Ta Na - Truong Kiet accused of "playing dirty", threatening real estate brokers

Hoàng PhúcFeb 08, 2022 at 11:43

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Currently, the famous couple Truong Kiet - Ta Na has not yet responded to the incident.

On the evening of February 7, the Chinese social network was noisy with the information that the famous couple Truong Kiet - Ta Na was accused of improper behavior by a netizen.

This netizen claims to be H - a real estate broker. Currently, H is infected with Covid-19 while studying for a PhD student abroad, the situation is extremely serious, so H decided to r.eveal this secret to the public.

When he was a real estate agent in the country in 2019, H once advised Truong Kiet and Ta Na a house. However, the two stars have twice given the reason that they do not like it, so they do not buy the house above.

However, Truong Kiet and Ta Na overcame H, directly contacting to buy and sell with the owner so as not to pay brokerage fees.

Ta Na - Truong Kiet accused of "playing dirty", threatening real estate brokers - Photo 1

After knowing the story, H directly confronted Truong Kiet and Ta Na. However, the two stars hired a lawyer to threaten H not to r.eveal their case information to the outside.

Because of fear of reprisals, H decided to quit his job and study abroad. H also posted many pictures and papers as evidence. In addition, H confirmed that he had videos and pictures in his hand to confirm that the incident was completely real.

Ta Na - Truong Kiet accused of "playing dirty", threatening real estate brokers - Photo 2

Reporters tried to contact Truong Kiet - Ta Na but did not receive an answer.

Recently, appearing on a program, Ta Na revealed her own health situation after giving birth.

Specifically, appearing on the variety show Listen To Friends broadcast on January 25, female MC Ta Na suddenly shared a story of depression after giving birth to her second c.hild.

Ta Na's revelation made the guests on the show very surprised, because before, after giving birth to her first two children, Ta Na was always happy and kept an optimistic attitude about everything.

Truong Kiet's wife said that she felt uncomfortable when watching everything at the second birth, always depressed, this is the initial manifestation of depression.

When aware of her situation, Ta Na was very worried and did not dare to go to the doctor. During the time at home taking care of her children, she felt very bad, sometimes even small difficulties made her cry, as if life lost all meaning.

It wasn't until Truong Kiet fell and suffered an injury during the concert that Ta Na regained her spirit, focused on taking care of her husband and children, and gradually got rid of depression.

"At that time, I comforted myself as an optimistic, strong person, I can't get depressed. Only after Mr. Kiet was injured during the performance, I realized my problem was serious and needed to be corrected. psychological adjustment," Ta Na said.

Ta Na - Truong Kiet accused of "playing dirty", threatening real estate brokers - Photo 3

According to Sina, Ta Na has also faced many difficulties in her career in the past time. In 2021, she spends most of her time taking care of her family. Ta Na returned to work in August, however, by the end of 2021, Hunan TV station, where the female MC works, was f.orced to cancel the entertainment program Happy Camp.

Show Happy Camp, produced continuously for 24 years, is the most popular and widely covered program in China. Ta Na is the main MC in the show. Therefore, the cancellation of Happy Camp greatly affected her reputation and career.

Currently, Ta Na participates in a number of small entertainment programs, but she has not yet determined whether to stay at Hunan station or move to a new unit.

Ta Na, born in 1981, is a top Chinese singer, actress and MC. For many years, she was voted as the number one MC in the field of entertainment and art. She is the only female MC with more than 130 million followers on Weibo.

Meanwhile, Truong Kiet, born in 1982, is a famous vocalist in China. He was dubbed the "King of the soundtrack" when he performed many hit OSTs such as Thien Ha (Myth), Tam Sinh Tam The (Tam Sinh Tam The Thap Ly Dao Hoa), Tinh Than (Trach Thien Ky), Kiem Tam (Ancient Sword Ky Dam), Phu Tru (Tru Tien), True Truth (Dao Tomb Pen Ky)...

The two stars have been together since 2007, officially married in 2011. Both are known as one of the most famous and powerful couples in showbiz in China.

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