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Heather Hu revealed a shaky, stubborn photo like no other, returned to music and was immediately slammed by fans: 'Who welcomes?'

Thanh Phúc10:18:19 15/08/2023
Singer Hien Ho is being mercilessly battered, before the introduction images for her new product, returning after more than 1 year of silence because of the scandal of jerking her husband.

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Hien Ho put the G63 supercar up for sale after snatching her husband, questioning the exhaustion of the economy because there was no one to support her

Phúc Sen14:53:56 09/08/2023
Singer Hien Ho has just caused a stir in public opinion, when she suddenly posted and publicly peddled the G63 supercar, the online community immediately mocked, suspecting that she was suffering from economic exhaustion because she did not go back and forth, there was no one to support her.

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Hien Ho drove G63 to support Ngo Kien Huy, dodged the camera lens, hurriedly left?

N.P17:18:55 14/11/2022
Appearing to support male singer Ngo Kien Huy, Hien Ho drove a Mercedes AMG G63 and quickly attracted media attention. However, the female singer acted to avoid the camera and quickly left. On the afternoon of November 13, the press conference to launch Ngo Kien Huy's new music...

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Hien Ho, after the rumors of breaking up with "reliable brothers", has a better "new relationship", feels safe around

N.P16:25:39 12/09/2022
In the past few days, not only returning to artistic activities, Hien Hien also had doubts about breaking up with her "dependent brothers". During the last concert, she revealed about the man who made her feel safe around. After about 5 months of hiding since the noisy...

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Hien Ho is happy after the scandal "the giants rely on", declaring a firm sentence: "I'm alive again"

Nam Phương11:36:01 12/09/2022
In the chat clip, singer Hien Ho said that after the recent incident, she was "resurrected" and ready for future projects. However, this move once again made the 9x vocalist harshly condemned. More than 4 months since the scandal of the married couple, Hien Ho from a...

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H.OT: Hien Ho broke up with 'he relied on', opened a free show to regain love from fans?

Nắng13:43:49 07/09/2022
Although "silent" for a long time since the noisy love affair with the giant Ho Nhan took place, Hien Ho has always received special attention from the public. The female singer's "one move and one move" is always enthusiastically "waited" by the audience. According to a source...

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Phuong Oanh, Shark Binh, Hien Ho and the love story of a beautiful showbiz - businessman

Hoàng Anh09:44:48 29/08/2022
The private life of celebrities has always been a subject of public curiosity. Each photo hunted by paparazzi or posted on social networks often stirs up public opinion and spreads at breakneck speed. In particular, the themes of beauty - giants, beauties - billionaires are...

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Phuong Oanh - Hien Ho: "Thi Phi" shirt, playing golf, entangled in dating with giants

Minh Hà10:32:54 27/08/2022
A series of similarities between actor Phuong Oanh and singer Hien Ho made fans surprised. From the black "thi phi" shirt, golf course fashion to the question of loving the giants. Yesterday afternoon (August 26), Phuong Oanh confirmed that she was dating Shark Binh. The actress...

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Hien Ho rehearsed singing again, wrote a letter to ask for forgiveness from fans after being noisy, brothers and sisters?

Hoàng Phúc10:29:33 18/08/2022
Hien Ho is said to be preparing for a showbiz comeback after the noisy "brothers to rely on". It is not clear how the comeback of the voice "I used to be different" will be, but her name must once again attract public attention. Recently, the social network was stirred up by the...

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Hien Ho "turned around", acting disrespectful to the audience even though he just apologized, hoping for understanding and tolerance

Hoàng Phúc10:48:41 20/04/2022
Netizens discovered something strange when leaving comments under Hien Ho's apology post. On the afternoon of April 19, Hien Ho officially spoke out about his noisy private life. The singer apologized and hoped for the audience's understanding. Hien Ho also shared that she did...

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Journalist Hoang Nguyen Vu patted Hien Ho straight in the face: "It's a sinful lifestyle, not a mistake."

Rosé10:26:45 20/04/2022
Hien Ho's apology made many people disagree. On the afternoon of April 19, Hien Ho caused the online community to "wake up" when he spoke for the first time in the press about the scandal of his private life. Besides publicly apologizing for letting personal matters affect...

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Hien Ho publicly apologized after the scandal of "relying cousin", Ho Ngoc Ha was suddenly called out with the "Diamond giant"

Thư Kỳ08:51:31 20/04/2022
Nearly a month into the "green tea" scandal, recently Hien Ho was officially revealed, publicly apologizing, hoping for everyone's forgiveness, then suddenly, Ho Ngoc Ha was called out by the online community. matrix. In March 2022, social networks and media were hotter than...

