'Peace the wind 2023': Chi Pu defeated Luu Nha Sat to debut with Ella, making fans angry for 1 reason

Juni NguyễnJul 18, 2023 at 14:05

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Although the final ranking night has not taken place, but recently on Chinese social networks, a list of beautiful sisters who will debut in a group in 'Dap Wind 2023' has spread on Chinese social networks.

After many nights of eye-catching performances from the visual to the listening part, the hit show of Hunan Satellite TV - "Blow the Wind 2023" is getting more and more thrilling and suspenseful to find the beautiful sisters who will hold hands. debut this year.

After nearly 3 months, "Pedaling the Wind 2023" has found influential and talented beauties to go to the final ranking on July 21, such as: Ella, Thai Thieu Phan, Ta Na , Luu Tich Quan, Amber, Cung Lam Na, A - Lin, Lu Tinh San, Gia Tinh Van, Chu Chau, MARiA,....

Peace the wind 2023: Chi Pu defeated Luu Nha Sat to debut with Ella, making fans angry for 1 reason - Photo 1

Peace the wind 2023: Chi Pu defeated Luu Nha Sat to debut with Ella, making fans angry for 1 reason - Photo 2

Although the final episode of "Pedaling the Wind 2023" has not yet aired, recently on Chinese social networks has spread a lot of information about the final result. Accordingly, the list of beautiful sisters holding hands to debut in 2023 includes Ta Na, Chu Chau, A-lin, Amber, MARiA, Luu Tich Quan, Chi Pu, Lu Tinh San, Gia Tinh Van and Cung Lam Na.

In addition, the melons are spreading on social networks, in the list of 11 beautiful sisters debuting this year, a member of the popular Taiwanese group SHE - Ella (Tran Gia Hoa) will debut at the top of the list. As for the singer from Vietnam - Chi Pu ranked number 6.

In addition, Chi Pu also won against Luu Nha Sat in the PK stage "Who's That Girl".

After the information that was supposed to be the final result of "Pedaling the Wind 2023" posted, it spread rapidly on social networks. In particular, the debut of a face from Vietnam has surprised many people.

Accordingly, some netizens supported and congratulated the voice of "Brother, stay" as well as expressed their admiration for her for her efforts and efforts on the stage of your country. There are also some sarcastic sarcasm Chi Pu.

Peace the wind 2023: Chi Pu defeated Luu Nha Sat to debut with Ella, making fans angry for 1 reason - Photo 3

Even, there are many people who think that Chi Pu is lucky if she debuts, it's just because the Vietnamese side and Hunan station cooperated on copyright when a Vietnamese media unit spent a large amount of m.oney to buy the copyright to make the film. again. And this is also the main factor that helps Chi Pu to debut with other talented and beautiful sisters.

However, if the h.ot g.irl from Vietnam is expected to debut with other talented beautiful sisters, in a new development, many netizens expressed their anger and anger because of the station's bias, settle the results by saying that really talented people are not allowed to debut but for less talented names.

Peace the wind 2023: Chi Pu defeated Luu Nha Sat to debut with Ella, making fans angry for 1 reason - Photo 4

Accordingly, many netizens believe that Tang Kha Ny and Luu Nha Sat are two full-fledged flowers of talent when they have an eye-catching appearance, a stable number of fans, but luck does not smile to the two girls when their name comes to life. of these two beautiful sisters is not on the list of members that are rumored to debut in "Dam Wind 2023" this year.

Peace the wind 2023: Chi Pu defeated Luu Nha Sat to debut with Ella, making fans angry for 1 reason - Photo 5

For Tang Kha Ny, this is the second time she missed an appointment with the opportunity to debut after 3 years since her participation in "Youth with Friends 2". Meanwhile, Luu Nha Sat, although rumored to have someone behind her, was never able to debut in the top 11 of the show.

Peace the wind 2023: Chi Pu defeated Luu Nha Sat to debut with Ella, making fans angry for 1 reason - Photo 6

Chi Pu is currently the name that is most interested by the Vietnamese audience today when she suddenly participates in the reality show "Pedaling the Wind 2023" of Hunan Satellite Television. From a g.irl who was fiercely criticized for boldly turning to a singer "from now on, call me a singer", now Chi Pu makes the domestic audience proud for her efforts to assert herself.

Peace the wind 2023: Chi Pu defeated Luu Nha Sat to debut with Ella, making fans angry for 1 reason - Photo 7

In addition to the recognition of Chi Pu's efforts, Chi Pu's singing talent ability to become a singer has caused many people to stone and oppose her as a singer. But, after participating in "Pedaling the Wind 2023", besides gaining the love of Vietnamese audiences, Chi Pu also has a number of fans in the billion-people market.

It is known that after the performance of the program "Biking gios 2023", Chi Pu's fan base in China is getting more and more crowded. Recently, some pictures have been updated in the country of billions of people, Vietnamese netizens can't help but be surprised by the image of Chi Pu covered everywhere in the streets of China from buses, piers, subways, pasted on the road. street, public led screens,...

Peace the wind 2023: Chi Pu defeated Luu Nha Sat to debut with Ella, making fans angry for 1 reason - Photo 8

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