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Thieu Bao Tram revealed her sweet way of addressing her boyfriend, making fans jealous

Diệu Anh16:54:20 24/04/2024
Immediately after the dating news broke out on social networks, netizens searched for information about Thieu Bao Tram's rumored boyfriend. However, he quickly switched his Instagram account to private mode, making his profile even more mysterious.

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Phuong Thao - Ngoc Le "Bicycle": Found her American biological father, settled abroad

Thảo Mai16:41:37 24/04/2024
The current life of Phuong Thao - Ngoc Le's family in the US is still attached to musical activities. Although they rarely participate in overseas shows, they have a studio and are active in the field of vocal training.

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Dang Thu Thao was touched by her daughter's 3 statements, and the couple was praised for raising their children well

JLO16:31:17 24/04/2024
After nearly a decade of living with her businessman husband, beauty queen Dang Thu Thao gave birth to two beautiful children. She is usually secretive on social networks, so every time the queen shares about her small family, she receives great attention from fans.

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Midu announced her marriage, how did her ex-boyfriend whose engagement was canceled react?

Minh Lợi16:15:30 24/04/2024
The news that Midu is about to get married is causing a fever on social networks. Many friends and colleagues have posted photos of wedding invitations, r.evealing the time the beauty born in 1989 held her wedding with her businessman boyfriend.

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Bao Anh denies falling in love with a billionaire, the identity of his daughter's father causes curiosity

Thảo Mai13:30:53 24/04/2024
Recently, female singer Bao Anh surprised the public when she publicly revealed the image of her first daughter after a period of hiding it. Previously, the female singer did not deny it but chose to respond tactfully when caught up in rumors of giving birth.

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People's Artist My Hang: Who is the multi-talented actress who was adopted by People's Artist Thanh Dien?

Đình Như16:33:04 23/04/2024
Director, People's Artist My Hang (full name is Pham Thi My Hang, born October 8, 1975). She has been involved in artistic activities since 1995. In nearly 30 years in the profession, she has achieved many high achievements in competitions, festivals, and shows.

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H'Hen Niê looked at the children of Dien Bien with tears in her heart, remembering the time when she just wanted to eat well and go to school

Chitshere15:11:44 23/04/2024
Miss H Hen Nie has just had a business trip to Dien Bien province, responding to the National Humanitarian Month 2024 and accompanying the Central Vietnam Red Cross Society in a series of activities aimed at children, women, and people. disadvantaged people in Dien Bien.

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Hien Ho burst into tears and apologized to the audience in Da Lat, promising to change in the future

Quỳnh Như14:16:13 23/04/2024
On the evening of April 21, singer Hien Ho had an emotional music night in Da Lat. This is one of the few rare music nights that the female singer can perform after the recent noisy scandal.

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Vu Cat Tuong quickly deflected the comment when he accidentally mentioned "Pumpkin", a detail was revealed

Chitshere13:56:49 23/04/2024
Vu Cat Tuong has always been tight-lipped about her personal love life. During a recent music night, the female singer accidentally mentioned Pumpkin in front of the audience. After the incident, many people speculated that Pumpkin was the female dancer Trang Nguyen who appeared in the MV Each La.

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Hari Won is "in love" with a famous Korean actor, turns out to be his ex-lover Chi Pu

Diệu Anh17:07:01 22/04/2024
Female artist Hari Won and Tran Thanh and close friends visited Korea. The wife of the famous tiktok trending MC is Chi Pu's rumored ex-lover who appeared after 4 years in hiding.

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Le Nam's bare face is "degraded" like never before, raising questions about family turmoil

Chitshere16:47:35 22/04/2024
Miss Nam Em's older sister Le Nam attracted attention with her unattractive bare-faced image on social networks. Many people speculate that Le Nam is having family troubles, especially after her sister's emotional turmoil.

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Midu gets married, 3 rumored boyfriends make moves: Quoc Truong wrote only 4 words

JLO15:27:14 22/04/2024
On the afternoon of April 21, Midu suddenly shocked the world when she confirmed that she would hold a wedding on June 29. However, the actress has not yet revealed information about her fiancé, making people curious.