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Hien Ho's real personality was revealed by neighbors: "Ching, 10 people love 2 people, 8 people hate"

Rosé08:28:55 20/04/2022
The sharing of neighbors made many people even more surprised about Hien Ho. In the latest post, Hien Ho stood up to admit the error. She said she was disappointed with herself because of what happened. Not only apologizing to the audience, Hien Ho also apologized to those who...

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Does Hien Ho still have a chance to return to showbiz after publicly apologizing for being noisy "brothers to rely on"?

Hoàng Phúc08:25:13 20/04/2022
Before being entangled in the noise of love, Hien Ho used to be a promising young female singer in the entertainment industry. At the end of March, Hien Ho suddenly became a h.ot topic on the forums because of the leak of a series of love photos with CEO Nanogen. What makes the...

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Hien Ho reused the apology script 5 years ago, got it wrong with all but lacked this right person?

Hoàng Phúc08:15:50 20/04/2022
This is not the first time Hien Ho has been caught up in love noise. On the afternoon of April 19, Hien Ho suddenly apologized for the recent uproar in his private life through a meeting with VTV News reporter. The singer's move quickly attracted enthusiastic attention from the...

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Trang Tran "ruffled feathers" saying that green tea shocked her husband after Hien Ho spoke up: "After apologizing, you kept quiet?"

Nam Phương17:43:07 19/04/2022
Former model Trang Tran could not hide her frustration when her husband blatantly snatched her husband

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Hien Ho reopened Facebook: "Heartbroken" told about the sufferings of the past time, hoping not to affect the "relying" giants.

Rosé17:16:41 19/04/2022
The young female singer had a long post on Facebook after speaking to the press. On April 19, Hien Ho officially spoke about his noisy private life. Answering VTV News, the singer apologized and hoped for the audience's understanding. Hien Ho shared that she did not intend to...

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Hien Ho admits the mistake of dating a "cousin", CEO Ho Nhan's mother-in-law has a decisive move

Nam Phương16:50:44 19/04/2022
The move of the "old Buddha" of Son Kim Group in the midst of Hien Ho's voice was of interest to netizens. Nearly a month after the scandal shook the giant couple. On the afternoon of April 19, sharing exclusively on VTVnews, Hien Ho officially made a related statement. Actively...

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H.OT HANDS: Hien Ho officially admitted the scandal with the giant "relying", hoping the audience would be tolerant

Rosé15:43:31 19/04/2022
The beauty has officially shared about the noise recently. At the age of 25, Hien Ho seems to have everything beyond expectations. But the voice "Meet but not stay" does not know how to keep. Questioning the U60 giants is like a strong slap on the female singer's flourishing...

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"Cousin" Hien Ho revealed lying evidence, staged the script "hired 15 million" to "rescue" someone?

Hoàng Phúc10:27:25 29/03/2022
The video of an account about being hired by the Gen Z singer crew to create their own drama is receiving a lot of attention from netizens. On the evening of March 28, a person considered by netizens to be the cousin of a famous female singer suddenly admitted that the image...

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Hien Ho in an apartment of 7 billion, what is inside that everyone is "crossed eyes"?

Hoàng Phúc16:33:13 28/03/2022
What is inside the apartment that Hien Ho lives in? In the past week, Hien Ho has become the most mentioned name of netizens when he was caught in a series of private scandals. The world became more and more wavering when a series of intimate photos such as hugging, eating, and...

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Rumor has it that Hien Ho was provided 500 million/week by her "reliant brother", did her cousin secretly r.eveal more evidence?

Hoàng Phúc10:29:33 26/03/2022
Recently, netizens continued to stir with a series of screenshots of messages r.evealing this tycoon's allowance for Hien Ho. Accordingly, in the message, this person said he had just checked Hien Ho's account statement and discovered something suspicious.

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Hien Ho was accused of "coloring" to buy a car with unpaid installment payments before the noisy "brothers rely on"

Hoàng Phúc14:48:07 25/03/2022
The love scandal Hien Ho and the giants of U60 have not shown any signs of settling down. In the past few days, singer Hien Ho has been caught in a lot of trouble when it comes to information about a relationship with the giant U60 Ho Nhan. Although the other businessman has...

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Huan Hoa defends Hien Ho: "It's foolish to go with G63 and not go"

Trọng Khang16:58:04 24/03/2022
The statement defending Hien Ho of the online gang with the nickname "Citizenship Teacher" Huan Hoa Hong, in the midst of the singer's scandal, whether it was "swinging" trend or expressing a real opinion, it also made the online community angry. angry. The controversy between...

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