"Old Buddha" Son Kim protects his family with 6 bullet points: A fatal knife for Hien Ho and his son-in-law?

Hoàng PhúcMar 22, 2022 at 17:29

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6 short, profound bullet points have done all the things that the person who wrote it sent.

1. Neither deny nor admit it

Without ignoring, Ms. Son frankly faced the truth about the drama that was raging loudly with a simple status with 6 bullet points clearly expressing her point of view.

"The old woman" said that, in front of questions about the event, she only kept the attitude of "silence is golden". But she clearly wasn't silent, if she really wanted to, she would have simply... didn't post anything. In contrast, the way Mrs. Son was silent brought a lot of information for people to dissect and have the right view of the matter. It means she will not comment on the private affairs of her daughter and son-in-law. So if someone asks her for her personal opinion on the story of the past few days, she can't share it and can't give all of us an answer.


She added that with each small family of children, they are all responsible for their own family life and she did not interfere at all, even though she cared about them. With the open attitude of this sentence, the "old woman" does not deny what is being spread online, but at the same time does not confirm that everything is true. The secrecy in the sharing of these two sentences pushes the reader into a position of reasoning.

"Old Buddha" Son Kim protects his family with 6 bullet points: A fatal knife for Hien Ho and his son-in-law? - Photo 1

2. Defend your loved ones with reason and facts

After the above two sentences, the "old woman" continued to show her sharpness and experience in navigating crowd psychology to handle the crisis. It is to bring facts and true stories based on what the "old woman" sees, and in turn is led in ascending order, enough to r.eveal a fuller story behind to the public. self chaining.

As soon as the pictures of the giants Ho Nhan and Hien Ho were released, there was a lot of information that the giant Ho Nhan broke up with his wife, so dating Hien Ho is completely possible. However, in the 6 bullet points of the status, Mrs. Son affirmed firmly: Ho Nhan and Hong Van are still legally husband and wife. This means that any act of dating or love in the wild is wrong, both morally and legally. This bullet point not only implicitly affirms that Hien Ho and Ho Nhan were together when Ho Nhan was still married, but also officially made Hien Ho's relationship with the giant Ho Nhan an act that was fundamentally wrong. whole. There's no denying it.

But, that's not all. There will be many people who say that if the marriage is broken, waiting for a court decision is only sooner or later, shouldn't we be loved until we are completely divorced? Therefore, the old woman's next sentence makes the reader flip through the images of Ho Nhan and Hong Van's own families. "It's a happy family." And indeed, looking at the pictures of Ho Nhan celebrating his wife's birthday, the whole family going on a trip, or Ho Nhan taking his wife's hand through a lovely village abroad... these are all moments. very fun and warm. It's hard to tell if they're a broken or cooled couple. So, with just this sentence, one can deduce one step further: Hien Ho is a minor three when Ho Nhan's family still has a lot of attachment, if not happiness.

And, the last step, is what will make Hien Ho never receive public forgiveness again. Because Mrs. Son shared the story of her two granddaughters who are being negatively affected by the disobedience of adults. The two children were so sad that they didn't want to go to school, just because friends around were whispering about their own father and family.

"Old Buddha" has made everyone completely sympathize. She shares only a small amount of information about the situation of the family, not dramatic to create sympathy - but it is enough for the reader to clearly feel the sadness and confusion of the two children.

And of course, public opinion will not forgive those who not only intrude into other people's happy families, but also affect the happiness and souls of children.

"Old Buddha" Son Kim protects his family with 6 bullet points: A fatal knife for Hien Ho and his son-in-law? - Photo 2

3. The "fatal" ending

The most severe part of Mrs. Son's status is in the last bullet point. It is also a fatal sentence aimed directly at the people involved.

"I want to ask men, has anyone learned their own lessons to protect children who are entitled to happiness???".

Continuing is not a direct reference to any name, but is closely related to the story and what she has just shared. A question that focuses directly on the role of men in family breakdowns, personal mistakes that lead to children's sadness. Ask all men, but after a series of intimate images above the "cousin" level of Ho Nhan and Hien Ho, along with the simple sharing bullet points above, we can't help but ask, whether Is that also the question that "Old Buddha" wants to send directly to his son-in-law?

Reading this far, public opinion can understand that the "Old Buddha family" speaking up is not only to protect the family's reputation, but also to protect his own daughter and grandchildren. She did not aim at all to attack anyone, or to seek to stir up public anger towards a particular person. Throughout the status, the old woman did not once mention Hien Ho's name, simply reasoned and shared the story based on the views and facts she saw about her daughter's family. How it happened, only insiders know, but the response of the "old woman" has also brought a lot of information and perspective to those interested in this story. The old woman simply drops a few small facts into the water, the rest, public opinion will find out and do their own thing.

"Old Buddha" Son Kim protects his family with 6 bullet points: A fatal knife for Hien Ho and his son-in-law? - Photo 3

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