Zhao Liying, Yang Mu fought fiercely, a male star was suddenly called out?

Bút MựcMay 10, 2024 at 15:07

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Rumored to be the "arch-rival" in the 8x cast, Zhao Liying and Yang Mo unexpectedly appeared together in the film project Xiangyuanlong.

Recently, there were rumors that the two would have a joint appearance that made fans wave. Specifically, the film crew will walk the red carpet hand in hand at this year's Cannes Film Festival. The list includes: Zhang Ziyi, Wang Xuanjun, Yi Yang Tiantian, Zhao Liyin, Lei Jianyin, Yang Mi, Dai Bang, Li Xian, Fan Wei, Jisha, Zhang Zifeng.

Zhao Liying, Yang Mu fought fiercely, a male star was suddenly called out? - Photo 1

Thus, Yang Mo and Zhao Liying will officially have a shocking "fist", standing on the same stage and one frame since the event of Tinh Guang Dai Reward from the end of 2019. This information made a part of fans excited, but others had a "melee" in cyberspace, fiercely arguing about the importance of the two actresses in the crew.

Zhao Liying, Yang Mu fought fiercely, a male star was suddenly called out? - Photo 2

About this project, "Xiangyuan Splendid" takes the audience back to the 1940s, telling the story of a woman who haunts her husband. Zhao Liying plays Lin Xi, an out-of-time writer and playwright, and Yang Mo plays Wang Xuxi, the eldest sister of a gangster in a prison. Although the content may sound very scary, "Xiangyuan Splendid" is a film that contains humanity when portraying the image of the vast majority of Chinese women at that time, as well as expressing compassion and encouraging them to find a way to free themselves towards a happier life.

Zhao Liying, Yang Mu fought fiercely, a male star was suddenly called out? - Photo 3

The list of actors is arranged in order of appearance of the characters in the film as follows: Zhang Ziyi, Wang Xuanjun, Yi Yang Tiantian, Hai Ting, Zhao Liying, Lei Jiayin, Liu Yuhuan, Zhang Yu, Anna Kirke, Yang Mi, Kang Chunlei, Peng Xuan, Yun Fan, Chen Guoqing, Zhang Jianya, Zhou Da Mang, Dai Bang, Xu Yang, Li Xian, Sun Qiang, Fan Wei, Qiansha, Wang Yang, Zhang Zifeng, Xie Na, Confucius Mei, Zhou Ziyu, Zhang Wulin, Lin Yongjian, Zhang Tuyet Ninh.

Notably, under the post announcing the lineup of the film crew to the Cannes Film Festival, the online community suddenly called Li Xian's name, wondering if the "peace ambassador" would appear this time. This nickname comes from the fact that Li Xian was repeatedly seated or stood among actresses who were supposed to be rivals such as Zhao Liying - Yang Mi, Zhao Liying - Yang Zi. In Xiangyuan Long, Li plays Zhang Baofu, a friend of the heroine's husband.

Zhao Liying, Yang Mu fought fiercely, a male star was suddenly called out? - Photo 4

Yang Kai has been famous since 2006 for his role as Guo Xiang in The Great Virtuoso. After nearly 20 years of pursuing a career in the entertainment industry, she owns a large audience, high popularity and is trusted by many brands. She is known for many famous TV works such as The Jade Heart Palace, The Three Generations, The Ten Li Peach Flowers, The Little Age, I Am a Witness...

Zhao Liying, Yang Mu fought fiercely, a male star was suddenly called out? - Photo 5

In recent years, the acting career of the 8X beauty has shown signs of not prospering, although she has always been one of the actresses with a large fan base, a name that the media is always looking for.

Meanwhile, Zhao Liying is also an A-list star of the Chinese-language entertainment industry thanks to his success with a series of hit films throughout China and Asia such as Heavenly Flower, Lu Zheng, Ming Lan Story...

Zhao Liying, Yang Mu fought fiercely, a male star was suddenly called out? - Photo 6

In 2022, Zhao Liying was named the Queen of Chinese Entertainment for having the most viewers on the video platform. The series of works she starred in reached a total of over 200 billion views on Chinese video platforms. The makeover of the appearance and fashion style of the beauty surnamed Zhao received many compliments from the audience. She is also constantly reinventing herself on screen with different roles. The actress shared that she wants to focus on films that are highly artistic, requiring in-depth acting to assert her position.

Zhao Liying, Yang Mu fought fiercely, a male star was suddenly called out? - Photo 7

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