"Cousin" Hien Ho revealed lying evidence, staged the script "hired 15 million" to "rescue" someone?

Hoàng PhúcMar 29, 2022 at 10:27

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The video of an account about being hired by the Gen Z singer crew to create their own drama is receiving a lot of attention from netizens.

On the evening of March 28, a person considered by netizens to be the cousin of a famous female singer suddenly admitted that the image leaked online in the past few days was not actually released by him, but "directed" by him. actually behind the drama is a member of the crew of a "certain" female singer. This person confirmed that he was hired to follow the available script and if completed, he will be paid 15 million VND.

"Cousin" Hien Ho revealed lying evidence, staged the script "hired 15 million" to "rescue" someone? - Photo 1

"Actually, me and that singer don't have a cousin or cousin relationship at all. I received an invitation from a member of that singer's crew and followed the script they gave me to do. create drama and the amount they give is 15 million dong.

These past few days, I created dramas according to their scripts and after only a few days, I was attacked by the online community too much, I couldn't stand the pressure anymore so I actively contacted e- Their team is going to stop this, stop doing it and speak up to correct the truth," this person said.

In addition to comments expressing surprise about the amount of VND 15 million hired by the crew that this guy shared, many netizens think that there seems to be something wrong in this video.

Accordingly, throughout the video, this person constantly looked down as if he had prepared the script and only mentioned "that singer" rather than naming anyone.

And yet, the audience also thinks that this guy is most likely lying because the amount paid for 15 million is too cheap and has no logic. Because no one spends their own m.oney to hire someone else to destroy their own career. So the question is who is this guy, what is this person doing just for fame or is there another purpose?

"Cousin" Hien Ho revealed lying evidence, staged the script "hired 15 million" to "rescue" someone? - Photo 2

"Cousin" Hien Ho revealed lying evidence, staged the script "hired 15 million" to "rescue" someone? - Photo 3

"Cousin" Hien Ho revealed lying evidence, staged the script "hired 15 million" to "rescue" someone? - Photo 4

Netizens couldn't believe this person's sharing.

Currently, the video revealed that this person was hired by the crew for 15 million VND and is still receiving a lot of attention from netizens.

Hien Ho is indeed the hottest name at the moment after being exposed to a series of intimate images with an elderly giant. Although there are many moments of embracing and closeness, this giant said that he and Hien Ho are just brotherly feelings, relying on each other to work together in life.

Also on this occasion, Hien Ho's musical products received more attention from the audience. Recently, the performance stage of "Meet but not staying" at a bar made netizens stir because of Hien Ho's "coffee" performance.

Specifically, a dragqueen (who pretends to be a female) took the hit hit Meet but didn't stay to perform. Not only in a humorous style, this person also plays golf right on the stage.

Everyone knows that, after the scandal broke out, golf became one of the hottest sports in the world. Everyone in the family follows the golf trend with countless versions.

"Cousin" Hien Ho revealed lying evidence, staged the script "hired 15 million" to "rescue" someone? - Photo 5

It can be seen that the story of Hien Ho and the giant constantly appeared in details that denied the statement was only "reliable brothers". Even the giant's mother-in-law also affirmed: the U60 giants and the "main house" are still legal husband and wife.

The audience asked the question: why did the singer choose to close her eyes when she knew that she might be destroying another family's nest? Have they ever questioned their future: If my family knew that I was a "small tam", what would they think, how would they deal with the gossip of the neighbors? And many, many more questions...

A clear reality in Vbiz: Countries in the region are very strong with artists with ethical problems, but in Vietnam, there has never been a precedent of boycotts or assassinations... even though the scandals are still continuous. happens, the following year is more serious than the previous year.

Just look at neighboring China, Ngo Dich Pham is so popular, Trinh Sang is so loved... and even Trieu Vy thought he was about to be on the "banyan tree" line, also got a m.urder case because of the murders. noisy private life. All three names above have their accounts deleted on social networks. Film and television productions with their participation also disappeared completely.

Vietnam has issued the "General Code of Conduct for Artists", but are the sanctions too light for anyone to fear? Or the Vietnamese audience is too permissive, today cursed, why forgot it so why did Vietnamese innocently do minor tam also stab... greasy?

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