Phi Thanh Van shed tears when Phuong Hang went to prison, r.evealing her real life

Nam PhươngApr 05, 2022 at 11:30

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Phi Thanh Van is a rare Vietnamese artist who spoke out in defense of Phuong Hang in the midst of being prosecuted and detained.

Phuong Hang - CEO of Dai Nam Company has just been prosecuted for the act of abusing democratic freedoms to infringe upon the interests of the State, the legitimate rights and interests of organizations and individuals according to Articles of Law. 331, Penal Code 2015. Since March 2021, the female giant has continuously livestreamed "unmasking" h.ot topics of public interest. In particular, the drama fighting with artists like Vy Oanh, Tran Thanh, Thuy Tien ... made MXH many waves.

Phi Thanh Van shed tears when Phuong Hang went to prison, r.evealing her real life - Photo 1

Right at the moment Mr. Dung's wife, the lime kiln officially fell into labor law. Many famous actors and singers such as Dam Vinh Hung, Anh Duc, Viet Huong... made a celebratory move. Hope to get a fair refund soon.

In the midst of criticism on social media, recently, Phi Thanh Van suddenly posted a letter about her close relationship with CEO Phuong Hang. According to the actress of the movie "Ugly Girl", she had the opportunity to interact with the businesswoman through chat sessions and feel her compassion and tolerance in real life. Therefore, when receiving news that her senior was detained for investigation, Phi Thanh Van was extremely heartbroken. Regrets for the volunteer activities that Ms. Phuong Hang once devoted to the community.

Phi Thanh Van shed tears when Phuong Hang went to prison, r.evealing her real life - Photo 2

"Sister!... I love you sister!

Love the times when the two sisters talk on the phone for hours, love the feelings and tears she sheds when she tells in talk shows at Dai Nam.

But above all, I also understand your mentality very well. Because even though I have only played with you for a few years, you are always the one who listens to me a lot and understands my feelings! Outside that bright smile is a heart full of pain and nostalgia.

Do you know?

I think I'll keep this secret! But because I used to be the youngest brother to play in the group of Sisters, today my compassion is really sad when I constantly read articles that I have fallen into law.

Like so many times, I share with students and the audience to absolutely avoid falling into the situation: 1000 - 1 = 0

That is: 1000 things you do right but only 1 thing you do wrong, all of them only remember what you did wrong with completely forgetting the things you did right in the past. The worst thing is when you commit a crime.

I feel sorry when you do 1000 good things, but the recent things are so painful and heavy. Sister!... Now it's too late to regret!"

Thinking back to the time that passed like a shuttle, I don't know when I will return to the old days, so that the sisters will date again, eat, drink, laugh and sing until they are slightly drunk, review together The memories of sadness, joy, happiness, pain, innocence, innocence, and the dust of the sisters' lives."

Phi Thanh Van shed tears when Phuong Hang went to prison, r.evealing her real life - Photo 3

At the end of the letter, Phi Thanh Van hopes the story will be handled in accordance with the law. At the same time, wish the best will come to you. Attached to the article, the actor "addicted to cutlery" shared many happy moments with Phuong Hang and his wife. She was even invited to the luxurious checkin million dollar mansion. This is also the rare time Phi Thanh Van shares about this special predestined relationship.

"I kept quiet until now 01:39' before I started to rewrite this letter! I don't blame anyone, don't get angry at anyone, don't feel sad about anyone, I let go and calmly wait and accept everything. I understand the reason and the root cause, but the destination is so dreary that I don't think it's true!.

Phi Thanh Van shed tears when Phuong Hang went to prison, r.evealing her real life - Photo 4

Phi Thanh Van shed tears when Phuong Hang went to prison, r.evealing her real life - Photo 5

The story has passed and then looking back, we can see that life's experiences on the road will forever be new lessons for all of us, no matter what position or fate. To become a coward in one's human life, if not better, try as hard as people, but absolutely don't commit any crime, it's too late to regret and it takes years to build a reputation.

Hey, sister! I just ask you to calm down and pray for the best things to come to you like you have ever enjoyed!" - Phi Thanh Van shared

Phi Thanh Van shed tears when Phuong Hang went to prison, r.evealing her real life - Photo 6

Responding to the press at the Government's regular press conference in March, Lieutenant General To An Xo - Spokesperson and Chief of the Office of the Ministry of Public Security said that over the past year, the press, public opinion and online community have been "excited". sizzling" talked about the character Nguyen Phuong Hang.

Phi Thanh Van shed tears when Phuong Hang went to prison, r.evealing her real life - Photo 7

"Up to now, the Ministry of Public Security has directed the Ho Chi Minh City Police Department to concentrate forces to investigate and clarify the whole case and soon bring it to trial in accordance with the law," said To An Xo.

Phi Thanh Van shed tears when Phuong Hang went to prison, r.evealing her real life - Photo 8

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