Hien Ho - Lost golf hole and "sleepless" trick haunting, should I receive the appropriate punishment?

Hoàng PhúcMar 22, 2022 at 16:18

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The giant's fist on the golf course will make Hien Ho's "life ball" more sublimated, if he is not married, has no children or is divorced.

In the past few days, the topic of beautiful people playing golf has become h.ot. People began to talk about the reason and purpose that Hien Ho and many golf-loving beauties excitedly appeared on the vast lawns worth trillions of dollars.

Hien Ho - Lost golf hole and "sleepless" trick haunting, should I receive the appropriate punishment? - Photo 1

Singer Duy Manh is not afraid to speak, beautiful girls often go to golf and check in, only about 15-20% are true passions. The remaining 80% is for the purpose of "hunting people".

Another very interesting opinion of netizens like this: If golf is an aristocratic sport, golf beauties simply have two forms: consider the golf hole as a challenge and consider the businessmen and giants as the goal. pepper.

With the view of entrepreneurs and giants as the goal, golf holes have two types: Glory holes and shame holes.

Hit the hole of glory, houses, cars, and brands naturally fall. But alas, who knows, the hole of shame is always close by. In the drunkenness of m.oney and fame, few people are sober to avoid.

Hien Ho is one of the unfortunate beauties who fell into the pit of humiliation: The cute and gentle image completely disappeared, the career was shaky, the bad reputation remained.

Hien Ho - Lost golf hole and "sleepless" trick haunting, should I receive the appropriate punishment? - Photo 2

At this moment, she is probably playing like a golf ball being hit in the middle of the dark night, surrounded by protests, curtains and curses from netizens. But when willing to participate in the expensive game, Hien Ho was f.orced to accept such a bitter risk.

In a previous interview, she said that in order to be successful, she had to go through the "insomnia" disease because of her hard work and m.oney accumulation. Therefore, Hien Ho bought a 13 billion car as a self-rewarding gift at the age of 24, then prepared m.oney to buy a new house.

Now, when the noise has broken out, netizens have discovered, is Hien Ho's "insomnia" really a fear of sneaking on the golf course, the fear of the image of holding hands and kissing real friends with the big road? go out! But, in the end, all fears suddenly come true!

Hien Ho has lost his way from the golf hole he pursued. Each wrong s.hot pushed her closer to the edge of the abyss, facing the risk of losing everything. That is also the price to pay for greed!

After the above incident, many viewers raised the question, should Hien Ho receive the appropriate punishment to open his eyes?

Painting between husband and wife is immoral

Up to this point, when the picture of Hien Ho and the giant U60 - Ho Nhan - had wandered through social networking sites, the female singer still chose to be silent.

It's also true, the evidence is clear, the lies about relationships outside of marriage can't save any honor for the insiders.

Now, no matter what Hien Ho said, no one could hear it, no matter what he tried, he couldn't hold back the audience's affection like in the past. It is true that youth always have the right to make mistakes, but that wrong must be within the acceptable range of morality, law and human hearts.

If Hien Ho said it was for love, then entering a family protected by law in the name of love would be a wrong choice and lack of humanity. And if it is for something else, it is a very wrong trade-off.

It is true that 5 years of singing has only helped Hien Ho locate a place in the hearts of the audience, but her influence is undeniable. As an ordinary person, committing such illegal acts is condemned and insulted, let alone a celebrity.

Hien Ho - Lost golf hole and "sleepless" trick haunting, should I receive the appropriate punishment? - Photo 3

If this incident continued to sink like many scandals in the entertainment industry, it would be too pitiful for the real artists who are working hard in the spotlight. Not to mention that moral degradation will unintentionally foster the life-changing dreams of a part of young people at all costs.

The consequences will last if you don't act straight

A few people in the crowd said that in showbiz, a few billion people have never known but a nod means "both people and cars". This misconception quickly confuses parents.

Hien Ho - Lost golf hole and "sleepless" trick haunting, should I receive the appropriate punishment? - Photo 4

The first hotgirl Mi Van wrote on her personal page: "Children, the voice "If anyone buys a G63 to give it to them, they won't fall in love" can't be swallowed. The idea of starting a business on your own, getting rich is not difficult in the beginning of young girls, it will be ruined for a generation".

Mi Van's worries are completely grounded, because an idol singer has a great influence on young people. If they have deviant thoughts, it will lead to a misdirected crowd, thereby leading to seriously deviated culture and living ethics.

No matter what, golf has always been a healthy and noble sport. However, after only three days with Hien Ho's green tea scandal, the golf course was mocked as a start-up place, and the beauties who were passionate about this subject were also seen with suspicious and unfriendly eyes.

That is not to mention the mental losses of those involved. A good wife who has always been admired by everyone is now being watched with pitiful eyes, children who are in peace don't dare to go to school for fear of people asking about their father.

Moreover, they also had to witness the scene where the husband and father, who in the past always appeared in the newspaper for their useful contributions to society, now gave uncharacteristic explanations about the dependence in love. cousin. What does this salt face do to salvage now?

Just that much of the consequences is enough to see how this scandal of Hien Ho has had a great impact on the community.

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