Hien Ho's mother-in-law "reliable brothers": "It's wrong to hide from your wife to go out, where are the bones of U60 to date a 25-year-old g.irl?"

Hoàng PhúcMar 24, 2022 at 10:23

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In the midst of the tumultuous storm that did not seem to have cooled down, Ms. Nguyen Thi Son continued to have personal shares and announced some information related to her son-in-law - Mr. Ho Nhan.

Amidst the scandals of Ho Nhan's son-in-law in the past few days, this is the second time, Mrs. Nguyen Thi Son has spoken. Son Kim's old Buddha posted a status line in public mode on his personal page with the following content:

Hien Ho's mother-in-law "reliable brothers": "It's wrong to hide from your wife to go out, where are the bones of U60 to date a 25-year-old g.irl?" - Photo 1


"Just an old lady

* Why do I consider myself an old woman?

1. Age is 73 (in the rare category), hair is white, eyes are blurred, back is stooped...

2. Many children, many grandchildren (10 grandchildren and great grandchildren)

3. True grandson Hoang Viet is 27 years old this year, has started to participate in business management, then the grandmother must be old.

* These days, on social networks, mentioning the old woman's name too much, the old woman sneezes, even if she wants to be silent, she can't. Please have a few more words.

4. The old woman does not dare to admit that she is an "old Buddha", the old woman is just an old woman (but not an old lady), sometimes anagrams are different meanings.

5. Mr. Ho Nhan is still the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Nanogen, he wants to focus on production and scientific research in the biopharmaceutical industry. Ms. Hong Van is the General Director, legal representative, in charge of administration and business.

6. A husband and wife living together is both a predestined relationship and a meaning, how the future is decided by them, the old woman neither wants to interfere nor can. But until today, Nhan and Van are still normal husband and wife. Together, they are focusing on Nanocovax's work at the request of the Ministry of Health.

* Let the old lady say it quietly, it's wrong to hide from your wife to go out with other people, but is it necessary to leave each other a little bit?? Do you agree with the old woman's point of view? Especially the U60 men, where are the bones left with a 25-year-old g.irl???

Nguyen Thi Son

March 23, 2022".

In the post, Mrs. Son affirmed that she is old because she has many children and grandchildren, turning 73 years old, her grandchild has also participated in the management of the business. In the past few days, public opinion has been stirred up about the scandalous relationship of her son-in-law Ho Nhan, causing her to be constantly mentioned in the media, so "it is not possible to be silent".

Ms. Nguyen Thi Son affirmed that, at present, Mr. Ho Nhan and her daughter Hong Van are still normal husband and wife, and jointly run Nanogen. The future is up to them to decide.

Hien Ho's mother-in-law "reliable brothers": "It's wrong to hide from your wife to go out, where are the bones of U60 to date a 25-year-old g.irl?" - Photo 2

Mrs. Nguyen Thi Son posted a photo with her grandson Nguyen Hoang Viet.

Under the post, many people expressed their agreement with the owner of the Son Kim family, and admired her wisdom and reasonable statements.

"You are so wonderful! The dark clouds will pass and the blue sky will stay blue!"

"Each sentence and every word is very "absorbent".

"Uncle Nguyen Thi Son said too well and very right"

However, many people discovered that the article after being published was edited by Ms. Nguyen Thi Son 7 times. Accordingly, the head of the Son Kim family added and removed unnecessary words. Notably, at the end of the post, she wrote: "Especially the U60 men, where are the bones left for the price of 25 summer?". However, in the third edit, this content was deleted by her.

Hien Ho's mother-in-law "reliable brothers": "It's wrong to hide from your wife to go out, where are the bones of U60 to date a 25-year-old g.irl?" - Photo 3

Ms. Nguyen Thi Son spoke out for the second time in the midst of the controversy related to her son-in-law - Mr. Ho Nhan

Hien Ho's mother-in-law "reliable brothers": "It's wrong to hide from your wife to go out, where are the bones of U60 to date a 25-year-old g.irl?" - Photo 4

In the article, she edited 7 times, in the 3rd time, the content "Especially the U60 men, where are the bones for the price of 25 summers?" was deleted by her

Ms. Nguyen Thi Son - Founder of Son Kim Group is a real powerhouse of the Vietnamese business world. In 1987, at the age of over 30, she was assigned by the State to manage the Legamex Company. In its heyday, this state-owned garment company had 4,000 official employees, 10,000 employees of satellite companies, exported to countries such as the Soviet Union, Poland, Japan, France...; and was the largest garment company in Vietnam at that time.

Recently, the case about the relationship of her son-in-law - Mr. Ho Nhan and a female singer has attracted public attention. This is the second time she has spoken out about the noise related to her son-in-law - Mr. Ho Nhan.

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