Ms. Phuong Hang was detained in the 'stone house' and still did not let go of Ms. Han Ni: The female journalist was summoned by the police

Thư KỳApr 19, 2022 at 18:01

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Although she was arrested, Phuong Hang made an unexpected move that was to denounce journalist Han Ni about slandering and humiliating others.

Phuong Hang has been hospitalized for nearly a month, but the cases related to the giant female Binh Duong have not been peaceful for a day. Recently, the Police Department of Ho Chi Minh City Police has invited journalist Dang Thi Han Ni to the Ho Chi Minh City Police headquarters to clarify the denunciation of Ms. Nguyen Phuong Hang - General Director of Dai Nam Joint Stock Company (Binh Binh). Positive).

Accordingly, before the day of her arrest, Ms. Nguyen Phuong Hang filed a complaint against journalist Han Vi for using social networks to i.nsult the female CEO, Dai Nam Joint Stock Company and Hang Huu charity fund. . In addition, Ms. Phuong Hang also attached an explanation about the violation of journalist Dang Thi Han Ni (Reporter of Saigon Giai Phong newspaper) to the Ministry of Information and Communications.

Ms. Phuong Hang was detained in the 'stone house' and still did not let go of Ms. Han Ni: The female journalist was summoned by the police - Photo 1

According to journalist Han Ni, in the denunciation of Ms. Nguyen Phuong Hang, she accused her of slanderous behavior to h.umiliate the female giant. In addition, journalist Han Ni also said that Nguyen Phuong Hang had previously made a denunciation to many different competent agencies.

Not only that, Ms. Phuong Hang also requested to review the actions and statements of journalist Han Ni about inciting and encouraging a class action lawsuit and asked Ms. Han Ni to withdraw and terminate her employment. use the image without the consent of Ms. Phuong Hang. At the same time, they must compensate for damage in accordance with the law, withdraw all articles, clips and comments related to Ms. Hang, Dai Nam Joint Stock Company, Hang Huu Charity Fund...

Ms. Phuong Hang was detained in the 'stone house' and still did not let go of Ms. Han Ni: The female journalist was summoned by the police - Photo 2

"At that time, Ms. Phuong Hang sent a denunciation to me to many authorities and there were some agencies to handle Ms. Hang's application. The fact that the CSDT invited me to work today was also to clarify and handling the old application. And in the next few days, I will go to the CSDT with my lawyer to handle this application, "Han Ni said.

After the news that journalist Han Ni was invited to drink tea, it caused a stir on the internet. Some netizens left comments: "It's too tiring, when there is news of arrest, celebrate, but invite up and down, let go, still wandering outside", "The end of this drama was caught a few times. I'm okay", "Thanks to Ms. Hang, I'm full with YouTube money", "Waiting for the law to clear black and white, now I can't trust anyone", "I hope journalist Han Ni soon has to pay the price for less dirty cyberspace", ...

Ms. Phuong Hang was detained in the 'stone house' and still did not let go of Ms. Han Ni: The female journalist was summoned by the police - Photo 3

Before that, Ms. Phuong Hang said that journalist Han Ni had anti-and-false statements about the Hang Huu charity fund owned by her. Since then, CEO Phuong Hang has continuously "sacrificed" the opponent on the livestream. Not stopping the insults and attacks, Mr. Dung's wife also threatened to "meet it somewhere", causing journalist Han Ni to make a request to be protected by the Police.

Not only that, in March 2022, Ms. Phuong Hang responded more sharply. Specifically, through social media, the businesswoman personally went to Han Ni's private house to talk. In the letter, the owner of Dai Nam KDL did not forget to scold the "steel rose" as vile, dirty YouTube.

Without direct confrontation, the two sides continued to "deploy troops" on social networks for a long time. Even the Inspector of the Department of Information and Communications of Ho Chi Minh City had a written response to the request for handling by Ms. Phuong Hang earlier.

Ms. Phuong Hang was detained in the 'stone house' and still did not let go of Ms. Han Ni: The female journalist was summoned by the police - Photo 4

Besides journalist Han Ni, YouTube channel owner Quynh Nhu Vlog has also been invited to work by the authorities. Because, before that, Quynh Nhu Vlog also shook hands with Phuong Hang on a livestream, posting many videos in the name of "unmasking" the artists, showing her support for Phuong Hang.

Ms. Phuong Hang was detained in the 'stone house' and still did not let go of Ms. Han Ni: The female journalist was summoned by the police - Photo 5

In many later videos, Quynh Nhu apologized to many artists who were offended, wronged and asked for forgiveness.

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