Dilraba's tragic "fall" is still enough to prove that Duong Tu is not on the same level

Gia HoàngOct 31, 2023 at 19:01

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Despite being ridiculed as one of the top ranks but constantly "slipping", Dilraba Dilmurat recently surprised netizens by still being able to prove that it is difficult for any beauty to surpass her.

Dilraba, after a period of temporary hiatus, announced her return in early 2023. However, a year has almost passed, Dilraba fell miserably with two films: The Elite Prosecutor and An Lac Truyen, there are many viewers who are expressing dissatisfaction, doubting the "Xinjiang beauty's" ability, some even think that sooner or later Dilraba will no longer be able to maintain her top reputation.

However, according to recent statistics on Weibo, Dilraba Dilmurat is the female star with the highest ranking - champion in both indicators: personal traffic and passerby discussion temperature. (not a fan). Notably, the number Dilraba collected completely overwhelmed Yangzi, the difference was extremely significant.

Dilrabas tragic fall is still enough to prove that Duong Tu is not on the same level - Photo 1

In addition to the two top female celebrities recognized by the entire Chinese entertainment industry, ranked 1st and 2nd respectively, the "gentleman" on the list is an unexpected character, Cuc Tinh Y. Accordingly, "beauty" Every 4000 years there is a "return of 15.5 billion".

Compared to some other small flowers of the same class such as Bach Loc, Cuc Tinh Y actually has a relatively good reputation. Before venturing into the film industry, she had a certain amount of traffic and was highly sought after by the public thanks to her unique, rare and hard-to-find beauty.

Dilrabas tragic fall is still enough to prove that Duong Tu is not on the same level - Photo 2

However, as an actor, Cuc Tinh Y is showing limitations in acting as well as in each type of role and character creation. It's no coincidence that the 9x goddess constantly receives criticism because in every historical drama she uses glowing white make-up, even when pretending to be a man, with countless pomegranate seeds on her head, extremely confusing.

Before that, "unlucky" Duong Tu was equally ridiculed by Dilraba fans when they both recently participated in a variety show that also received a lot of attention from netizens.

Dilrabas tragic fall is still enough to prove that Duong Tu is not on the same level - Photo 3

It is known that Dilraba Dilmurat will appear in the show Flower Sister Season 5, while Yang Zi will appear in Ta Na's show Our Beautiful Life. Coincidentally, both of these shows belong to Mango Channel, so competition is inevitable.

However, fans discovered that the brand represented by Yang Zi sponsored Dilraba's show, but did not sponsor Yang Zi's variety show. This caused fans of both sides to have fierce arguments on social networks. Many comments said that the brand indeed did not "respect" Duong Tu, causing the actress to lose face.

Dilrabas tragic fall is still enough to prove that Duong Tu is not on the same level - Photo 4

It can be seen that the two beauties often have awkward "confrontation" situations. During the Weibo Festival, Dilraba Dilraba with a pink dress image took over Yang Zi's spotlight with a quite simple dress.

Currently, Dilraba is considered the new generation "red carpet queen". Events with the actress's presence always receive great public attention. Thermal Ba's red carpet looks are diverse and impressive, many times becoming a trend in costumes and makeup for fashion bloggers.

Dilrabas tragic fall is still enough to prove that Duong Tu is not on the same level - Photo 5

Although Dilraba Dilraba's acting ability is always controversial, no one can deny the beauty of the Xinjiang beauty. Not only in China, Dilraba is an extremely popular name in many countries in Asia thanks to her outstanding beauty and elegance.

She owns an extremely strong fan base internationally thanks to a series of impressive beauty images. Despite causing a lot of controversy over her acting, some of Dilraba's films were also well received by fans such as Lie Hoa Nhu Ca, Truong Ca Hanh, You Are My Pride...

Dilrabas tragic fall is still enough to prove that Duong Tu is not on the same level - Photo 6

Perfect beauty is an advantage for Dilraba Dilmurat. She is always on the list of top beauties in the Chinese entertainment industry and is the idol most interested in the online community today in China.

However, contrary to her reputation, audience's admiration, or her ever-increasing beauty, Dilraba Dilraba's acting career has always caused controversy. The beauty was classified by the media as a "mobile flower vase" on screen and was not highly appreciated by Chinese experts.

Dilrabas tragic fall is still enough to prove that Duong Tu is not on the same level - Photo 7

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