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Midu's close friend revealed the identity of the actress' husband, fans discovered a special detail

Minh Lợi10:06:24 22/04/2024
A few days ago, the news that actress Midu had taken wedding photos and was preparing to get married made many viewers extremely excited. Because, before being caught up in rumors, Midu was completely tight-lipped about her personal life.

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Nam Anh protects Nam Em despite being cruelly treated by his sister, r.evealing a painful truth

JLO21:47:42 20/04/2024
After a period of silence and supposedly becoming a monk, Nam Anh - Nam Em's older sister recently posted a new article on her personal page. She attracted attention when she revealed her twin's little-known past.

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Lan Anh: A beautiful Deaf beauty queen and her love story with an American guy in the same situation

Thảo Mai17:26:49 19/04/2024
Possessing a pretty face and ideally balanced b.ody, Bui Thi Lan Anh became the pride of Vietnam when she won the title of Miss & Mister Dear International in 2016.

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Y Nhi's biological father spoke up about the rumors of his daughter getting married and firmly affirmed one thing!

Keng14:55:47 19/04/2024
On the morning of April 19, social media was abuzz with the news that Miss Y Nhi was getting married. The reason is because the biography of the beauty born in 2002 on Wikipedia has changed from single to married with boyfriend Nguyen Anh Kiet.

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Miss World rejected Y Nhi because of her belief in getting married, a series of similar beauty queens were deposed?

Keng14:28:26 19/04/2024
A few hours ago, Miss Y Nhi's personal information was suddenly changed on social networks. Notably, in the partner section of Miss Binh Dinh, the name Nguyen Anh Kiet suddenly appeared.

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Suspected that Jack had "plagiarized" the BTS hit, trying to regain the glory, fans condemned the boycott

Quỳnh Như13:46:44 19/04/2024
Jack's new composition, which was just introduced and posted on social media, has faced a lot of controversy when it is said to be similar to BTS's hit song released 3 years ago.

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Rumor has it that Nam Em is working as a worker and is "freeloading" on her fiancé so she can't break up?

JLO07:56:14 19/04/2024
After nearly 10 days since receiving the second fine from the Department of Information and Communications of Ho Chi Minh City, Nam Em recently reopened his Facebook personal page. The beauty also quickly posted a new status line.

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Thuy Tien invited Hoa Minzy to work as a loader at the fish market, and burst into tears because her wages were cheated

Diệu Anh13:38:11 18/04/2024
The Night Swing TV show aired on the evening of April 17 brought many emotions to the audience when witnessing the arduous journey of experiencing the eternal career of Miss Thuy Tien and singer Hoa Minzy.

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Nam Em came back, was suspected of making fun of My Tam, her biological sister immediately kicked her?

Đình Như17:41:19 17/04/2024
After being sanctioned for the second time in hiding, Nam Em recently suddenly reappeared. However, instead of regaining the audience's sympathy, the drama queen continued to make netizens angry because of her confusing and lackadaisical attitude.

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Diem Hang 'Vang Anh Diary': Bankruptcy, debt, accident and lying in one place, what now?

Bảo Nam16:38:21 17/04/2024
Despite starting from a h.ot role, possessing both impressive appearance and acting, Diem Hang's career has been extremely difficult. She encountered many incidents that interrupted her work.

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Rumor has it that Quang Le bought a 100 billion house to marry Ha Thanh Xuan, what was his attitude when mentioning the Koi Fish King?

JLO15:01:15 17/04/2024
On his personal YouTube channel, Quang Le recently showed off his newly purchased house in the US worth 100 billion VND. The male singer invited Ha Thanh Xuan to meet his mother-in-law, after which the whole family gathered to eat and drink happily.

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Young lover Truong Ngoc Anh denied having an affair with daughter-in-law Hoang Kieu

Bảo Nam16:39:42 16/04/2024
On April 16, Truong Ngoc Anh posted an article about stories related to billionaire Hoang Kieu's daughter-in-law, rumors of owing m.oney, including comments about her boyfriend - actor Anh Dung.

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