Tran Hieu - Tran Nghien Hy, Ta Na - Truong Kiet and the most admired artist families in Cbiz

Hoàng PhúcJun 28, 2022 at 17:30

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Cinema is not only a promising land for writers and directors to unleash their creativity, but it is also a place where many famous couples have cooperated. In the Chinese entertainment industry, there are many famous families that people admire because they are so happy and sweet.

1. Truong Nhuoc Quan's family - Nghe Han Street

The love of Truong Nhuoc Quan and Duong Nghe Han is like a love movie. Just because a beauty surnamed Duong accidentally scratched her husband's car, the two have "stick" until now.

Tran Hieu - Tran Nghien Hy, Ta Na - Truong Kiet and the most admired artist families in Cbiz - Photo 1

As for Truong Nhuoc Quan, there is no need to discuss, he loves his wife so much that he even brought a traffic light home as a souvenir. Whenever participating in any program, actor Khanh Du Nien is always very enthusiastic about the marriage between him and his beautiful wife, his face is full of taste and happiness.

2. La Tan's family - Yen Duong

Before coming to the same house and having two lovely children together, La Tan - Duong Yen worked together in quite a few TV series.

Tran Hieu - Tran Nghien Hy, Ta Na - Truong Kiet and the most admired artist families in Cbiz - Photo 2

Although the couple is quite tight-lipped, showing little affection in front of the media, through every gesture and small detail of the couple Cam Tu Vi Uuong together when participating in events like La Tan often actively dress for wife, always holding each other's hands tightly... it's truly admirable.

3. Ton Le - Dang Sieu's family

Ton Le - Dang Sieu is a very influential couple today in Cbiz. There used to be netizens saying that Dang Sieu was too funny and not suitable for people who like peace like Ton Le, but after more than a decade, the couple proved to netizens that everyone was completely wrong.

Tran Hieu - Tran Nghien Hy, Ta Na - Truong Kiet and the most admired artist families in Cbiz - Photo 3

Not to mention the love that Dang Sieu has for Ton Le, the "Queen of rating" is also very hard to update the happy moments of a family of four, though idyllic but full of warmth and fun.

Tran Hieu - Tran Nghien Hy, Ta Na - Truong Kiet and the most admired artist families in Cbiz - Photo 4

4. Tran Hieu's family - Tran Nghien Hy

The love story of Tran Hieu and Tran Nghien Hy is really like a fairy tale. Not to mention, everyone knows how handsome the Tran family pampers and loves his wife.

Tran Hieu - Tran Nghien Hy, Ta Na - Truong Kiet and the most admired artist families in Cbiz - Photo 5

Not only is a husband "top of the top", Tran Hieu is also a very psychological father. This is why Tran Nghien Hy is so infatuated with him.

4. The family of Leung Trieu Vy and Lau Gia Linh

Tony Leung Chiu-wai and Andy Lau publicly became a couple in 1989 when they were both "stars" of TVB. After nearly 20 years of learning, both decided to get married in 2008. The extremely magnificent wedding worth more than 5 million USD (more than 115 billion VND) was held abroad with the blessings of many people. close friends with showbiz friends like Vuong Phi, Lam Thanh Ha, Quan Chi Lam, Tang Chi Vy,...

Tran Hieu - Tran Nghien Hy, Ta Na - Truong Kiet and the most admired artist families in Cbiz - Photo 6

After returning to the same house, the couple's life made netizens curious because they had been married for a long time, but the couple forever refused to have children. To the curiosity of fans, Luong Trieu Vy replied that he wanted to "wholeheartedly" take care of his wife because for the male actor, Luu Gia Linh is always the number one priority.

He never even thought about having children because he had to take care of so many people, from his mother to his sister and his wife. Although they have no children, but for more than three decades as partners, the couple is still happy. The two up to now have always given the best words when talking about each other despite the surrounding rumors.

5. The family of MC Ta Na - Truong Kiet

Truong Kiet - Ta Na is one of the happiest artist couples in the Chinese entertainment world. Despite being famous, they lead a closed life and limit their family image to the media. According to Ta Na, her marriage is like any other couple: there is happiness and sweetness, there is also sadness and tears. She and her husband still try to hold each other's hand every day to go through the ups and downs.

Tran Hieu - Tran Nghien Hy, Ta Na - Truong Kiet and the most admired artist families in Cbiz - Photo 7

Like many other famous couples, the MC female couple was entangled in many rumors of controversy and breakdown. Instead of speaking up, they always keep silent. In one response to the media, Truong Kiet only answered briefly: "Before I got married, I loved her. After I got married, I loved her very much."

Truong Kiet and Ta Na met in 2007 when they both appeared on a TV show. In 2011, they publicly dated and confirmed to hold a wedding ceremony. At that time, Truong Kiet was still just a young singer and Ta Na was a famous MC of Hunan Television.

The love of the two people has been stoned and doubted by many people. Many people believe that Truong Kiet borrowed Ta Na's reputation to develop his career as a singer. But despite all the rumors, they still firmly held hands.

Tran Hieu - Tran Nghien Hy, Ta Na - Truong Kiet and the most admired artist families in Cbiz - Photo 8

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