Truong Kiet - Ta Na's husband revealed his health after the elevator accident

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Recently, the Chinese audience was shocked when they witnessed a terrible accident that happened at the concert of singer Truong Kiet, the accident caused him serious injury.

Truong Kiet - Ta Na's husband revealed his health after the elevator accident - Photo 1

Zhang Jie's nationwide tour officially kicked off with a show at Suzhou station (Jiangsu province, China). However, the first night of the show was not as smooth as expected when the 39-year-old male singer was injured on stage in an accident. On the stage, a model of the elevator design is made very impressive and Truong Kiet will appear from there. However, the props elevator suddenly fell freely, causing the male singer to fall on his back, violently hitting his back on the floor.

However, with professionalism, he still stood up immediately and finished the performance with bloody hands. Worse still, through some pictures, fans can also see the male singer's hand because of that incident, which was also bloody and flowing non-stop. Looking at that image is enough to see how much he is in pain, but he is still not afraid to continue to show the professionalism of Truong Kiet.

After the unexpected accident, Ta Na has yet to speak out to share her feelings. Singer Truong Kiet has the first social media post after the accident. The male singer also announced his injury situation as follows, "Sorry for making everyone worry. I was treated in time by the doctor, the wound on my hand was sewn up. After checking my spine, I received the results that I have a fracture of the lumbar bone. Fortunately, I still exercise every day, so my physical strength is fine, the doctors said I will recover in 3 months, no problems what's serious".

Truong Kiet tried to appease the fans: "This is the meeting that we have been waiting for a long time, but there are some unexpected details, not as perfect as I imagined. The wound on the hand is a memory. the most special thing between the two of us. This time it's nostalgia, but next time we'll make everything perfect." After the incident, Ta Na's husband also spoke to comfort fans not to worry about the injury, he said: "Maybe seeing red will be lucky." Before that, the audience expected the male singer to have no other injuries from this incident. Truong Kiet's office announced that the male singer went to the hospital to check his health after the concert ended and posted news to fans about the male singer's situation.

Truong Kiet - Ta Na's husband revealed his health after the elevator accident - Photo 2

Truong Kiet is a popular male singer of the Chinese entertainment industry. He is the owner of countless soundtrack songs from Tam Sinh Tam The Thap Ly Dao Hoa, Making Beauty, Co Kiem Ky Dam,... to Thinh The, Together For Life,... Not only that , Truong Kiet also has a very fulfilling and happy marriage with the second hottest entertainment MC in China, Ta Na. The couple has 3 beautiful and lovely children.

There have been many health wishes sent to Truong Kiet after the accident. Thanks to his shared post, Ta Na's husband has helped the fans to be somewhat reassured. It can be said that this is again a wake-up call about construction safety in entertainment events - which has been an issue that has been ignored for many years and caused many artists to have unfortunate incidents. It is necessary to set up the stage to have beautiful scenes to make the singer's performance more sparkling and majestic, especially at concerts. However, if not careful, it can easily lead to negligence and accidents. Fans came to cheer on Truong Kiet in large numbers despite the bad weather. Because it is a big concert, the stage is also delicately choreographed with grandiose designs.

Truong Kiet - Ta Na's husband revealed his health after the elevator accident - Photo 3

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