Hien Ho "closed the door" back to showbiz because of these 3 things!

Hoàng PhúcMar 23, 2022 at 13:56

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From a g.irl associated with adjectives such as "talented", "innocent", "secret", Hien Ho suddenly brought with him a series of names that made anyone feel embarrassed after hearing it.

Looking at the spread of all the details inside Hien Ho's noisy love story, it is easy to guess that this series of dramas is difficult to gently disappear like most of Vbiz's market. But even if she tried to think of a way to solve this scandal of Hien Ho, perhaps even the most skilled crisis management expert could not give her an accurate advice, because it was simply... too much. difficult.

Abyss of the "3rd person"

Originally, if there is one thing in this world that the public hates the most, hates throwing water away, and hates going back, it can only be: The 3rd person, minor tam, tuesday, green tea .. or any name. any other call with this meaning.

Turning over "history", since MXH knew how to boycott and protest, no "third person" has been discovered but lived in peace with his mistakes. A female singer once suffered with enough large-scale boycott campaigns due to being involved in emotional noise with the giants when he was still in marriage with his wife. Last year's love scandal of Son Tung M-TP also officially attached the word "green tea" to the name Hai Tu, and created the most intense protest wave during the past 1 year. Most recently, Quynh Thu made netizens h.ot when she constantly posted moral status and quotes despite being accused of being the third person to interfere in the love story of Diep Lam Anh and her rich husband...

It was in showbiz, and in real life, many times, wives or lovers had to immediately post "accusing" the third person to destroy their happiness, to ask netizens to "take action". No matter what the story behind it is, just know that two people are still in a close relationship like husband and wife and a third person jumps in - that must be an immoral person!

Hien Ho "closed the door" back to showbiz because of these 3 things! - Photo 1

Hien Ho "closed the door" back to showbiz because of these 3 things! - Photo 2

Therefore, the fact that Hien Ho was accused of being a minor in the family story of CEO Ho Nhan and Ms. Hong Van was really the trigger to challenge the h.ot temper of public opinion. Suspicious of being a tuesday, Hien Ho innocently uploaded a photo of G63 tens of billions, then mountains of branded goods, and a resort of hundreds of millions a night...

Not to mention the pictures of hand-in-hand, shoulder-to-shoulder, all levels of fragrant embrace, my brother and I "relying" on each other openly in broad daylight, as if this were a love-no-- clown-wrong. People hated the small tam, but with the little tam who liked to s.how o.ff, people even... hated it more.

The main culmination was on the afternoon of March 21, Mrs. Nguyen Thi Son - "old Buddha" of Son Kim Group, ie the mother-in-law of CEO U60, posted a status declaring "Legal until this moment, Mr. legally husband and wife" and mentioning the two grandsons confiding and confessing that they don't want to go to school because they are sad as a tacit confirmation that what the majority is suspecting is not baseless. And in this case, the public has even more reason to be angry because they know that there are two children affected by the complicated relationship of adults. But what is wrong with children?

So, on the first aspect and also the main aspect of the story, Hien Ho was completely wrong, there was no way to deny it and all wrongs were exposed in front of the people, the story really turned around. is impossible. It's hard to remain sympathetic to a face that is already known to be the third person to enter a still-legal marriage.

Fans feel cheated?

The audience is the same everywhere, hates being cheated, especially by the people they love and support. Hien Ho may not have intentionally created that feeling, but the fact that a g.irl who was once loved by innocence now gets involved in the story "love 2, 3 people is also free from the heart" is really information that makes the majority is hard to swallow. Statements like "I don't love the giants. Anyone with evidence can take it out" makes this sad story more ... funny in everyone's eyes.

Even in music products, Hien Ho also "nails" the image with the roles that suffer from disadvantage in love, but ironically, whether it's dance or ballad, the common scenario is always that she loves a g.irl wholeheartedly. someone accidentally discovered that a third person interfered quietly and noblely disappeared.

Those who used to love Hien Ho's naivety, even simplicity, feel that being cheated is completely understandable. And perhaps every star understands this fact best: The scariest hater is not a longtime anti, but a longtime fan who suddenly turns anti one day.

Hien Ho "closed the door" back to showbiz because of these 3 things! - Photo 3

The rumination of MXH

Hien Ho in particular and artists in Vietnam in general are facing a very terrible nightmare whenever they encounter a scandal, which is the expansion of content genres from social networks.

First of all, TikTok's content rumours. Vu Thu Phuong was teased for a whole year with the catwalk dance "ten ten ten ten ten", Khanh Van after a few years of being crowned Miss Universe no one objected, but now she died named "loving heart".

The nature of these stories sometimes only stops at 3, 4 but because of the "coincidence" of the clips chosen to trend, people start talking more, the level of hate of the netizen also increases exponentially with each view of related videos. Those who are watching will get more and more momentum to gossip actively, "hey, this case is terrible". Those who do not know, but dragged to the 7th, 8th clip with the same content, they had to rush to bring this question to ask their friends what was wrong.

Hien Ho "closed the door" back to showbiz because of these 3 things! - Photo 4

In the past 48 hours, TikTok has continuously appeared with clips of how to play golf, why rich people like to sign contracts at golf courses, mix & match instructions on the field, and silly interview segments of Hien Ho. , car review G63, how Hien Ho refuses to date Anh Duc, Luu Thien Huong predicts how Hien Ho will meet this year...

On Facebook, there are closed groups dissecting drama, "conspiracy/hypothetical" posts, even conversations that are so openly staged that you can tell "type 3 pranks" by looking at them. It all forms a content universe that surrounds every person, pushing this story to become the only topic of interest at the moment. Perhaps to want the boat to be calm, this is the biggest wave that Hien Ho needs to extinguish first.

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