Tho Nguyen spoke up to defend Xoai Non, making extremely shocking comments about Xemesis

Minh LợiJun 17, 2024 at 10:21

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On the evening of June 16, Xoai Non suddenly announced that she had divorced Xemesis. Currently, netizens are still discussing, leaving many comments below the hotgirl's post.

Notably, Tho Nguyen also gave his opinion on the above divorce.

Tho Nguyen spoke up to defend Xoai Non, making extremely shocking comments about Xemesis - Photo 1

Specifically, the female YouTuber wrote: "Actually, when she avoids related questions, you already know it. Because people usually don't want to talk about sad things. But netizens are so ungrateful, asking over and over again. I'm sorry. I thought this couple was the parents of the kids who always asked. I hope you see this as just an experience, just like breaking up with your boyfriend, we're always young to start."

Below the article, someone sarcastically said that Young Mango "deserves her life": "It's also her karma. 3 years ago she didn't say anything and helped ruin a g.irl's reputation. Now her karma If you're lucky, there's a reason why marriages break up. It is known that this person wanted to remind about the green tea cake incident last year.

Speaking out to protect his juniors, Tho Nguyen wrote: "If it were Hai Tu or Tram, you would say what I believe, someone's friend, someone defends, don't you want someone to defend another's friend's love rival? ".

Tho Nguyen spoke up to defend Xoai Non, making extremely shocking comments about Xemesis - Photo 2

When someone was happy about Xoai Non's divorce, Tho Nguyen expressed his agreement: "From the part where you look at her and salivate, you see there's a problem. Then, when you o.ff your achievements in playing 100 cards, you feel horrible." Already".

Tho Nguyen spoke up to defend Xoai Non, making extremely shocking comments about Xemesis - Photo 3

It can be seen that the hottest news in recent days is probably the news that Xoai Non announced their separation from Xemesis. Many people regret a beautiful love affair and a wedding that was once like a fairy tale.

Not long ago, people speculated a lot about the emotional breakdown between Xoai Non and the young master's husband. She also suddenly turned off the livestream when fans asked too much about the breakup rumors. As for Xemesis, he has moved to refute that rumor but has never officially spoken up.

Social media was turned upside down when Xoai Non appeared in Lou Hoang's MV. The couple's silence and the newly released music product made many people believe that they were intentionally creating drama for publicity purposes. When netizens expressed their wish that Xoai Non should make a clear correction, the beauty also responded that she has no responsibility to inform anyone about her personal life.

Tho Nguyen spoke up to defend Xoai Non, making extremely shocking comments about Xemesis - Photo 4

However, this music product is like a harbinger of today's ending. Specifically, 2 days ago, Xoai Non shared Lou Hoang's new MV with the caption: "We used to love each other so much, now we only have bitter eyes... A beautiful day to say goodbye." From this data, many people speculate, is the cause from Xemesis' side?

Tho Nguyen spoke up to defend Xoai Non, making extremely shocking comments about Xemesis - Photo 5

People expressed their sympathy and love for Xoai Non under her announcement and the song in which she played the female lead as a foreshadowing. In the end, no matter how sweet it is, it will melt into clouds... or is it not easy to be a rich bride?

Xemesis (Nghiem Anh Hieu, born in 1989) and Xoai Non (Pham Thuy Trang, born in 2002) were once a famous couple on social networks.

In addition to the age gap, the couple also overcame many rumors from netizens to officially live together in 2020.

Tho Nguyen spoke up to defend Xoai Non, making extremely shocking comments about Xemesis - Photo 6

The wedding of Xemesis and Xoai Non was an event that caused a stir throughout social networks, not only because of the popularity of the bride and groom but moreover because of the extravagance and splendor of this wedding. Xoai Non's wedding dress for the main ceremony alone is worth up to 28 billion VND, studded with 6 diamonds.

Since mid-May 2024, there were suddenly rumors on social networks that Xoai Non and Xemesis were having marital problems. Since then, the couple has continuously spoken out but only responded to surrounding issues such as Xemesis denying rumors of 20 billion compensation for divorce, Xoai Non clarifying the story of being said to be free from her husband's family,...

Then in early June 2024, doctor Cao Huu Thinh's share was said to indirectly r.eveal that the reason for the couple's separation was the issue of children. However, both chose to stay silent.

Tho Nguyen spoke up to defend Xoai Non, making extremely shocking comments about Xemesis - Photo 7

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