Pha Le defended CEO Ho Nhan, asserted that the leaked message was fake, and embarrassed Hien Ho with a harsh sentence?

Hoàng PhúcMar 22, 2022 at 11:04

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During the past few days, netizens have not stopped being surprised by a series of close images between Hien Ho and CEO Ho Nhan.

After the giant voiced his assertion that the two were just a brotherly relationship, there were still many viewers who talked about the real relationship between the two.

Until recently, Crystal suddenly revealed a series of shocking information. She confirmed that she had known CEO Ho Nhan for a long time and was not surprised when it happened. At the beginning of the article, Pha Le revealed: "According to the way I've known Mr. Ho Nhan for 10 years, he never knows how to type accented Vietnamese! %, that's what I dare to say about you, so the silly messages floating around the internet don't change color, when you see something h.ot, you overdo it and it's disgusting! I don't discuss it."

After that, the singer expressed her personal opinion about the third person, frankly advising the girls not to brag too much about their life if they are already a minor because the main chamber always has everything in hand. both information and concrete evidence. "If it's a minor, it's best to shut up. Your wife knows everything from the very beginning," Pha Le said.

Finally, Crystal concluded that those who do the minor tam should not show up, be reasonable because they are not sure if they really have a position in the hearts of the rich people who support them with material things: "Where are you going? hold hands and introduce this is his wife, I have a brother who changes his wife weekly, but when he introduced me, I also respectfully greeted her for an hour, when going out to play, you must know the rules of the game. , you guys just flatter the sisters, but then change to someone else, how do you brag about them?"

Pha Le defended CEO Ho Nhan, asserted that the leaked message was fake, and embarrassed Hien Ho with a harsh sentence? - Photo 1

The message shared by Pha Le with the article is to confirm that Mr. Ho Nhan does not have the habit of writing Vietnamese. Therefore, sensitive messages spreading on social networks are not true

Pha Le defended CEO Ho Nhan, asserted that the leaked message was fake, and embarrassed Hien Ho with a harsh sentence? - Photo 2

Crystal is not afraid to make frank statements to confront the minor three

Pha Le defended CEO Ho Nhan, asserted that the leaked message was fake, and embarrassed Hien Ho with a harsh sentence? - Photo 3

Constantly appearing close photos between Hien Ho and CEO Ho Nhan on social networks, causing public opinion to talk non-stop

The love drama between Hien Ho and the giant "cousin" U60 is a h.ot topic and continues to s.hock public opinion. The romantic images between the two are constantly being "teased" gradually on online forums, making netizens stunned.

Between the night of March 21 and the morning of March 22, netizens could not sleep when the loving images of Hien Ho and the giant "cousin" of U60 continued to be exposed on the web. network. In the new series of images, most of them are taken by Hien Ho by himself holding a "selfie" with "cousin". The singer constantly rests her head on her shoulder or takes a "selfie" with a happy smile next to her "cousin".

Pha Le defended CEO Ho Nhan, asserted that the leaked message was fake, and embarrassed Hien Ho with a harsh sentence? - Photo 4

Not stopping there, the public was also "satisfied" with the moments when Hien Ho and "cousin" traveled. In the photo, the two sit leaning against each other like newlyweds. Hien Ho is also not afraid to publicly hold his "cousin' hand" when taking a "selfie".

In another development, while Hien Ho's relationship with the giant U60 was controversial, netizens "digged" a clip of the female singer opening up about her love scandal in the past.

At that time, Hien Ho had just experienced a big scandal when he revealed his dating photo with Soobin Hoang Son. She was also accused of "setting up" Soobin Hoang Son, deliberately staging sneak shots to polish her name.

Pha Le defended CEO Ho Nhan, asserted that the leaked message was fake, and embarrassed Hien Ho with a harsh sentence? - Photo 5

In the clip, Hien Ho confided: "I don't know what people think, but Hien is an insider. Through this, Hien sees right or wrong, yes or no, the most disadvantaged person is still a g.irl.

At that time, besides apologizing, Hien no longer knew what to do. At that time, Hien had no protection behind her back. Hien can only say sorry to appease public opinion and appease loved ones.

And at the present time, when caught in a scandal with a married U60 giant, Hien Ho r.emains silent. She has locked all of her social networking sites, and turned off the comment feature on her YouTube channel.

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