Selling cousin Hien Ho released a 3p13s clip of her sister "relying" on the giant U60?

Hoàng PhúcMar 27, 2022 at 13:51

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The guy who is said to be the cousin of the singer Gen Z who is causing a storm on social media in the past few days will release a clip, making netizens bewildered.

As foretold, at dawn this morning (March 27), who is said to be the cousin of singer Hien Ho made a new move.

On his personal Facebook, this guy posted an ambiguous status line: "Game on. 3p13s". (Translation: The game begins. 3p13s).

This person's post is attracting attention. Many people feel confused, whether the "3p13s" that this guy mentioned is related to the voice of Meet but don't stay or not.

Selling cousin Hien Ho released a 3p13s clip of her sister "relying" on the giant U60? - Photo 1

Selling cousin Hien Ho released a 3p13s clip of her sister "relying" on the giant U60? - Photo 2

The latest move of the person who is said to be Hien Ho's cousin.

Previously, on the afternoon of March 25, this person also had a status line in limbo, supposed to speak out to clarify many facts on March 27.

He wrote on his personal page: "50,000 USD. Not over", and attached under the comment section: "Coming soon, March 27, 2022".

Selling cousin Hien Ho released a 3p13s clip of her sister "relying" on the giant U60? - Photo 3

The post of the person who is said to be Hien Ho's cousin on March 25.

Back to the old situation, on March 24, MXH suddenly spread a post talking about the reason why a series of love photos of Hien Ho and a giant U60 were revealed. Accordingly, the most suspicious object of the photo leak is Gen Z's vocal cousin.

According to information spread, this cousin "stealed" her sister's phone. Before handing it back because it was discovered through the camera, this person backed up some pictures of the singer's private life, finally sold it and used the m.oney to enjoy a luxurious life.

Selling cousin Hien Ho released a 3p13s clip of her sister "relying" on the giant U60? - Photo 4

It is not clear what the truth is, but netizens have found the Facebook of the guy who is said to be Hien Ho's cousin. Netizens simultaneously criticized and lashed out at this person, saying that they were "evil", "sinister", "money-hungry", "for m.oney betraying her"...

But until now, there is still no evidence to confirm that this person is Hien Ho's cousin, as well as related to the noise of the female singer as netizens tingle.

In the past few days, along with the phrase "cousin to rely on", "sea life" has also been mentioned a lot. So far, the female lead in the scandal, Hien Ho, has not yet spoken. The more silent she is, the more public opinion is boiling.

Hien Ho once said, even the clothes she is wearing are all thanks to art. Her dedication to art and love of the audience brought her m.oney. Therefore, in front of a series of photos that raise doubts about her "deviant" relationship that angered the audience, she needed to explain. It's out of respect for the fans.

The anger of a part of the audience reached its c.limax, when they demanded to "kill" Hien Ho. "Fairy" is the way the Chinese entertainment industry behaves with "indigo" artists. Typically the case of "red carpet queen" Pham Bang Bang, after the penalty of tax evasion, did not have a door to return to the entertainment industry. That harsh punishment had a powerful pervasive effect. Many Vietnamese viewers find it necessary to apply "protection" in the Vietnamese entertainment industry, so that artists can raise their awareness of maintaining a clean image.

Back to the case of the voice "Don't say I'm crazy", the runner-up Vietnamese Voice 2017. Up to now, no authorities have seen Hien Ho's noise. An audience member wrote: Why is there no unit to solve Hien Ho's story? Only when the investigation concludes that Hien Ho violated the marriage and family regime, then the "penalty" can be considered.

Under the pressure of public opinion, a performance organizer recently "excluded" Hien Ho from their program. But public opinion can't keep paying attention to Hien Ho. When the noise subsided, Hien Ho was able to reappear as if nothing had happened.

Selling cousin Hien Ho released a 3p13s clip of her sister "relying" on the giant U60? - Photo 5

"Monitoring" is a "punishment" too heavy for artists, especially for young, talented artists. But should "float" before the noise related to the artist's status and ethics? (This is much more interesting than "looking" at artists who dress offensively.)

Previously, there was a singer who revealed close photos with a married giant. She was harshly criticized by nursing mothers. But after a period of indignation, nursing mothers are also tired, regardless of life. So she returned to "shining". Looking at the past "senior" path, Hien Ho must be somewhat reassured...

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