Lin Chen laughed at himself, criticized himself for being incompetent, and played badly in 'The Perfect Way'

Juni NguyễnNov 07, 2023 at 16:08

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Although the role of Xia Ziwei in 1998's "Hoan Zhou Way" was the role of Lin Tam Nhu's life, in retrospect, the actress judged herself at that stage to be immature.

When mentioning Lin Tam Nhu, the audience will immediately remember her lifelong role in "The Complete Way" in 1998. Not only Lam Tam Nhu, this is also a film that brings names such as Trieu Vy, To Huu Bang, Pham Bingbing,... One night became a star. After the work, Lam Tam Nhu made his mark with the New River of Separation, The Beauty of the Heart, The Imperial Tendency ... Currently, in addition to acting, she works as a film producer.

Lin Chen laughed at himself, criticized himself for being incompetent, and played badly in The Perfect Way - Photo 1

At the present stage, although the drama has been on the air for 25 years, "Hoan Chau Revolution" 1998 is still impressed on the imprint of Asian audiences. Years later, when Lin Tam Nhu watched it again, she was still grateful to Quynh Dao for having her name as it is today.

Recently, as guests throughout the reality TV show "Our Beautiful Life" with Ta Na, Yangtze, the guests had interesting conversations about the drama that made Lam Tam's name such as "Hoan Chau Way".

Lin Chen laughed at himself, criticized himself for being incompetent, and played badly in The Perfect Way - Photo 2

With Ta Na's junior's question about the blind scene in the film, when she performed, she laughed all the time. With this question, Lin Chen said no. Because, at that stage, Huo Jianhua herself was a new name, did not know anything about acting, so when she was given such a heavy role, she was so tense that she could not laugh.

"I was under a lot of pressure at the time. I've never even played a blind person who doesn't know how to act. In addition, I myself am nearsighted, so when I remove my contact lenses, I can barely see clearly," Lam Tam Nhu shared.

Lin Chen laughed at himself, criticized himself for being incompetent, and played badly in The Perfect Way - Photo 3

Later, everyone recalled this blind scene of Lin Xinyu, so that she could reminisce, in which she cried bitterly but her eyes were still quite wide. Seeing this scene, Lin Chen couldn't help but laugh, and didn't hesitate to laugh at himself in front of the camera: "It's so bad, I'm acting so bad! I've been acting too much. Looks pretty funny.

At the same time, Lin also admitted that her acting skills were too exaggerated and inferior, although her acting skills at that time were still very raw. Although his own performance at that stage was quite poor, it must be recognized that Lin Chen was the embodiment of the best Xia Zi Horoscope in the versions. This could also show that Lin Chen did his best as Xia Zihoro.

Lin Chen laughed at himself, criticized himself for being incompetent, and played badly in The Perfect Way - Photo 4

Also according to Sina, when participating in the show Dear Inn season 3, "Xia Horoscope" Lin Tam Nhu revealed shocking information about the behind-the-scenes "Hoan Chau way". Because, few people know that, initially, the role of Xia Zizhi did not belong to Lin Chen, but was assigned to the actress... Zhao Vy. According to Lin Xinyu, she was originally assigned to play the role of Princess Zhangya, which was later portrayed by actor Zhang Heng. The role of Xia Zizhi went to Zhao Vy.

However, the actor who took on the role of Xiao Yanzi turned down the role, causing the situation to change. Zhao Yu was given the role of Xiao Yanzi and Lin Chen played the role of Xia Zi.

Lin Chen laughed at himself, criticized himself for being incompetent, and played badly in The Perfect Way - Photo 5

In the past, the media reported that writer Quynh Dao had "targeted" the role of Xiao Yanzi for Li Tingyi. The role of Xia Zizhi for Fan Bingbing. However, the beauty surnamed Li refused the way to receive a movie.

After the news that Zhao Vy was given the role of Horoscope, a series of old photos of the beauty in a gentle, dignified shape were "opened" by netizens to impress fans.

Lin Chen laughed at himself, criticized himself for being incompetent, and played badly in The Perfect Way - Photo 6

During the broadcast of The Inn, Lin Tam Nhu herself admitted that in order to keep the role of Xia Zihoro, she cried and begged Quynh Dao not to cancel her role. The reason why the beauty of Taiwan had to cry and beg to keep the role was that the character Zi Horoscope had many scenes of crying, but Lin Tam Nhu could not shed tears, which upset the producer.

Lin Chen laughed at himself, criticized himself for being incompetent, and played badly in The Perfect Way - Photo 7

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