengdu region and finished in the top 4 of the Finals.

Truong Kiet: King of soundtracks in Chinese, married to Chinas No. 1 MC, rumored to be clinging to his rich wife - Photo 1

After that, Truong Kiet continued to win the runner-up prize of the "Strictly Come Dancing" contest. Since then, Truong Kiet's name has not stopped shining, is considered a pioneer of China's new era of Pop music, is one of the "Four Heavenly Kings" of Pop music along with Ho Ngan Bin, Cao Hien Tan, and Tran So Sinh.

In 2012, Zhang Jie donated the first 2 million yuan to the charity fund BeiDou Tinh Khong led by him, and at the same time launched a public benefit program called "Truong Kiet Music Dream Class". From October 2012 to now, the program has built 29 classes in many different areas.

Truong Kiet: King of soundtracks in Chinese, married to Chinas No. 1 MC, rumored to be clinging to his rich wife - Photo 2

In June 2013, Truong Kiet went to Boston Conservatory of Music (USA) to study abroad.

In early 2014, Truong Kiet participated in the program "I am a singer" of Hunan, w.inning 3rd place overall. In August, Zhang Jie participated in the opening performance of the Nanjing Olympic Games. In 2016, Truong Kiet founded his own company called "Cultural Planet".

At present, when mentioning Truong Kiet, people will immediately think of the name "the king of soundtracks". He owns many OST songs for many hit movies that reached the top of the charts such as: Tam Sinh Tam The (Tam Sinh Tam The Thap Ly Dao Hoa), Kiem Tam (Co Kiem Ky Dam), Truthfulness (Dao Mo Pen Ky),...

His strength and singing ability have also been recognized through a series of major awards. During his career, he released a total of 13 albums, organized 33 concerts (concerts, liveshows).

Truong Kiet: King of soundtracks in Chinese, married to Chinas No. 1 MC, rumored to be clinging to his rich wife - Photo 3

Up to now, Truong Kiet has released a total of 13 albums, held 33 music festivals (concerts, liveshows), won the "Favorite Male Singer" a.ward 33 times, and won the "Best Artist" a.ward more than 10 times at many large and small music festivals at home and abroad. In addition, Truong Kiet was also honored at the 2010 Mnet Asian Music Awards in Korea with the a.ward "Asian Star of the Year - Best Asian Artist", International Artist of the Year at the 2014 American Music Awards...

In terms of personal life, Truong Kiet - Ta Na is a model couple in the Chinese entertainment industry. The two met in 2007 when they appeared on a TV show together. In 2011, they publicly dated and confirmed to hold a wedding ceremony.

Truong Kiet: King of soundtracks in Chinese, married to Chinas No. 1 MC, rumored to be clinging to his rich wife - Photo 4

At that time, Truong Kiet was still just a young singer and Ta Na was a famous MC of Hunan TV station. The love of two people was stoned and doubted by many people. Many people believe that Truong Kiet borrowed Ta Na's reputation to develop his career as a singer.

Truong Kiet: King of soundtracks in Chinese, married to Chinas No. 1 MC, rumored to be clinging to his rich wife - Photo 5

At first, many people guessed that this relationship would not be together for long. The couple even entered the list of rumors that they would divorce and broke up the most in Cbiz. However, the real Chinese Netizens received are the "crawl salary" screens distributed by the couple Truong Kiet and Ta Na.

Truong Kiet: King of soundtracks in Chinese, married to Chinas No. 1 MC, rumored to be clinging to his rich wife - Photo 6

Truong Kiet has never been stingy when it comes to expressing his feelings. He often shows affection between himself and his wife in front of the press or television cameras. Currently, the couple has 3 children together. The happy family life between Truong Kiet and MC Ta Na makes many fans.

Truong Kiet: King of soundtracks in Chinese, married to Chinas No. 1 MC, rumored to be clinging to his rich wife - Photo 7

During their time together, the two were constantly entangled in rumors of a broken marriage. At the end of 2019, the Weibo social network also suddenly flooded with information about the golden couple of the Chinese-language entertainment industry Truong Kiet - Ta Na officially divorced after 12 years of marriage.

Specifically, someone revealed that the couple's relationship is no longer as happy as they show to the public. Not only that, they took a photo of the two of them coming to the Civil Affairs Bureau in a bad mood, suspecting that they were going to go through divorce proceedings.

This news even said that Ta Na has admitted the divorce and all divorce agreements have been discussed. Accordingly, the female MC has won custody of her two daughters and Truong Kiet will have to send monthly allowances.

After the rumors were spread and became a topic of much discussion, Ta Na's side indirectly removed the divorce rumors by sharing a song in support of Truong Kiet's new song on her personal page, she also called her husband with the intimate name "Anh Kiet", this action of Ta Na has eased the bewilderment of fans.

Truong Kiet: King of soundtracks in Chinese, married to Chinas No. 1 MC, rumored to be clinging to his rich wife - Photo 8

In early 2022, Truong Kiet and his wife were involved in a "flashing" scandal, threatening the real estate broker. Specifically, a person who claimed to be a real estate broker said that in the past, the couple MC - this popular singer used to have a job with this broker.

In 2019, this broker twice brought Ta Na and his wife to see a house in Shanghai. However, at this time, the famous MC was unhappy and did not want to buy. Later, the couple was found to be "flashing", sneaking past the real estate broker to directly sign with the owner of the house in order to avoid paying the commission.

Not stopping there, the couple Ta Na - Truong Kiet also called their own lawyer to threaten this broker. When asked about the litigation, most said that Ta Na - Truong Kiet could hardly lose in this case. To avoid pressure, the broker had to leave to study abroad. Currently, this person said that he was infected with COVID-19, so he decided not to keep the old secret, so he told the story with pictures of evidence. Soon after, Ta Na's representative company issued a statement denying that there had been any act of cheating and stealing m.oney from house brokers.

Truong Kiet: King of soundtracks in Chinese, married to Chinas No. 1 MC, rumored to be clinging to his rich wife - Photo 9

It can be seen that, although the marriage of Truong Kiet and Ta Na has gone through many ups and downs, the two have always loved and agreed to overcome difficulties. Therefore, Truong Kiet and Ta Na are always loved and supported by the audience.

Truong Kiet: King of soundtracks in Chinese, married to Chinas No. 1 MC, rumored to be clinging to his rich wife - Photo 10

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