People's Artist My Hang: Who is the multi-talented actress who was adopted by People's Artist Thanh Dien?

Đình NhưApr 23, 2024 at 16:33

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Director, People's Artist My Hang (full name is Pham Thi My Hang, born October 8, 1975). She has been involved in artistic activities since 1995. In nearly 30 years in the profession, she has achieved many high achievements in competitions, festivals, and shows.

Loved Cai Luong since childhood

Since she was a l.ittle g.irl about 7-8 years old, every day when she came to the Cai Luong program on the radio, she would go to her neighbor's house and listen to the entire program before returning home. The brother-in-law saw that his little sister-in-law loved Cai Luong so much, so he bought her a small radio to listen to Cai Luong to satisfy her addiction.

Peoples Artist My Hang: Who is the multi-talented actress who was adopted by Peoples Artist Thanh Dien? - Photo 1

Thanks to that, the l.ittle g.irl gradually distinguished the voices of many artists. Just by listening to the song, without any introduction, she knew who the artist was singing. That g.irl is Pham Thi My Hang, her parents' real name My Hang has become a stage name, giving her a strong position on stage, creating affection for her in the hearts of her colleagues and audiences. graves near and far.

At the age of 15, My Hang followed Mr. Ut Trong to learn Ba Nam, Six Bac, the Cai Luong songs that she used to love when listening to it on the small radio.

Peoples Artist My Hang: Who is the multi-talented actress who was adopted by Peoples Artist Thanh Dien? - Photo 2

Two years later, My Hang took the exam to enter the Intermediate Cai Luong class, course IV, trained by Tran Huu Trang Cai Luong Theater, and was a fellow student with artist Tam Tam. The highlight, also the turning point in My Hang's career, was w.inning the gold medal with Tam Tam, Hich Hi, Hoa Phuong at the 2000 Tran Huu Trang Prospect A.ward.

Watching My Hang perform, the audience feels the fate of people here and there in society. She does not o.ff her voice, mainly to express the character's mood. It is her singing style that is as gentle and sincere as the rain that has soaked the ground for a long time, and has gradually penetrated deeply into the hearts of the audience. It seems to have a strange karma and style. My Hang's performance has a hint of Thanh Nga somewhere...

Peoples Artist My Hang: Who is the multi-talented actress who was adopted by Peoples Artist Thanh Dien? - Photo 3

Watching People's Artist My Hang perform, the audience can feel the fate of people here and there in society. The singer does not o.ff her voice mainly to express the character's mood, it is her gentle and sincere singing style that is like the rain soaking the ground. into the hearts of the audience.

Actively participating in contributing to art, she was awarded the title of Meritorious Artist by the state in 2015. Recently, in 2024, she continued to be awarded the title of People's Artist by the State.

Not only is she a good singer and actress, My Hang also contributes to training Cai Luong actors with students who are mainly workers, teachers, small businesses...

Peoples Artist My Hang: Who is the multi-talented actress who was adopted by Peoples Artist Thanh Dien? - Photo 4

People's Artist My Hang believes that after a century has passed, Cai Luong theater has "tasted" enough of the bitter, sweet and bitter aftertaste of life. "I am one of the colleagues of the same generation who harbors the desire to restore Cai Luong art after a period of silence. The theater's training courses aim to teach Cai Luong to young people. , contributing to producing a group of young actors who are qualified, knowledgeable and well-received by the audience is our responsibility" - People's Artist My Hang shared.

She and Artist Thanh Luu are two artists who have been associated with training at Tran Huu Trang Cai Luong Theater. Most of the students are officials, workers, engineers, doctors, including police officers, teachers, and small businesses. Meritorious Artist My Hang said she was very happy when they came to Cai Luong with love, joining hands to light up the stage.

Peoples Artist My Hang: Who is the multi-talented actress who was adopted by Peoples Artist Thanh Dien? - Photo 5

The silent work of People's Artist My Hang and Artist Thanh Luu has contributed to the career of training human resources for the Cai Luong stage. It is also a place for posterity to look back at the most meticulous appearance of Cai Luong art, thereby loving, appreciating and promoting this traditional cultural value.

Adopted by People's Artist Thanh Dien

People's Artist Thanh Dien said that the phenomenon of adopting children probably exists in every society. There are many evidences published in the media showing extremely close relationships between parents and adopted children when parents spend a lot of time and affection for their adopted children.

"I adopted My Hang as my c.hild after performing together on stage in the opera "The Fatherland at the End of the Road" by director Le Nguyen Dat. At that time, I realized that My Hang was a young actress who was eager to learn and had sincere personality. From then on, I consider My Hang as my child" - People's Artist Thanh Dien said.

Peoples Artist My Hang: Who is the multi-talented actress who was adopted by Peoples Artist Thanh Dien? - Photo 6

In fact, My Hang lost her biological father who once worried and took care of her on her artistic path. "My father took me to performances, filming, and opera rehearsals on his old motorbike. Every time I go to HTV to film, I remember the image of my father standing in the rain waiting for me.

My artistic achievements today, especially being awarded the title of People's Artist in the 10th round by the State, include thanks to my father. When People's Artist Thanh Dien adopted me, I was very touched, because I considered him as my biological father" - People's Artist My Hang said.

Every time she takes on a new role, she goes to her adoptive father - People's Artist Thanh Dien to ask for opinions and contributions to improve the creative effectiveness of the role.

"Since my daughter passed away due to illness, and then my wife, People's Artist Thanh Kim Hue, also passed away, I am very heartbroken. Nowadays, performing and filming with My Hang is a joy in life. artist" - People's Artist Thanh Dien expressed.

Around the world, artists take in orphans to raise. In Vietnam, every once in a while, audiences see a famous artist declare that young singers and actors A and B are adopted children. In the current period of booming game shows, the frequency of adoptive fathers - adopted children, adoptive mothers - adopted children is even more "covered". Most adopted children are about to enter adulthood and have biological parents. There have been many cases where these relationships have conflicts when competing interests and meddling in each other's private lives.

Peoples Artist My Hang: Who is the multi-talented actress who was adopted by Peoples Artist Thanh Dien? - Photo 7

Not just one, many artists also adopt two, three,... even many adopted children for the purpose of "sponsoring" and guiding them on their artistic path. However, not everyone is lucky enough to achieve success.

Talking about this, People's Artist Thanh Dien said that he feels secure because My Hang's personality is mature and she is an artist with a serious sense of work.

Both father and son were awarded the title of People's Artist of the 10th round. That is an undeniable artistic effort.

Peoples Artist My Hang: Who is the multi-talented actress who was adopted by Peoples Artist Thanh Dien? - Photo 8

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