Ta Na was accused so much that Phung Thieu Phong had to ask for gifts in person, Zhang Ziyi also had to clam up.

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In the past few days, Chinese showbiz has been stirred up by the couple's drama MC Ta Na - Truong Kiet was accused of "flashing" a real estate broker.

Deliberately refused to buy the villa to surreptitiously contact the owner to avoid paying the commission of nearly 1.2 million yuan (4.2 billion dong).

It is worth mentioning that right after the drama broke out, on social networks and famous forums, the topic "Why is Ta Na hated" became a h.ot topic, attracting tens of thousands of comments. Since then, a series of scandals accusing female MCs of being kibo, stuck in slag and with a "sloppy" personality have been dug up by netizens, turning the forums into a major scandal at the beginning of the year.

Borrowing 30,000 Australian dollars but only paying 30,000 yuan, blatantly speaking morally when being asked for debt

One of the hottest dramas that attracted public attention was the case of Ta Na stealing m.oney from colleagues. Participating in the Wife's Trip program, when going to a shopping center in Australia, Ta Na asked Bao Van Tinh (wife of comedian Bao Boi Er) to swipe his card to buy a branded bag worth $30,000. Australia (487 million dong), and she sneaked to the toilet.

Ta Na was accused so much that Phung Thieu Phong had to ask for gifts in person, Zhang Ziyi also had to clam up. - Photo 1

After seeing Ta Na go away from the payment place, Vien Vinh Nghi asked Bao Van Tinh: "Did Ta Na forget that card again?". Many netizens analyze the words of the actress, surnamed Vien, with the intention of mocking the female MC many times "acting" the scene of forgetting cards, forgetting m.oney to ask for payment.

Unexpectedly, Ta Na later only returned to Bao Boi Nhi's wife exactly 30,000 yuan (107 million VND), ie 380 million VND short. On the return trip, Bao Van Tinh wanted to get back the missing amount, but the popular MC showed a flippant attitude: "If I were you, I would feel very shy. You and my husband have a relationship. very good relationship, or consider this as a New Year's gift."

Ta Na was accused so much that Phung Thieu Phong had to ask for gifts in person, Zhang Ziyi also had to clam up. - Photo 2

The beauty continued to say one more sentence: "Knowing that before, paid 30,000 baht" (20 million VND). When witnessing this scene, Zhang Ziyi also had to say half-jokingly to Bao Van Tinh: "People take advantage of me too much".

Ta Na was accused so much that Phung Thieu Phong had to ask for gifts in person, Zhang Ziyi also had to clam up. - Photo 3

Not stopping there, when Bao Boi Er participated in the Happy Camp program, Ta Na continued to bring up the old story and said: "I still owe your wife money". Being cornered, the actor had to scratch his head and scratch his ears and replied, "There is no need to return the m.oney, consider it as buying gifts for my children."

Witnessing this slick money-stealing story, netizens sighed in frustration, not understanding how a popular MC could behave so impolitely.

Ignoring Trieu Le Dinh's children as gifts, Phung Thieu Phong had to come out and claim for his wife

In a series of posts, netizens suddenly called out the name of the couple Trieu Le Dinh - Phung Thieu Phong. The beauty of the family Trieu is a close friend of the famous MC in showbiz. When Ta Na and her husband shared the good news of giving birth to their first twins, Trieu Le Dinh sent a gift of 2 golden keys as a congratulatory gift.

Ta Na was accused so much that Phung Thieu Phong had to ask for gifts in person, Zhang Ziyi also had to clam up. - Photo 4

However, when Trieu Le Dinh showed off the good news of giving birth to a son, Ta Na "ignored", only congratulated "plain" on MXH. There were even netizens' comments reminding MC to remember to send gifts to close friends.

The c.limax of the incident was when Phung Thieu Phong joined Happy Camp, he reminded Ta Na to remember to "return the key" to his wife. The atmosphere of the recording session became more awkward when MC Ha Canh was surprised and asked Ta Na: "Why do you think I gave her the key a long time ago?".

Later, on social networks, information leaked that the beauty of the Ta family asked a famous jeweler to cast a golden lock with a unique design, worth 50,000 yuan (178 million VND) as a gift for Trieu Le Dinh's children. . However, this is still just an unverified rumor, many Cnet expressed doubts and said that Ta Na is hardly willing to spend such a large amount of m.oney to give gifts to others no matter how close they are.

Ta Na was accused so much that Phung Thieu Phong had to ask for gifts in person, Zhang Ziyi also had to clam up. - Photo 5

Borrowing m.oney often does not pay, to the point that even close friends have to say hello

In the middle of the drama Ta Na was accused of stealing m.oney, being stingy, MC Ha Canh's old interview about Ta Na caused a fever. As a colleague and close friend for many years, Ha Canh was half joking when talking about Ta Na. He said that his best friend borrowed m.oney many times but never returned it (although the amount was not large). However, Ha Canh still said for her colleague: "I'm lending it urgently, but I don't mean to lend it, I'll just give it to her."

Ta Na was accused so much that Phung Thieu Phong had to ask for gifts in person, Zhang Ziyi also had to clam up. - Photo 6

Happy Camp crew often go out to eat with actor Wei Dai Huan. Ta Na and her ex-lover Duong Mich always pretended to f.ight to pay, but each time it was paid by Ha Canh. Once, Ha Canh blurted out jokingly: "In the past, she used to hide from paying, now she fights back, but looking at Ta Na's bag is so small, even if she searched for half an hour, there would be no m.oney." .

"Escape" to give gifts to colleagues, only interested in self-interest

During Tet holidays, especially birthdays, Ta Na receives many gifts from colleagues and partners. However, many sources confirmed that, to the birthday of friends or relatives, the only thing that this popular MC showed was the wishes on social networks, absolutely not sending "reciprocal" gifts to them. everybody.

MC Ha Canh also shared, he often gives lucky m.oney to Ta Na on important occasions, but never has his best friend send it back to him. The male MC even hinted on social media: "I really want to send you lucky m.oney but I'm afraid I won't get it back".

Ta Na was accused so much that Phung Thieu Phong had to ask for gifts in person, Zhang Ziyi also had to clam up. - Photo 7

The culmination of this scandal was that once, Ta Na and Ha Canh went to celebrate actor Tham Dang's birthday. While drunk, Ta Na announced that she would pay for the meal that day. So the next day, when she was sober, Ta Na called to ask Shen Teng to return the m.oney to her.

Later, when Tham Dang became famous, every time he met an old friend on any TV show, Ta Na demanded m.oney from him in front of the camera lens, cornering the actor surnamed Tham into a situation that was so bad that he couldn't cry. eh.

Ta Na was accused so much that Phung Thieu Phong had to ask for gifts in person, Zhang Ziyi also had to clam up. - Photo 8

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