Trieu Le Dinh reacted strongly after Phung Thieu Phong revealed the reason for the divorce?

Hà HàSep 03, 2021 at 21:40

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Up to now, Trieu Le Dinh and Phung Thieu Phong have been divorced for 4 months. The two no longer talk about each other on social networks or in front of TV cameras, even though they are still taking care of Tuong Tuong - their favorite son.

Over the past time, there have been many rumors about the two's quick and ink-consuming divorce, but no character has responded.

Trieu Le Dinh reacted strongly after Phung Thieu Phong revealed the reason for the divorce? - Photo 1

The Sohu page recently had an interesting article with the headline: "Pung Thieu Phong sheds tears when mentioning Trieu Le Dinh, accidentally revealing the truth about the divorce". The article turned over an interview of an actor surnamed Phung, then Phung Thieu Phong praised Trieu Le Dinh for being a very good woman. However, at this time, the actor was in tears again, unintentionally sharing that his wife put all her heart into work and did not care about her family.

Because of this, the couple's feelings fade, often have arguments. That's why the decision to divorce was made. Trang Sohu also said that after the actor surnamed Phung talked about this on television, Trieu Le Dinh harshly responded with a sentence with 3 words: "Don't say it anymore". This raises the suspicion that there are other problems between the two that are difficult for outsiders to understand.

Trieu Le Dinh is famous for her strong image and hard work. After only a short time after giving birth, she rushed back to the set to play Huu Phi with junior Vuong Nhat Bac. After the divorce, the actress also regained the mood very quickly to go to the show, take advertising photos, ... with a cheerful and radiant spirit. Currently, netizens are still selling doubts about what Sohu posted. Most believe that the media is taking advantage of the reputation of Trieu Le Dinh and Phung Thieu Phong to spread false rumors to gain views.

Trieu Le Dinh reacted strongly after Phung Thieu Phong revealed the reason for the divorce? - Photo 2

Trieu Le Dinh is one of the stars of C-Biz who is suffering because of fans. After the fact that her fan community strongly objected, even "stretched" because she did not agree that Trieu Le Dinh could cooperate with Vuong Nhat Bac in the new film Da Man Sinh Truong, did the actress meet? less hassle.

The matter was so serious that the Hau Vien Association (official fanclub) and many of Trieu Le Dinh's fan stations were banned. After that, although Trieu Le Dinh's office gave fan-oriented text to calm the situation. But Sina decided to ban Trieu Le Dinh's office for 15 days because of poor management, delay in fan orientation.

Trieu Le Dinh reacted strongly after Phung Thieu Phong revealed the reason for the divorce? - Photo 3

Trieu Le Dinh reacted strongly after Phung Thieu Phong revealed the reason for the divorce? - Photo 4

Many Chinese netizens commented: This is indeed a proof that the idol worked hard for his career but ended up being overthrown by his own fans. Many people sympathize with Trieu Le Dinh, because she is really trying hard to prove herself okay after her divorce from Phung Thieu Phong.

Recently, when the cosmetics company NARS, led by Trieu Le Dinh as a brand ambassador, released her promotional photos, netizens rushed to comment on the cosmetic advertising photos, why is it like taking a photo of a citizen's ID card? But at the same time, it also comforts her to cheer up and keep trying, hoping that her fans will also understand and wholeheartedly support her idol no matter who she is paired with in the future.

Not long ago, Sina reported that Trieu Le Dinh was present at Hunan radio to record the entertainment show Happy Camp. The actress wears a schoolgirl costume. She came to promote the MV Worthy of Better, sung by Truong Kiet. Trieu Le Dinh plays a cameo in the MV, is a high school student. Appearing in the style of a schoolgirl, Trieu Le Dinh was praised for being youthful at the age of 34. For many months, the actress limited her artistic activities. She rarely appears, spends time studying the script, preparing to participate in a new TV series.

Trieu Le Dinh reacted strongly after Phung Thieu Phong revealed the reason for the divorce? - Photo 5

Trieu Le Dinh reacted strongly after Phung Thieu Phong revealed the reason for the divorce? - Photo 6

Trieu Le Dinh reacted strongly after Phung Thieu Phong revealed the reason for the divorce? - Photo 7

Trieu Le Dinh reacted strongly after Phung Thieu Phong revealed the reason for the divorce? - Photo 8

This is also a welcome ceremony for MC Ta Na to return after giving birth for the second time. Ta Na thanked Trieu Le Dinh for agreeing to be a guest in the MC of Truong Kiet, her husband. The friendship between two famous female artists in the Chinese entertainment world. According to Sina, Trieu Le Dinh and Ta Na got to know each other when they joined the show Idols come 2015. Ta Na is China's top female MC, she has more than 100 million followers on Weibo. Ta Na has a sense of humor and eloquence, in contrast to the straightforward, quiet Trieu Le Dinh. However, they remained friends for many years.

Before that, Trieu Le Dinh shared that she spent nearly half a year with her family, adjusting her life. Upcoming, the actress starred in a TV series. According to Sina, there is information that she plays the female lead in the work Savage Grows. The film is based on the novel Can't Be Reincarnated by writer A Nai. A Nai is also the author of two novels that were made into hit movies, Joyful Chanting and All Very Good. Not Born Again is considered China's most outstanding career-building novel about women.

According to Sina, Trieu Le Dinh started looking for more suitable and challenging scripts, instead of idol melodrama. Previously, the actress played the role of doctor Shen Vu, suspected of being the killer in the movie Who is the killer. In addition, she also played the role of a village g.irl in Hanh Phuc to Van Gia. It can be said that Trieu Le Dinh is a small flower born after 1985 with the best film record at present. She won the Miss Kim Ung a.ward in 2016, and was nominated for the Bach Ngoc Lan a.ward twice. She topped the online movie views with more than 180 billion views. Recently, Trieu Le Dinh ranked 7th in the list of 10 most influential celebrities in 2021 voted by Forbes China.

Trieu Le Dinh reacted strongly after Phung Thieu Phong revealed the reason for the divorce? - Photo 9

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