Nguyen's poem describes Xuan Lan's donation to Duc Tien's wife and children, only way to earn 10 billion?

KengMay 28, 2024 at 16:20

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In recent days, the whole Vietnamese showbiz was shocked by Duc Tien's sudden passing. Some close colleagues have revealed the current situation of the ill-fated male supermodel's wife.

Among them, supermodel Xuan Lan also called for donations for his wife and children - Miss Binh Phuong.

Nguyens poem describes Xuan Lans donation to Duc Tiens wife and children, only way to earn 10 billion? - Photo 1

Accordingly, she said Duc Tien's family in the US was having difficulty. He had just transferred m.oney to his wife to pay for their daughter's tuition and not long after he passed away. Not only that, the actor also doesn't have health insurance.

Specifically, Xuan Lan said: "Mr. Thanh Son gave Duc Tien a piece of land for burial, but m.oney to pay for the funeral home, burial and tombstone still needs everyone's help. Furthermore, the ladies I also hope little Cat has some m.oney to save for school so Duc Tien can feel secure. Because Duc Tien passed away suddenly, Binh Phuong can't cope at this time. These days little Cat keeps asking why mom is crying and then goes looking for dad. , everyone who heard it was heartbroken. Now, accepting the invitation of Duc Tien's close brother in America, I ask everyone for help."

Nguyens poem describes Xuan Lans donation to Duc Tiens wife and children, only way to earn 10 billion? - Photo 2

In addition, Xuan Lan publicly disclosed Binh Phuong's account information in the US so the public can send m.oney directly. However, this action caused a wave of protests. After just a few minutes, Xuan Lan suddenly deleted this post on her personal page.

In addition, as this information continued to spread, the family of the late actor Duc Tien officially spoke up. A representative of the late actor Duc Tien's family affirmed that the actor's wife and children were not "needy and had no m.oney to buy land to bury her husband" as some misleading information has suggested.

Nguyens poem describes Xuan Lans donation to Duc Tiens wife and children, only way to earn 10 billion? - Photo 3

The late actor's family confirmed that the above information is not true. After Duc Tien passed away, friends joined together to contribute m.oney to pay for his funeral. Among them, Mr. Thanh Son - not active in the entertainment industry - donated a piece of land in a cemetery with many Vietnamese writers and artists so that his close brother could rest next to his colleagues. The land when purchased was worth 25 thousand USD (636 million VND), currently it can be up to more than 40 thousand USD (1 billion VND).

Nguyens poem describes Xuan Lans donation to Duc Tiens wife and children, only way to earn 10 billion? - Photo 4

After the family spoke up, netizens turned to criticize Xuan Lan, sarcastically mocking the young and smart supermodel.

Notably, female youtuber Tho Nguyen also posted with an extremely sarcastic tone. She wrote: "I support Ms. Xuan Lan, each of Ms. Xuan Lan's friends contributes 100 million. 100 of your reputable friends is 10 billion.

But because of her "kindness", the story of the deceased is still a topic of controversy."

Nguyens poem describes Xuan Lans donation to Duc Tiens wife and children, only way to earn 10 billion? - Photo 5

This is not the first time Tho Nguyen has criticized Xuan Lan. Not long ago, the female YouTuber also called on people to boycott the female supermodel's movie.

Specifically, gloating over her opponent's failure, Tho Nguyen made a post that revived the noise of the past, she declared: "There are debtors and owners, I urge my friends not to watch your movies, like that The way you o.ff that you don't watch my movies. It's even, it's even, but it's not even. I'm rude but always flirt with the right person."

Many viewers think that after 3 years, she can now successfully repay this feud. Revising her old status, Xuan Lan once harshly talked about Tho Nguyen: "Every time Rabbit opens this channel, I ask to change to another channel. I don't like it, and now many other parents are also angry." Xuan Lan even said that she had to watch her b.aby because she was very allergic to Tho Nguyen's clips, even though she loved watching them. In the comments section, Jun Pham was also extremely dissatisfied and could not believe that these accounts still existed on social networks.

Nguyens poem describes Xuan Lans donation to Duc Tiens wife and children, only way to earn 10 billion? - Photo 6

As for Xuan Lan, when someone mentioned the drama with Tho Nguyen, the female supermodel once again maintained her opinion.

Specifically, under the post where the female supermodel was upset because a reviewer criticized her movie, an audience commented: "You're not the same. The thing about Tho Nguyen uploading a video is just because of the thoughts of adults like you." then labeled Tho Nguyen's video as a sensitive video. While the kids had fun watching it, people like her made things too complicated and from then on, the tabloids also took notice direction of public opinion. In general, it's just bad karma."

Nguyens poem describes Xuan Lans donation to Duc Tiens wife and children, only way to earn 10 billion? - Photo 7

In response, Xuan Lan appeared extremely calm. She wrote: "Do you have children? Once you have children, let's continue talking about positive things for children."

Nguyens poem describes Xuan Lans donation to Duc Tiens wife and children, only way to earn 10 billion? - Photo 8

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