The Bearded G.irl "shamed" Tho Nguyen, claiming to make her opponent lose her reputation?

KengMay 23, 2024 at 15:47

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At the end of December, female YouTuber Tho Nguyen announced on her personal channel that she would retire, ending her successful but controversial content creation career.

However, after only a short time, she suddenly returned to social networks. The most shocking thing is the statement that he changed his image to the challenging "Mixed Poetry".

Yet, the female YouTuber who owns this diamond button boldly "smashes her face and rebuilds it". She also does not hesitate to share images of herself in a seductive style. Or constantly posting and commenting to challenge the community...

The Bearded G.irl shamed Tho Nguyen, claiming to make her opponent lose her reputation? - Photo 1

In particular, Tho Nguyen caused controversy with a post complaining about drama coming to her. Underneath her confession, she is not afraid and frankly "combates" with antis. Even dedicated a message to a TikToker with many followers: "The toothy g (cgcr) has never been considered a human being so I certainly did not write these words for him. Don't *** *** values ** so much that he says ** come and see" - the hidden meaning was given to the Bearded G.irl.

The Bearded G.irl shamed Tho Nguyen, claiming to make her opponent lose her reputation? - Photo 2

It is known that before that, this male TikToker called out Tho Nguyen's name on his personal channel, pointing out the incredible changes in an online phenomenon who used to create content for children. This person also revealed his strategy: Will upload three consecutive videos with the following content: "Suspected Tho Nguyen wants to hold on to his glory, taking advantage of the patient to get likes"; "How much does Tho Nguyen earn and how?"; "Summing up, is Tho Nguyen a lawyer or an actor?".

Not only that, CGCR also announced that they would "give" 50 million VND to anyone who helps him connect and successfully meet Tho Nguyen. He also confidently conveyed: "Thơ Nguyễn prepares to confront the CGCR with righteousness and truth." This is not the first time this guy has been aggressive with famous TikTokers/ YouTubers.

The Bearded G.irl shamed Tho Nguyen, claiming to make her opponent lose her reputation? - Photo 3

However, after that, both sides suddenly "remained motionless", no longer mentioning anything about the other side.

I thought the drama would stop, but recently, Bearded G.irl suddenly went straight to Tho Nguyen's post to argue.

Specifically, below the article about Fat Cat's incident, Bearded G.irl threatened to make Tho Nguyen pay for her advertising contract. He wrote: "You're teasing me again, Tho. Do you want to repay the contract for LT milk?

If I confirm in 1 hour, I'll go all in with you. If you're smart, keep your mouth shut."

The Bearded G.irl shamed Tho Nguyen, claiming to make her opponent lose her reputation? - Photo 4

The Bearded G.irl shamed Tho Nguyen, claiming to make her opponent lose her reputation? - Photo 5

As for Tho Nguyen, she ignored her opponent's comments. Instead, she posted an article expressing her tolerance when a brand uses her image as a representative.

She wrote idly: "Can you see my face in LTM's milk jelly?

I don't take m.oney from LTM for images, so I don't have to worry about paying for the contract or anything.

The fact that I let them use my image for free is just a token of gratitude to you, those who have supported me, so that you can still see the old me. And I'm also very grateful to them for giving me that opportunity.

And all the volunteer programs that use their milk are because: YOU BUY.

It's okay to ask for sponsorship, it will help many people. But I have M.ONEY and I don't like to borrow flowers to worship Buddha. So of course, she bought all the things she brought as gifts, and did not ask for sponsorship to donate them.

Of course, buying in large quantities and frequently must get preferential prices. Wholesale customer. I told you guys: I don't make a living from being famous anymore, so my image certainly can't be sold. Play as sharp as a normal orange.

The Bearded G.irl shamed Tho Nguyen, claiming to make her opponent lose her reputation? - Photo 6

Below the article, Bearded G.irl continued to exchange words with Tho Nguyen.

The male tiktoker said with a sarcastic tone: "Forget it. Let me make an explanation video for you. Ask LTM to help with seeding. I've contacted the press to prepare everything."

Tho Nguyen couldn't bear it anymore, she answered directly to the other person: "Is this face enough to be your opponent? A bear with lice confronts a dog with ticks, it's too evenly matched."

The Bearded G.irl shamed Tho Nguyen, claiming to make her opponent lose her reputation? - Photo 7

Not only was he not afraid of paying for the contract, Tho Nguyen also boasted: "One day, someone contacted me to promote the product and she suggested: I don't make a living from being famous anymore, so if you give me the product, I'll give it to you. It's ok to give my kids everything. Let me be the one to try it out and benefit, not pay me with m.oney. I don't see anyone replying anymore, but I almost got a gift." .

The Bearded G.irl shamed Tho Nguyen, claiming to make her opponent lose her reputation? - Photo 8

"Just a gentle reminder to reduce the threats, online antis. If you receive m.oney, I'll take care of it. But I don't accept anything, but I'm afraid that you'll mess with me, you worry too much about me, you're too filial to your mother." "Children, but I refuse to accept you," Tho Nguyen added.

The Bearded G.irl shamed Tho Nguyen, claiming to make her opponent lose her reputation? - Photo 9

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