'Blow the wind 2023': Ella, Ta Na, Amber are sure to debut, Tu Hoai Ngoc goes upstream, Chi Pu is eliminated?

YayaJun 14, 2023 at 16:10

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"Pedaling the Wind 2023" has reached the halfway point, the talents and personalities of the participating artists are also partly revealed through the popularity voted by the audience. Recently, 5 names are expected to hold the debut rate.

The third night of the hit show of Hunan Satellite TV was broadcast. Like the previous contest nights, the personal popularity of the beautiful sisters always received the most attention and discussion of the online community.

At the end of the show, after the popularity ranking was announced, many viewers were strong enough to guess that 5 names will hold the spot to enter the final night.

Blow the wind 2023: Ella, Ta Na, Amber are sure to debut, Tu Hoai Ngoc goes upstream, Chi Pu is eliminated? - Photo 1

First of all, the national female MC Ta Na - the darling of Hunan TV station and has been attached to, chin up many of the station's dating programs. Even in "Billion Billion" in season 3, Ta Na is the leader throughout the show.

From being the pet of the Dai Dynasty, the national level is high and the fan base is huge when Ta Na's Weibo reaches more than 100 million fans. Even from the very first night of the show, Ta Na's personal popularity has always been at the top of the list or even in the top 3 most popular beauties in this year's 33 beautiful sisters.

Blow the wind 2023: Ella, Ta Na, Amber are sure to debut, Tu Hoai Ngoc goes upstream, Chi Pu is eliminated? - Photo 2

This also means that Ta Na's grip will definitely appear in the finale at this year's "Dam Wind 2023". Even before, there were many sources that said that Ta Na is the name that will debut with 6 other beautiful sisters.

It is worth mentioning that Ta Na, who is expected to be the debut name this year, has average singing and dancing skills, but the female MC's voting score is always high, which has made netizens angry. expressed his wish that Truong Kiet's wife was eliminated as soon as possible.

Blow the wind 2023: Ella, Ta Na, Amber are sure to debut, Tu Hoai Ngoc goes upstream, Chi Pu is eliminated? - Photo 3

Next is Ella (Tran Gia Hoa), she is known as a member of the famous Taiwanese music group SHE In the 8X-9X generation, there is no one who does not listen to music and know this cult group. In addition to her certain popularity, Ella is also the one who has mentored and helped many juniors in the profession, used to "hold the balance" for a series of talent-seeking programs such as Youth with Friends, .. .

Possessing a good voice and choreography, extensive stage experience and her popularity, Ella is the best candidate for this year's champion. This also means that the beautiful sisters "Pedaling the Wind 2023" won the debut, indispensable for the actress "Flower as a teenager".

Blow the wind 2023: Ella, Ta Na, Amber are sure to debut, Tu Hoai Ngoc goes upstream, Chi Pu is eliminated? - Photo 4

Little My ( MAria) is an artist from the land of the Rising Sun - Japan. Before the show was broadcast, netizens were quite unfamiliar with the name MARia, however, after the first stage was broadcast, the attention and love that the audience of the country of billions of people gave the g.irl. More and more lovely from Japan.

Up to now, the popularity of the female singer from Japan has surpassed Ta Na to top the list of personal popularity voted by the online community. Even MARia's visual clips or memes are spreading rapidly on social platforms.

Blow the wind 2023: Ella, Ta Na, Amber are sure to debut, Tu Hoai Ngoc goes upstream, Chi Pu is eliminated? - Photo 5

With MARia's popularity, popularity, and presence, there is no doubt that the female artist from Japan will end up becoming one of the sisters who will debut in "Peace the Wind 2023".

The fourth name will definitely participate in the final night and debut with 4 beautiful sisters Ta Na, Ella and MARia can't help but mention Amber. Amber is known as a member of the Korean group f(x).

From stage experience, Amber's singing and dancing skills are very well appreciated, if Tong Thien - Amber's juniors don't win the group membership, the online community will surely be in a storm.

Blow the wind 2023: Ella, Ta Na, Amber are sure to debut, Tu Hoai Ngoc goes upstream, Chi Pu is eliminated? - Photo 6

Next is the veteran female singer Ton Duyet. Sun Yue is known as the number one famous singer and dancer in the Mainland. Despite possessing a top voice and good choreography, in terms of coverage and popularity on social networks, Ton Duyet is worse than his juniors.

However, as a veteran artist with many contributions to music, Ton Duyet will definitely have a debut position in the g.irl group with the famous beautiful sisters of "Dap Wind 2023".

Blow the wind 2023: Ella, Ta Na, Amber are sure to debut, Tu Hoai Ngoc goes upstream, Chi Pu is eliminated? - Photo 7

Tu Hoai Ngoc - the cult goddess of Taiwan is the most expected name this season. Even the media and the online community think that the goddess of Taiwan will become the champion of this year's season.

However, when the first night of the competition aired, there was a wave of condemnation, criticizing Tu Hoai Ngoc for not being responsible and teamwork when he was busy running the individual show, not practicing with the beautiful sister group, making Gia Tinh Van angry. . It was because of Tu Hoai Ngoc's lack of professionalism that the group's performance scored low.

Blow the wind 2023: Ella, Ta Na, Amber are sure to debut, Tu Hoai Ngoc goes upstream, Chi Pu is eliminated? - Photo 8

Before the criticism of netizens about running the individual show, the female artist's representative also spoke up to explain, but the wave of public opinion still did not let go of her.

Despite public criticism, Tu Hoai Ngoc tends to go against the wind, she is getting better and better on stage. With a good voice and being dubbed as Thien Hau Ambassador Dai, Tu Hoai Ngoc's efforts to prove her ability can show that the group debut of "Dap Wind 2023" this year cannot be without her.

In addition to Ta Na, Tran Gia Hoa, MARia, Amber, Ton Duyet, names like Luu Tich Quan, A-lin, Ta Han, Chu Chau, Ginam Cu Dinh are likely to be in the same group.

Blow the wind 2023: Ella, Ta Na, Amber are sure to debut, Tu Hoai Ngoc goes upstream, Chi Pu is eliminated? - Photo 9

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