The popular Chinese-language MC was arrested, is it related to Ly Dich Phong?

Thư KỳOct 04, 2022 at 15:47

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The news that the male MC of Hunan TV station - Ly Duy Gia was arrested, caused the image of the male artist on the program to be deleted, causing Chinese netizens to stir and discuss.

Perhaps, in the past two years, Quang Dien is starting to be aggressive, purging the entertainment industry when a series of names are "on the cutting board" when it is caught in a scandal from tax evasion, hiring pregnant people. support, use of banned substances, p.rostitution, or unethical behavior of artists, ....

It seems that traffic names like Pham Bang Bang, Trieu Vy, Trinh Sang, Ngo Dich Pham, Truong Triet Han, Ly Dich Phong, Ly Van Dich, Lucas Hoang Huc Hi, Hoac Ton,...

The popular Chinese-language MC was arrested, is it related to Ly Dich Phong? - Photo 1

Recently, according to Sina, information has been posted that the male MC of Hunan station - Ly Duy Gia is suspected of being arrested. Specifically, some netizens discovered that the scene of Ly Duy Gia in the replay of the reality TV show "Towards Life" was encrypted.

Even Ha Canh changed his junior Ly Duy Gia's name to "umm m". Even the Mango TV station deleted Ly Duy Gia. With the above series of events, there have been many speculations among netizens.

The popular Chinese-language MC was arrested, is it related to Ly Dich Phong? - Photo 2

Because, when it comes to Ly Duy Gia, besides Ha Canh and Ta Na, he is also the "darling" of Hunan TV station, constantly taking charge of many famous programs of the station. The fact that he was suddenly deleted in the program Towards life, erased all traces from the station, is probably how the male MC committed a terrible sin that led to the incident like today.

The popular Chinese-language MC was arrested, is it related to Ly Dich Phong? - Photo 3

As for Ly Duy Gia, his familiar and favorite audience has realized that it has been more than a year since the "Happy Camp" program (Vietnamese title: P.leasure headquarters) was suspended in September. Last year, Ly Duy Gia also seemed to have disappeared from the station, leaving only Ha Canh, Ta Na, Ngo Han and Do Hai Dao. Even all news and activities on Ly Gia Duy's social platforms are no longer available.

The popular Chinese-language MC was arrested, is it related to Ly Dich Phong? - Photo 4

As for the reason why Ly Duy Gia was banned from such strong waves, it came from the case of representing a fraudulent milk brand, embracing the m.oney of investors and customers who ran away last year.

At that time, a lot of people holding banners wearing T-shirts with the words "Ly Duy Gia is unethical", "Disgraceful Ly Duy Gia"... came to the gate of Hunan radio station to ask for an explanation. This has greatly affected the station and caused a lot of public anger. In August, it was also reported that Ly Duy Gia had also left Hunan station.

The popular Chinese-language MC was arrested, is it related to Ly Dich Phong? - Photo 5

In addition to the information that Ly Duy Gia cheated, there are also sources that the male MC is involved in the line of using banned substances. Even involved in the surrogacy line. However, how this information is true has not yet been investigated and officially announced by the authorities.

However, some media rumors have also revealed that Li Weijia has left Hunan Satellite TV and that he will probably switch to Zhejiang Satellite TV and Dragon TV.

The popular Chinese-language MC was arrested, is it related to Ly Dich Phong? - Photo 6

Or, there are also some rumors that Ly Duy Gia has lost a lot of weight after leaving Hunan TV station. Even his physical and mental health is not good, so he does not continue to appear in the public eye.

Ly Duy Gia was born in 1976, he is also known by many as "Gia ca" is a Chinese male MC. Duy Gia is famous for playing the MC role in the program Happy Camp of Hunan TV with other colleagues such as Ha Canh, Ta Na, Do Hai Dao and Ngo Han.

The popular Chinese-language MC was arrested, is it related to Ly Dich Phong? - Photo 7

With his grace, humor and quickness, the male MC is the golden face of big and small programs when he has repeatedly acted as the host for other big events such as film awards ceremonies or New Year's Eve. Besides being the main MC, he also published the book Pioneering P.leasure and participated in the films The Joy of Coming Home, Fairy Bridge for Great War.

The popular Chinese-language MC was arrested, is it related to Ly Dich Phong? - Photo 8

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