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New boyfriend Chi Pu: The great young master of an educational group is no less than the Son Kim family, his education is terrible

Hoàng Phúc11:51:33 03/09/2022
After the emotional photo between singer Chi Pu and a strange face was accidentally posted. The online community has aggressively searched for the "private print" of the man standing next to the female singer. Accordingly, many people believe that this is the young master Trinh...

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Hien Ho admits the mistake of dating a "cousin", CEO Ho Nhan's mother-in-law has a decisive move

Nam Phương16:50:44 19/04/2022
The move of the "old Buddha" of Son Kim Group in the midst of Hien Ho's voice was of interest to netizens. Nearly a month after the scandal shook the giant couple. On the afternoon of April 19, sharing exclusively on VTVnews, Hien Ho officially made a related statement. Actively...

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Hien Ho's mother-in-law "reliable brothers": "It's wrong to hide from your wife to go out, where are the bones of U60 to date a 25-year-old g.irl?"

Hoàng Phúc10:23:42 24/03/2022
In the midst of the tumultuous storm that did not seem to have cooled down, Ms. Nguyen Thi Son continued to have personal shares and announced some information related to her son-in-law - Mr. Ho Nhan. Amidst the scandals of Ho Nhan's son-in-law in the past few days, this is the...

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The private company of the giant U60 Ho Nhan and his wife simultaneously stopped working and dissolved

Rosé15:23:59 23/03/2022
Information about the two's business activities surprised many people. In recent days, information about Mr. Ho Nhan and his wife, Nguyen Thi Hong Van, has received great attention from domestic public opinion, when the Chairman of Nanogen Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Joint...

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Hien Ho's mother-in-law "reliable brothers": scolding her son for drinking late at night to make his wife sad, impose curfew, ban overnight

Hoàng Phúc12:18:35 22/03/2022
Having lost her husband for 35 years, the "female general" of the Son Kim family alone raised 5 children and had an admirable way of handling and teaching children. Ms. Nguyen Thi Son - the powerful "female general" of Son Kim Group is a famous Vietnamese businesswoman. She is...

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Hien Ho has no way back after the noisy love affair with "relying brothers", why?

Hoàng Phúc08:00:43 22/03/2022
The noise will pass, only the scandal will last forever. From now on, when mentioning Hien Ho, people will immediately remember the "green tea" scandal. The "green tea" scandal caused Hien Ho's singing career to be greatly affected, even being boycotted could not be avoided...

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Ho Nhan's mother-in-law officially spoke out about her son-in-law's scandal, r.evealing that her grandson was embarrassed and did not want to go to school.

Rosé15:23:35 21/03/2022
The businesswoman's statement made netizens extremely excited. On the evening of March 20, social media shared the image of singer Hien Ho with a giant U60. This man's identity was soon identified as Mr. Ho Nhan - Chairman and CEO of Nanoge. Mr. Ho Nhan is considered the father...

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The trillionaire son of the Son Kim Group responded to the dating rumor Chi Pu?

Hà Hà20:51:54 29/09/2021
Currently, many netizens are actively searching for information about Son Kim Group as well as information about "the eldest" Nguyen Hoang Viet. It is known that he is currently working at the family company of SEAEDI Corp (short for Southeast Asia Education Development and...

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Nguyen Hoang Viet - Son Kim Group's trillion-dollar "old man" occupies the social network because of dating rumors Chi Pu

Hu1eadu Hu1eadu13:53:20 28/09/2021
Most recently on MXH, the online community suddenly talked about members of the extremely rich Son Kim family. Although they come from a proud family, unlike other rich people who often flaunt in newspapers, members of Son Kim Group are always tight-lipped in front of the media...

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