Trang Tran "teaches life" to Mrs. P.Hang, telling showbiz about two words of dedication: "The rich are still going to o.ff their calendars"

Nam PhươngApr 07, 2022 at 12:46

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Trang Tran once again stirred up the internet with a shocking statement on livestream.

After Ms. Phuong Hang was officially prosecuted and detained. Perhaps, the happiest character right now is none other than Trang Tran. Because, both of them used to have fierce arguments. The rich woman from Binh Duong even declared that "we will f.ight wherever we meet" because she thought that the opponent was too dishonest.

Trang Tran teaches life to Mrs. P.Hang, telling showbiz about two words of dedication: The rich are still going to o.ff their calendars - Photo 1

On a recent livestream, the former model continued to respond when Ms. Phuong Hang's fans attacked her. Ready for a conflict, the long-legged Northerner is ironic because now Dai Nam's CEO is sitting in jail, with poor conditions and not being as happy as usual.

"Even tycoons with tens of millions of dollars and hundreds of millions of dollars still go and sit around and take advantage of the calendar. Rich people with hundreds of trillions still have cold feet when they enter T30, so artists who steal from charity will leave immediately. They often say that I used m.oney to cover my b.ody. Why don't I cover my cheeks? And then they say that the artists hooked up in advance. What is that? Even that story was made up. What about YouTubers? Where are you? These past few days, I haven't seen you come up to reclaim justice. These past few days, you've been praising me and my feet are cold."

Trang Tran teaches life to Mrs. P.Hang, telling showbiz about two words of dedication: The rich are still going to o.ff their calendars - Photo 2

"I've been worried about you these past few days, reading the news everywhere. For me, it's been raining in Saigon these past few days so it's not too h.ot at night, otherwise I'm sleeping on a very h.ot cement floor. In the past, when I was detained for 2 nights at the park Hoan Kiem district is lucky that it's winter. Winter should be Hanoi and it's cold. Cold is easy to cure, but being h.ot in the prison is very miserable. Because in the prison there are no fans, no air conditioning. I feel so sorry for you. . Today I asked a few people who work as cleaners at my brother's company there. It's very sad after cooperating." - Trang Tran said with a delighted tone

Trang Tran teaches life to Mrs. P.Hang, telling showbiz about two words of dedication: The rich are still going to o.ff their calendars - Photo 3

Besides criticizing Ms. Phuong Hang, Trang Tran also got angry when many colleagues and artists said "making art is contributing". The owner of the bun dau restaurant affirmed that the following statements may make many people sad. However, from the perspective of someone who has worked in showbiz and understands the hidden rules, she thinks this is unreasonable. The two words dedication are truly noble and only suitable for generations of ancestors who sacrificed themselves to win freedom for the country.

"Artists, don't say "contribution to art, apologise. You guys act in movies, I go to the movies and buy tickets to the theater, to m.ake m.oney I have to sell online. Don't talk about dedication, dedication." Donation is giving freely. Our ancestors are dedicated, dedicated to independence and freedom. Those of you who work in the arts, you get paid, paid. That's called justice, work. Sorry life is so dark Go. Hate me and I'll accept it. You guys act in movies, sing songs, invest in beautiful images, go to events, then brands book advertising. That's the way to invest, each person has their own work." - Trang Tran said harshly

Trang Tran teaches life to Mrs. P.Hang, telling showbiz about two words of dedication: The rich are still going to o.ff their calendars - Photo 4

In March 2021, Ms. Phuong Hang made many audiences and a number of artists angry when she pointed out the names of the "group" of artists related to Mr. Vo Hoang Yen while he was undergoing medical treatment in many places in and around the world. foreign. As the first person to speak out, Trang Tran did not agree with the disrespectful words that Phuong Hang had for her colleagues. The model explained that this is a lawsuit between 3 people (Lime Kiln Dung and Vo Hoang Yen). Therefore, the artist has no obligation to follow her requests.

Trang Tran teaches life to Mrs. P.Hang, telling showbiz about two words of dedication: The rich are still going to o.ff their calendars - Photo 5

From being a close fan, Trang Tran admitted that since this thoughtless statement, she will turn anti. The "mother of one child" even loudly scolded Ms. Hang for being "stupid" for allowing "miracle doctor" Vo Hoang Yen to defraud her of hundreds of billions of dong.

After being scolded by Trang Tran, Ms. Phuong Hang did not agree. Immediately, Dung Lo Voi's wife quickly livestreamed to respond to the former model.

"Honey, even if you curse me 1,000 times, you're still beautiful, you're still in the public's heart, so you have no choice. I don't sell things online like you and talk dirty like you. I don't sell tofu. Shrimp paste, online sales.

Trang Tran teaches life to Mrs. P.Hang, telling showbiz about two words of dedication: The rich are still going to o.ff their calendars - Photo 6

But what do I get? God created you to have a mouth to curse people, your mouth creates karma... I have no resentment towards you, but if you curse me 1,000 more times, you will still be Trang Khan, the g.irl who sells things. just online. It's no better than you, my dear. If you curse your sister all your life, you will always be her shadow.

Insulting her again, she filed a complaint with the police. What reason? Are you jealous or are you c.razy? Every once in a while, someone has to curse back at me, otherwise I just curse people and I'm used to it. I don't know how to talk nonsense like you... talking nonsense is just me looking for change to show off!".

Trang Tran teaches life to Mrs. P.Hang, telling showbiz about two words of dedication: The rich are still going to o.ff their calendars - Photo 7

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