Hien Ho's mother-in-law "reliable brothers": scolding her son for drinking late at night to make his wife sad, impose curfew, ban overnight

Hoàng PhúcMar 22, 2022 at 12:18

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Having lost her husband for 35 years, the "female general" of the Son Kim family alone raised 5 children and had an admirable way of handling and teaching children.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Son - the powerful "female general" of Son Kim Group is a famous Vietnamese businesswoman. She is the principal of CBAM School of Business Administration under VCCI; Director of the Institute of Legal Sciences and International Business IBLA (under the Central Vietnam Bar Association); Chairman of the Board of Directors of Duy Tan Private High School.

She is also the founder of Son Kim Group and let her children take over 5 businesses in different fields, including real estate (Son Kim Land), commercial business, services, catering, restaurants (Son Kim Land). Son Kim Retail), pharmaceuticals (Nanogen-Bio), interior design (Duy Quan), tea and coffee (Golden Mountain), fashion production (VERA), online sales, TV channels (GS. SHOP).

Hien Ho's mother-in-law "reliable brothers": scolding her son for drinking late at night to make his wife sad, impose curfew, ban overnight - Photo 1

Having lost her husband for 35 years, the "female general" of the Son Kim family alone raised 5 children and had an admirable way of handling and teaching children. Through profound statements about the scandal of his son-in-law, CEO Ho Nhan, people have more respect for the delicate mother. Before that, she revealed how to teach her children.

The son who is a director is still f.orced by his mother to "curfew"

In a letter to students, teachers and parents at Duy Tan Private School, Ms. Son clearly expressed her educational views through her family's private story. She wrote:

"I have 5 children, all of them are married and gave birth to seven grandchildren and three grandchildren. My children are successful people, four are business directors, one is a university lecturer. My two daughters are married and live separately. Every Sunday they bring their grandchildren to visit their grandmother.Three sons and grandsons used to live with me and my mother in Thao Dien, recently the two older boys bought a new house. I still live with my youngest brother and two grandsons.

A happy, fun family, but not without noisy times. When my children were young, they were too busy playing, too lazy to study, sometimes at school meetings, I was also complained by teachers about my children's naughty behavior. There are times when I scold, but I never hit my children, just give advice and find ways to change their learning environment accordingly.

When my children grow up, five children with five different personalities, step by step strive to build a career, there are times when it is difficult to succeed and develop, but because of the early d.eath of their father, all five siblings They all love their mother and do not want to make her sad."

Hien Ho's mother-in-law "reliable brothers": scolding her son for drinking late at night to make his wife sad, impose curfew, ban overnight - Photo 2

Mrs. Son's story about a son working as a director of a business, busy with business development, sometimes going out to drink to receive guests, coming home past midnight is particularly interesting. For many people, it is normal to exchange and treat each other in the business world, but the sophistication of the mother in Mrs. Son says otherwise.

"I love my daughter-in-law, I stay up every night to wait for my husband, live with my mother-in-law and endure not daring to speak harshly to my husband. At first, I loudly questioned my son, my son explained that when he did business, he had to receive guests. I do not accept this argument because I was also a director of a business, I do not receive guests until midnight so the work is still smooth.

Customers need to buy good goods from the manufacturer to sell, not drink alcohol, although sometimes partners also need to invite each other to an intimate meal to express goodwill in business cooperation.

Therefore, I ask that my c.hild, no matter how busy he is, must go home before 11 am, after 11 am he does not come back, I will call to remind him and wait. A few times like that, my son doesn't dare to be late again."

Hien Ho's mother-in-law "reliable brothers": scolding her son for drinking late at night to make his wife sad, impose curfew, ban overnight - Photo 3

Mrs. Son's grandchildren and great-grandchildren also enjoy her education, live in a well-ordered family, so they are all very obedient. In particular, all of them have never known what a whip or slap is.

Disagree with the way to teach love for whips

This educational philosophy is also carried by Ms. Son into the construction style of Duy Tan Private High School - Ho Chi Minh City, where she is the Chairman of the Board of Directors. Ms. Son confided that from the love of her children and grandchildren, she also loves her students like her own children, because students have to live far away from their families.

"I sympathize with the concerns of PHHS, I always have PHHS's phone call to me every day, worried about their children's study and accommodation. Any feedback from PHHS I directly work with with the Board of Directors to resolve.

Sometimes there are children playing mischievously leading to fights. The school administrators report demanding the expulsion of students deemed disruptive. I met the children, asked them to make a report and invited the PHHS to come and solve it. I analyze the psychology and mistakes of each c.hild, then give them self-discipline and give them the opportunity to correct.

Dealing in front of both sides of the PHHS, everyone finds it reasonable, no one sees their c.hild being bullied, but also sympathizes with the situation from the hyperactivity of youth, temporarily causing errors that need to be corrected and taught. not to the point of expulsion, so both PHHS parties happily agreed with the school's solution.

From the family story, to the school story, I want to say that I disagree with the old way of teaching children to "love for the whip" of the past. When parents beat their children, it often comes from anger, but if they are too angry, they will lose their wisdom, which will lead to over-stretching, hurting their children both physically and mentally, causing them pain and fear. Fear affects the children's psychological behavior in the future."

Hien Ho's mother-in-law "reliable brothers": scolding her son for drinking late at night to make his wife sad, impose curfew, ban overnight - Photo 4

She affirmed that v.iolence is never a way of education, because teachers are not the children's biological parents, so they cannot feel pain when hitting the children. Especially for high school students, who are starting to want to be adults but not yet adults. They begin to feel proud in front of their friends, or in front of a classmate that they have feelings for.

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