NB Han Ni declared that she did not want to push Ms. Phuong Hang "to the dead end" but still chased after her

Nam PhươngApr 26, 2022 at 17:08

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Journalist Han Ni advised supporters to look at Phuong Hang's example before it was too late.

Among the characters who are aggressive with Phuong Hang, journalist Han Ni is the one who is "taken care of" the most by the female giant. Claiming that the "steel rose" was fabricated about the Hang Huu charity fund, Dai Nam CEO repeatedly cursed and attacked Han Ni on the livestream. Not only verbally threatened, Dung's wife also went to the office and home of journalist Han Ni twice to "ripe" directly. The incident was shared on social networks, attracting a lot of curious people, causing social disorder.

NB Han Ni declared that she did not want to push Ms. Phuong Hang "to the dead end" but still chased after her - Photo 1

On April 19, journalist Han Ni confirmed that she had come to the City Police. Ho Chi Minh City to work under the denunciation of Ms. Phuong Hang. In the petition, the diamond giant sued the female journalist for "insulting and slandering". Request withdrawal, termination of the use of images without consent, and compensation for damage in accordance with the law.

Recently, through personal Fanpage. Journalist Han Ni continued to share about Phuong Hang's case. She emphasized that the Law was introduced to protect the fair interests of all citizens. No one has the right to take advantage of social media to give false statements and information for the purpose of smearing others. In the article, journalist Han Ni affirmed that she never intended to push Ms. Hang into the dead end. However, because the slanderous acts of the Director of Dai Nam Company have not been handled, she continues to sue. In addition, journalist Han Ni also sent a warning to those who use the name of righteous fans to "slap water in the rain". Going in the footsteps of Mrs. Phuong Hang before.

NB Han Ni declared that she did not want to push Ms. Phuong Hang "to the dead end" but still chased after her - Photo 2

Nguyen shared by journalist Han Ni:


Binh Duong prosecuted the case and proved to the supporters of Ms. H that it is a crime to curse and slander without evidence.

Right from the beginning, I have cited all the regulations on the Regulations on the use of social networks, the decree on sanctioning violations in using the network, the crimes of slander, humiliation, a.buse of freedom and democracy... But the If you don't listen, think that I have opposing interests, so I "shuck" the opponent. The brothers and sisters listened to TS, a bad lawyer, sharing the "half-truth" type of law to strengthen their firm belief in their wrongdoing. Then every day it sinks deeper. A lot of youtubers are invited up, and will be dealt with.

NB Han Ni declared that she did not want to push Ms. Phuong Hang "to the dead end" but still chased after her - Photo 3

The law is very simple, it is the principle that ensures the equal rights of the parties. One person's rights are only guaranteed when they do not infringe upon the rights of others. People with little education, may have poor perception, may misjudge; As well as in scientific research, it is possible to make inappropriate and unfeasible proposals (even if it is not possible to propose the dissolution of a certain state organization, it is okay - if you have not taken action). . However, if you give insulting and untrue information to disparage others, it means that you are infringing on the rights of others, the law will force you to handle it to ensure fairness and order. in social.

NB Han Ni declared that she did not want to push Ms. Phuong Hang "to the dead end" but still chased after her - Photo 4

Therefore, although the agencies have prosecuted the case and prosecuted the accused, but Ms. H's humiliating and slanderous behavior has not been handled, we are f.orced to continue to f.ight for justice. Protect your honor and reputation. Those who share false information, make up slanderous stories against us, should also be dealt with seriously.

Although no one wants to push others to the end, they are f.orced to apply. For a long time, we have said many times, with all of our hearts, that we hope you will stop and do not commit any more crimes, but you will not listen... Mrs. H slandered and insulted me, then let me down. increased confidence, she continued to lie that I was fired, got my card taken, fined, muzzled... And now, the cccs continue to fabricate me, I was arrested, 331, without even looking at the picture. mirror T30 that Ms. H is suffering!

NB Han Ni declared that she did not want to push Ms. Phuong Hang "to the dead end" but still chased after her - Photo 5

As reported, from March 2021 until now, Ms. Nguyen Phuong Hang has used social networking accounts such as YouTube, Facebook, TikTok to post unverified information that offends her reputation and reputation. participation of many organizations and individuals.

Over the past time, Ms. Nguyen Phuong Hang has constantly used many obscene words to speak and promote the "cursing culture" in cyberspace. This affects the national cultural tradition, causing discontent among the people.

NB Han Ni declared that she did not want to push Ms. Phuong Hang "to the dead end" but still chased after her - Photo 6

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