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Su Minh Tue appeared on VTV for the 2nd time, unexpectedly revealing the time of alms again

Bút Mực09:14:53 10/06/2024
Monk Minh Tue had experiences about continuing his walk. Recently, in the news at 19 o'clock on VTV1. Su Minh Tue said that a few years later, he only walked once, not all the time.

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Monk Minh Tue appeared after a period of retreat, speaking out about distorted information

Bút Màu12:37:01 09/06/2024
Mr. Thich Minh Tue appeared to give an interview to VTV in a familiar outfit in the midst of many false information of anti-sabotage forces distorting the reason why he stopped walking to retreat.

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Guardian Kim Cang followed Master Minh Tue "down to his shirt" to eat beef noodle soup: What did the owner say?

Bút Máy10:54:56 04/06/2024
The owner of a pho shop said that the town of Ky Anh, Ha Tinh said, the truth is completely unlike what social networks posted. The above people come to the restaurant to order vegetarian food with noodles with soy sauce and vegetables

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Department of VH-TT into Angela Phuong Trinh's shocking statement about religion, Minh Tue

Bút Màu06:48:13 03/06/2024
The representative of Ho Chi Minh City Department of Information and Communications said that they would discuss with the Department of Information and Communications more about Angela Phuong Trinh's case from the perspective of cultural expertise. Previously, the actress had been sanctioned for posting false information about treating Covid-19 with earthworms.

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The company stopped going to the temple to make offerings and switched to donating b.lood after the Thich Minh Tue incident

Bút Màu10:44:52 30/05/2024
Recently on social networks, an announcement from an information technology company appeared to all company officials and employees about stopping going to temples on the 1st day of the lunar month. Company representatives have shared information surrounding this document.

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Follow the Dau Da practice like Thich Minh Tue: Eat 1 meal a day, sleep under a tree at night

Bút Bi16:52:07 23/05/2024
People who practice Dau Da practice accept difficulties in matters of food, clothing, and shelter. Recently, Thich Minh Tue attracted attention when practicing this method. He shared that he wanted to practice the teachings of Buddha to help perfect himself.

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The singer once shared a beautiful and youthful charm at the age of 38: "My life has changed thanks to Buddhism"

Ý Nhiên10:43:47 11/04/2022
Recently, the public was surprised with the new and attractive image of singer Tinna Tinh in a new set of photos with stylized ao dai. The traditional ao dai is dotted and combined with many diverse patterns, lines and colors to help enhance the inherently elegant and beautiful...

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Angela Phuong Trinh caused controversy when she presented a way to treat cancer by reciting Buddha's name: 'Talk to the tumor, spread compassion, pray for the tumor to go away'

Rosu00e912:23:33 19/07/2021
The beauty's statement is said to lack scientific basis. Used to be a popular c.hild star in the 2000s and received a lot of attention from the public. After some bad scandals, for many years, Angela Phuong Trinh stayed hidden, became a vegetarian, did charity work and opened a...

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Watch Journey to the West a lot, but few people realize that the 5 teachers and students of Tang Tang are actually the same person

team youtube11:00:53 10/06/2021
At the beginning of Journey to the West, author Ngo Thua An wrote: "Education to treat the Creator Hoi Nguyen Cong, Tu audience Journey to the West likes the yoke of stories", that is, wants to know what the work of creation is like, wants to understand the meaning of human...

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