'Blow on the wind 2023': Thai Thieu Fen fell, Chi Pu was praised by Ella for surpassing master 'Xa Xiu Fen'

Juni NguyễnJul 03, 2023 at 10:37

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After the announcement of the results of Cong 4 at the program "Pedaling the wind 2023" was announced, besides the tears because of having to say goodbye to some beautiful sisters, there were also smiles from the performances. comedy of artists.

'Wind pedal 2023' is probably getting more and more tense and nervous as it nears the end of the journey, finding the best billionaire to debut as a g.irl group together. Recently, after the results of Cong 4 were officially announced, it brought many emotions to the beautiful sisters participating this year as well as the loyal audience of the hit program of Ho Satellite Television. Male.

Accordingly, at the end of Public 4, the program side officially announced the personal favorite rankings at the studio. Maintaining her style by her friendliness and talent, Ella (Tran Gia Hoa) ranked first, followed by the actress "Flower as a teenager" and a female artist from Japan - MARiA , Chu Chau, Chi Pu, Ta Na, Amber, Luu Tich Quan,...

Blow on the wind 2023: Thai Thieu Fen fell, Chi Pu was praised by Ella for surpassing master Xa Xiu Fen - Photo 1

Blow on the wind 2023: Thai Thieu Fen fell, Chi Pu was praised by Ella for surpassing master Xa Xiu Fen - Photo 2

However, also after 4, the female artist from Korea - Choo Ja Hyun had to say goodbye to the remaining beautiful sisters. The stop of the actress "Rose with thorns" made fans and beautiful sisters regret.

In addition to the tears of parting with other beautiful sisters, "Pedaling the Wind 2023" also did not forget the comedy performances from the actress "Truth Hoan Truyen" Thai Thieu Phan. Specifically, after the 4th round of performances, Thai Thieu Phan received 100 votes, up 2 places compared to the previous round and ranked 15th out of 22 beautiful women.

Blow on the wind 2023: Thai Thieu Fen fell, Chi Pu was praised by Ella for surpassing master Xa Xiu Fen - Photo 3

Before the love that the audience has for her, the actress "Zhen Hoan Story" was "happy to tears" in her emotional speech. Thai Thieu Phan said that she always had nightmares when she reached the 4th round of the program: "Yesterday I couldn't sleep, but the thunder and lightning kept crashing. lightning on my head or what? Why are you so loud?'.

You were already asleep, but it woke you up. I find it very difficult, but I did not expect that today I will succeed. Successful again means having to perform the next round again. I don't know if I should be happy or sad, but should I be happy? Thank you, everyone."

Blow on the wind 2023: Thai Thieu Fen fell, Chi Pu was praised by Ella for surpassing master Xa Xiu Fen - Photo 4

Thai Thieu Phan's emotional sharing made the beautiful sisters "give up" with laughter. Even the actress's fans expressed their fatigue with the idol's hegemony.

"Those who voted for you are definitely your anti-fans", "You guys are so mean to Nuong Nuong. Nuong Nuong wants to leave work but doesn't, you have to fall again", "Because I'm a tree. comedy of this season, so she decided not to let her go back, but I swear she didn't say it but she laughed at it, really ignorant", "The more you want to come back, the more fans will vote for you. bad idols yet",. ...some netizen commented.

Blow on the wind 2023: Thai Thieu Fen fell, Chi Pu was praised by Ella for surpassing master Xa Xiu Fen - Photo 5

Besides the comedy of Thai Thieu Phan, in the 4th, the female singer from Vietnam - Chi Pu climbed to the 4th place with a total of 182 votes. When her name was called, Chi Pu challenged herself to say the entire thank you note in Chinese for the first time after learning the language.

The voice of "Brother , stay" shared, "We have come a very long way together. 'Pedaling the wind 2023' is like a family to me. The time spent living and studying with everyone. will forever be a beautiful and unforgettable memory in my heart. Hope everyone can persevere until the end, make 200% effort to finish these last steps. I love you all."

Blow on the wind 2023: Thai Thieu Fen fell, Chi Pu was praised by Ella for surpassing master Xa Xiu Fen - Photo 6

Although Chi Pu still needed the help of a "buoy" in her speech to share her feelings, the female singer born in 1993 was still considered to have made a lot of progress. She was enthusiastically cheered by the remaining beautiful sisters after the speech ended.

Blow on the wind 2023: Thai Thieu Fen fell, Chi Pu was praised by Ella for surpassing master Xa Xiu Fen - Photo 7

When praised by Huynh Xiaoming for her good pronunciation, Chi Pu shyly replied, "I practice every day.". In addition, the actress "Flower in the form of a teenager" - Ella also did not regret cheering for her juniors. Even though it was a compliment, female Ella did not forget to "crash" to pull Chi Pu's master - the actress "Zhen Hoan story" into action: "You speak better than Thai Thieu Fen."

Blow on the wind 2023: Thai Thieu Fen fell, Chi Pu was praised by Ella for surpassing master Xa Xiu Fen - Photo 8

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