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While Nam Em was summoned, the noise of Ngoc Trinh and Vietnamese stars became h.ot again

Nguyễn Tuyết17:12:22 29/02/2024
Not only Nam Em, in the past, many showbiz celebrities were sent summons by the authorities. The reason why they are touched is related to the disease that people fear.

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Revealing evidence that Nam Em was controlled by her husband and often used to do this?

Hoàng Phúc16:04:31 29/02/2024
Using Nam Em's personal page, her husband-to-be posted a new status, saying he was willing to endure all the suffering on behalf of his girlfriend. The sarcastic fans are only good at talking, demanding to rescue beauty queen Tien Giang

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Nam Em's husband brought up the story of being hospitalized to livestream: Hidden meaning of the trick to attract views

Nhật Duy15:50:09 29/02/2024
Up to now, the controversy surrounding Miss Nam Em still receives a lot of attention from the public. The beauty's husband continued to have a livestream that shocked social networks.

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Truong Giang officially "responded" to Nam Em, and was immediately compared to Tran Thanh

Hoàng Phúc14:45:23 29/02/2024
Without mentioning the noise on social networks related to Nam Em, male comedian Truong Giang suddenly took his wife Nha Phuong to Da Lat to rest and enjoy marital happiness.

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Nam Em was "digested" and said she was dissatisfied when she compared herself to her sister

Mỹ Hoàng13:20:58 29/02/2024
Miss Mekong Delta 2015 said she was very uncomfortable and sad when she heard comparisons between herself and her sister Nam Anh. Beauty always carries this psychological pressure from childhood to adulthood.

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HH Y Nhi boldly spent m.oney to "live luxuriously" after a series of days of struggling to save m.oney i.n Australia

Trường Nguyễn11:27:44 29/02/2024
Netizens couldn't help but be surprised by the luxurious life of Miss World Vietnam 2023 - Y Nhi while studying abroad in Australia. She is not afraid to spend m.oney to enjoy expensive dishes and enjoy the high life.

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Nha Phuong "patted" Nam Em's face and "reminded" Truong Giang of one thing when someone was hospitalized

Bảo Nam07:12:31 29/02/2024
On her personal page, Nha Phuong just posted sweet pictures with Truong Giang. She jokingly called her husband "where is my good and beautiful husband?" while Truong Giang gently hugged his wife or shyly huddled behind her.

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Nguyen Tran Trung Quan has a deformed face and distorted mouth: Caused by nerve paralysis

Đông Nguyên14:44:56 28/02/2024
Luckily, he received timely emergency treatment and singer Nguyen Tran Trung Quan's health and spirit have become more stable. It is known that he suffered from paralysis of the 7th nerve, leading to a distorted mouth.

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Nam Em was given a gift of billions of dollars by a rich man in the US while he was having trouble with his fiancé

Hoàng Phúc14:22:08 28/02/2024
After many incidents, Nam Em livestreamed singing with the audience again. Recently, the beauty queen was also given a billion dollar gift by an anonymous rich man while doing a PK with another tiktoker.

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H'Hen Niê responded cleverly when an anti criticized her for "giving 85 million to charity"

Nhật Duy09:55:30 28/02/2024
According to H'Hen Niê, this is not the first time she has been criticized despite spending her own m.oney to volunteer. However, the beautiful woman affirmed that she will not falter because of negative comments, she will continue her journey.

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Hong Loan caused controversy when she bluntly threw away all the audience's gifts to the late artist Vu Linh

Hương Duy08:41:34 28/02/2024
Hong Loan's blunt action of urging the removal of gifts and flowers from the audience to the late Meritorious Artist Vu Linh is causing a lot of controversy from public opinion. Many comments expressed sadness when seeing their flower baskets lying on the road.

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Beautiful lady is preparing for season 2, Dong Nhi - Bao Thy will face off, will My Tam appear?

