Journalists Han Ni and Vy Oanh were mocked by netizens when they asked for police protection

RoséNov 06, 2021 at 08:30

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The moves of these two characters made many netizens feel funny!

On the evening of November 5, netizens had the opportunity to stir up before the news that singer Vy Oanh and journalist Han Ni had submitted an application to the police agency, requesting to apply urgent protective measures for the reason of panic. , worried that she might be in danger because of threats from some individuals and organizations that idolize Mrs. Hang excessively.

According to the content of the application, Vy Oanh stated the reason for the application that: "After the move to denounce Ms. Phuong Hang to the authorities, there were many people who regularly called, texted, and visited the fanpage. My personal threats, insults honor, dignity, even threaten the health, life of me and my family.

Journalists Han Ni and Vy Oanh were mocked by netizens when they asked for police protection - Photo 1

Journalists Han Ni and Vy Oanh were mocked by netizens when they asked for police protection - Photo 2

Moreover, the recent statements and actions of Ms. Phuong Hang all show disregard for the law along with the challenges that will be listed and come to the place (home and office) to visit face-to-face, livestream, giving flowers and anti-humiliation cream to those who denounced Ms. Hang..."

In a similar situation, journalist Han Ni also sent an application to the Binh Duong Provincial Police Investigation Agency, requesting to apply protective measures as prescribed by law for her and her family. According to the female journalist, after making a denunciation and sending a request to prosecute Ms. Phuong Hang, she was constantly mentally terrorized with insulting messages, threatening her health and life.

Journalists Han Ni and Vy Oanh were mocked by netizens when they asked for police protection - Photo 3

In addition, the "steel rose of the newspaper village" also shared on her personal page: "WHEN WHEN SHOULD BA HANG take action?

1. Since when does Vietnamese law allow a person to go to another person's house to force a person to conduct DNA testing with their c.hild?

2. Journalist Duc Hien sent a denunciation of Ms. H. to the Binh Duong CA, now the Binh Duong CA has officially received Mr. Hien's petition - the legal battle has reached its climax!

3. Yesterday Mrs. H. livestream threatened to visit me, the University and LS TVS. But wait and see. Because the law is available, I will analyze it in live tonight.

Journalists Han Ni and Vy Oanh were mocked by netizens when they asked for police protection - Photo 4

Journalists Han Ni and Vy Oanh were mocked by netizens when they asked for police protection - Photo 5

Because I used to apply and ask the Binh Duong CA to protect me when Ms. H threatened to beat me, and at the same time asked to stop her so that she would not continue to commit crimes. Now that her going to Tinh That proves her experience, her suspicions and worries are grounded, so the responsibility for not protecting us belongs to the CA. We continue to apply and will ask to meet with the leader because my application has been over 20 days and there is no answer to prosecute or not to prosecute!

I always believe in the law and worry that, Hang promises to visit, but I'm afraid that she won't come in time... Gypsy will look down on her (she always says she's righteous)!"

Journalists Han Ni and Vy Oanh were mocked by netizens when they asked for police protection - Photo 6

As soon as this information was spread, netizens quickly shared pictures of the petition on many groups. Specifically, on a Fanpage with more than 3 million likes and a public group of nearly 40,000 participants, a post related to singer Vy Oanh and journalist Han Ni requesting protection attracted special attention. of netizens.

Accordingly, there are many opinions that it is Vy Oanh or journalist Han Ni who is acting "excessively", making the matter more and more complicated. Even, there are many people who express their anger with sarcastic, harsh words: "Just robbing and shouting at the village", "Worry about breastfeeding, refuse to go, go to work and call for help. oh I'm so free"...

Journalists Han Ni and Vy Oanh were mocked by netizens when they asked for police protection - Photo 7

It can be seen that Vy Oanh and the female journalist's "call for help" action did not receive support and support from the audience, on the contrary, both faced many criticisms. In addition, the audience did not hesitate to talk about the fact that Vy Oanh is an out-of-date singer.

It is known that in the past time, Vy Oanh and journalist Han Ni continuously shared about the process of working with the police agency to investigate and clarify the denunciations about being slandered by Ms. Nguyen Phuong Hang. insulting, affecting the reputation and honor of the individual. However, the results of working with the authorities have not been updated yet.

Journalists Han Ni and Vy Oanh were mocked by netizens when they asked for police protection - Photo 8

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