The case of restaurants in Ha Long "chopping" meals on 12 million Tet days: The government stepped in

Đình NhưFeb 18, 2024 at 16:09

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The People's Committee of Bai Chay ward (Ha Long city, Quang Ninh province) has issued a report verifying the content of the group of tourists who accused a seafood restaurant of being "chopped" by a seafood restaurant with a bill of nearly 12 million VND.

Specifically, the group of 16 guests dined at the restaurant on the evening of the 6th Tet, the total cost was more than 11.7 million VND.

The case of restaurants in Ha Long chopping meals on 12 million Tet days: The government stepped in - Photo 1

The above group ordered 7 different types of seafood including: long-legged oysters priced at 850,000 VND/kg, raw oysters and onion fat oysters 15,000 VND/fish, twin tiger fish 750,000 VND/kg, large snails 750,000 VND/kg, large surface roasted salt 850,000 VND/kg, flower clams 450,000 VND/kg.

The ward People's Committee sent a working group to inspect the reality at the reflected restaurant. Vu Tri Cuong, representative of the owner, said the restaurant has provided a public price listing. The two sides agree on prices for items requested by the group of guests.

"I was also directly at the restaurant that day and also served to bring food to the table for the group of guests, while using the service no one reflected anything. Only the customer asked to make cheese oysters, but the restaurant ran out of cheese, so he proposed to change to grilled oysters with onion fat and was accepted," Cuong said.

The case of restaurants in Ha Long chopping meals on 12 million Tet days: The government stepped in - Photo 2

Regarding the issue of prices being too high compared to usual and showing signs of "chopping" on Tet, Mr. Cuong said, when Tet market prices increase, some seafood products are scarce, so high prices are normal. Moreover, during Tet, the restaurant hires employees to work 3 times more salary, causing all team costs to increase.

"Everyone who does it must be profitable, all costs at Tet time increase. It is impossible to compare the price of seafood in the market with the price in a restaurant because to make a dish requires many things attached. This is the first time my restaurant has been reflected like this, but nothing similar has happened before," Cuong said.

A survey at the famous Hong Hanh restaurant chain in Quang Ninh showed that, during Tet, many food suppliers increased prices, so the restaurant side also had to increase.

Seafood prices here are as follows: Song fish 550,000 VND/kg (130,000 VND lower than King Seafood 3 restaurant), long-legged fish 780,000 VND/kg (lower than 70,000 VND), surface 880,000 VND/kg (higher than 30,000 VND), flower clams 320,000 VND/kg (lower than 130,000 VND), snails 680,000 VND/kg (lower than 70,000 VND).

The case of restaurants in Ha Long chopping meals on 12 million Tet days: The government stepped in - Photo 3

Not far away is Yen Nhuan restaurant, where duplex fish costs 580,,000 VND/kg (100,000 VND cheaper than King Seafood 3 restaurant), 680,000 VND/kg long leg bowl (170,000 VND cheaper), snails 650,000 VND/kg (lower than 100,000 VND), large surface 680,000 VND/kg (lower than 170,000 VND), Large flower clams 350,000 VND/kg (lower than 100,000 VND).

According to Mr. Cuong, some content of social media posts accusing the restaurant of "chopping" is inaccurate. The nature of the incident is not the same as social media commentary.

The case of restaurants in Ha Long chopping meals on 12 million Tet days: The government stepped in - Photo 4

Through actual inspection, the restaurant has provided a list of prices of items for sale and business in the establishment, business registration certificates and certificates of food safety eligibility.

After checking and having minutes, the People's Committee of Bai Chay ward sent a report to the People's Committee of Ha Long City about the incident.

The case of restaurants in Ha Long chopping meals on 12 million Tet days: The government stepped in - Photo 5

Earlier, an account named P.H.T posted on social media about the group's meal. Accordingly, her delegation ordered 2 bowls of rice out of 2.1 million, surface plates of class 5 out of 1.3 million. Later ordered more cheese oysters, but the restaurant brought oysters with onion fat, salted egg snails spoiled with sauce; Other dishes such as clams, surfaces, "tiny, all newborn" snails.

P.H.T posted pictures of food, cash register after eating. According to the bill, the delegation's meal used up a total of 13 dishes (including soft drinks), including many seafood dishes such as salted roasted surface, raw oysters, tiger fish, flower clam soup, large incense snails ... Total bill is 11,785,000 VND.

The case of restaurants in Ha Long chopping meals on 12 million Tet days: The government stepped in - Photo 6

The female guest said she didn't want to stress over the m.oney paid, and it was over. She wants to share it online so that people know and avoid such heartless "chopping" restaurants.

The case of restaurants in Ha Long chopping meals on 12 million Tet days: The government stepped in - Photo 7

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