'Peace the wind 2023': Ella expressed her attitude when she was defeated by Chi Pu - Amber's 'rumor love'

YayaMay 20, 2023 at 12:16

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With her talent, popularity as well as her seniority in the entertainment industry, training many generations of juniors, Ella (Tran Gia Hoa) is always confident that she will be at the top of the polls. . But this time, the member of the youth group SHE was surpassed by the juniors.

The latest episode of "Pedaling the Wind 2023" has officially aired, not ashamed of the name Mango, whichever number is on the air, make sure that number is on a h.ot search or becomes a hotly discussed topic.

After the end of the first session as well as the announcement of the personal favorite rankings of 33 sisters, it was announced. In this ranking, in general, it is not very different from what the online community used to think before. Even, there are only a few cases where the level of interest of billions of billions surprised many people or the beautiful woman herself.

Accordingly, at the top of the personal favorites list, Amber Liu has surpassed many formidable seniors such as Ella (Tran Gia Hoa), Ta Na, Luu Tich Quan, MaRiA, ... to stand at the top of the list. . This surprised many viewers

'Peace the wind 2023': Ella expressed her attitude when she was defeated by Chi Pu - Amber's 'rumor love' - Photo 1

To be honest, Amber is not a very important or popular singer in the Chinese music industry, regardless of popularity or activity, it still doesn't seem to be enough for her to get a position. Firstly.

However, after the end, Amber excellently rose to the top of the list of personal favorites, while the powerful judge of the survival show "Youth With You" - a name that is always appreciated. , always confident and optimistic, only ranked number two.

'Peace the wind 2023': Ella expressed her attitude when she was defeated by Chi Pu - Amber's 'rumor love' - Photo 2

In fact, most people would argue that the teenage Chinese actress is the first, because she's definitely one of the best billionaires this season, regardless of status. , qualification, popularity or job. Even Ella herself humorously said that if she was second, surely no one would dare to say that she was the first.

Even when Huynh Xiaoming asked Ella what position she would stand in the rankings, the once youthful goddess was not shy but confidently said first place. It seems that Ella's first place was born for sure.

'Peace the wind 2023': Ella expressed her attitude when she was defeated by Chi Pu - Amber's 'rumor love' - Photo 3

But, when the final results came out, most people couldn't believe that f(x) member Amber wasn't at the top of the list for personal favourites, not the powerful female judge of Youth. Have friends.

In particular, when Huynh Xiaoming announced the "rumored love" of Chi Pu - Amber won first place, Ella's expression was somewhat interesting. At first, the female artist expressed her embarrassment, which is inevitable, because from the beginning, the female member of SHE confidently said that she would take first place, but in the end she was defeated by her juniors. "kick" down to second place. This is like slapping the female artist in the face in the most c.ruel and painful way.

'Peace the wind 2023': Ella expressed her attitude when she was defeated by Chi Pu - Amber's 'rumor love' - Photo 4

In addition, Ella's expression is also somewhat conciliatory, she does not feel that her expression is much worse than Amber's, and she does not believe that the audience's popularity for her will be lower than that of her juniors. from another country.

Seriously, many people can also fully understand Ella in second place. Because, in each contest season, there are so many beautiful and talented billions, it is also impossible that the position of the favorite level will change frequently. However, what many people think, but people can't believe that Amber has surpassed many heavyweights to take the top.

'Peace the wind 2023': Ella expressed her attitude when she was defeated by Chi Pu - Amber's 'rumor love' - Photo 5

Even Ella gave her bold words at first, but in the end she was overtaken by someone who wasn't in her mind, and she definitely had a bit of unwillingness in her heart.

Because, considering the demand for the name Amber is still very little popular in the Chinese market. Except many people know that she is a rapper, is Ngo Thien's junior when Amber is active in the Korean group f(x) except for talent.

Even a famous blogger of Cbiz also said that Amber is a strange name to him except he knows she is a rapper. Being unfamiliar with a Chinese blogger, will passersby know more?

'Peace the wind 2023': Ella expressed her attitude when she was defeated by Chi Pu - Amber's 'rumor love' - Photo 6

But coming to this "Blow on the Wind 2023", who is not very popular in the music market of the country of billions of people can beat Ella - a person with popularity from China to Taiwan or the whole of Asia to rank first. about personal popularity, people can't help but question.

After all, this is just a reality TV show, the fact that the contestants receive the audience's love in each round depends on many factors not only talent.

'Peace the wind 2023': Ella expressed her attitude when she was defeated by Chi Pu - Amber's 'rumor love' - Photo 7

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