Bảo Nam08:11:29 28/02/2024
Recently, on the fanpage of the show Beautiful Sister, Ride the Wind Turn the Wave, there was a post announcing the production of season 2 in 2024. Immediately, the post received a lot of attention and discussion comments. buzz from netizens.

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Dong Nhi shows off her "extremely good" visual during her second pregnancy: Her figure is still like her twenties

Nhật Duy14:54:00 27/02/2024
Since announcing her second pregnancy on February 14, it seems that every activity in Dong Nhi's life has always received a lot of attention from the audience. Everyone wants to know more about the beauty and appearance of pregnant mothers.

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Nam Em twice made Que Van "spray glue" on livestream, is sisterly love sure to last?

Bình Minh11:33:35 27/02/2024
Recently, Nam Em - Que Van's showbiz-friendly duo has attracted great attention from netizens. But the two don't seem to have an agreement, causing a half-laughing situation to arise.

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Vu Cat Tuong suddenly announced his girlfriend: Calling each other by special nicknames

Trường Nguyễn16:26:05 26/02/2024
Singer Vu Cat Tuong surprised fans when she announced her girlfriend on her personal page. Everyone gushed over the female singer's lovely public way of showing off her "other half".

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Ms. Nam Em reveals her brother-in-law's true personality, publicly announces her lover amid family noise?

Minh Lợi16:14:58 26/02/2024
Nam Em and her businessman boyfriend named Cuong are the two names that have dominated social networks in recent days. The two continuously livestreamed and caused controversy with shocking statements and even quarrels on social networks.

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Nam Em, after a series of livestreams that scandalized showbiz, her account ran out of m.oney, eating noodles instead of rice?

Nguyễn Tuyết15:57:18 26/02/2024
After a series of scandals about the artist on social networks, Nam Em fell into poverty, causing a stir in public opinion. However, the beauty queen has not yet commented on this information.

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Huyen B.aby scored points when showing off her b.aby online, accidentally r.evealing a huge tuition fee?

Đình Như14:37:47 26/02/2024
Huyen B.aby is currently a female star with strong coverage across all media channels. However, she chose to limit sharing and publicly posting photos of the kids.

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The female lead "Mai" may "get into legal trouble" because of controversial circumstances, the lawyer analyzed

Hoàng Trang14:30:45 26/02/2024
Just because of a controversial episode in Tran Thanh's film Mai, the female lead Phuong Anh Dao may be stuck in prison. Lawyer Tran Viet Ha also commented on this 1-0-2 situation.

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Nha Phuong responded highly to Nam Em, silencing the opponent with just one action

Hoàng Phúc14:22:03 26/02/2024
Over the past few days, Nha Phuong and Truong Giang have faced great pressure when they were called out by Nam Em. This couple chose to be silent and focus on work and life.

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Nam Em returns the Miss crown, announces that she is about to change her career and will leave showbiz?

Hoàng Phúc09:59:08 26/02/2024
In the latest livestream, Nam Em said she wants the Miss Mekong Delta organization to take back the crown soon. Not only that, she also revealed that she is about to sell online.

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Duy Manh no longer advises Nam Em, instead turning to sarcastically hint at the beauty?

Hướng Dương16:13:21 25/02/2024
Recently, Duy Manh shared frankly about beauty queens and rich men. The male singer's post immediately became a h.ot topic of discussion among netizens. Many people think that he is hinting at someone.

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Mai Phuong is worried about her current health: Is the Miss World competition too stressful?

Hương Duy15:12:50 25/02/2024
Currently, the Vietnamese beauty fan community is paying attention to the Miss World 2023 contest. Therefore, every move surrounding the Vietnamese representative - Huynh Nguyen Mai Phuong also receives special attention from the audience.

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Quyen Linh once commented on Nam Em's nerves: "Very weak, sometimes crazy"

Hoàng Trang12:10:39 25/02/2024
MC Quyen Linh's comment about Nam Em was suddenly brought up by people, netizens expressed their agreement with the male MC's comment about his junior's mental health.

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