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As soon as Diep moved out of Soanh's house, someone picked her up. Who would have thought that they would be "pranked"?

Bảo Nam13:15:01 18/05/2024
After packing up and leaving Soanh's house, female tiktoker Diep started life somewhere else. However, she has not revealed much about her new living space because the renovation has not yet been completed.

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Dong Van Hung: a worker in the top 30 under 30 Asia voted by Forbes

Minh Ngọc07:31:34 18/05/2024
If you follow Dong Van Hung and the Mother's Cuisine channel, many people probably know that before achieving the current results, the male YouTuber went through many difficulties. It can even be said that Hung and his mother changed their lives after creating content on social networks.

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Tho Nguyen declares love but will not marry her boyfriend, for this reason!

Hoàng Phúc15:07:09 17/05/2024
Not long ago, Tho Nguyen announced his retirement and quit working on YouTube. In addition, she also said that she had planned to live alone, without getting married or having children.

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Diep officially moved out of Soanh's house, declaring that from now on he would "live real life"

Keng17:23:48 16/05/2024
After officially speaking about their divorce, Soanh and Diep have returned to single life. Recently, Diep also posted a clip about preparing to move out of the shared house to start a new life.

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Mrs. Nhan Vlog took care of her daughter alone, filmed her vlog, held her c.hild in the middle of the night and cried because she was upset about something

Hoàng Phúc15:15:54 16/05/2024
After 5 long years of searching for a c.hild, Mrs. Nhan Vlog (real name Duc Nhan) finally gave birth to her first daughter smoothly. After giving birth, the Youtube female was praised by the audience for skillfully taking care of her c.hild. The b.aby is so plump and adorable.

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Nguyen's poetry "sells" rumored love, loving someone who has to go through censorship, having power like a mother

Trí Nhi12:34:44 16/05/2024
Youtuber Tho Nguyen continues to stir up netizens with a super humorous post, selling his close brother Tieu Bao Bao on his personal page. Previously, she and Tieu Bao Bao were often rumored to be in love, he labeled Tho Nguyen's rumored love affair.

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Quang Linh was given a 140m2 plot of land by a big fan. The owner was shocked and fell backwards

Thanh Phúc10:56:14 15/05/2024
Male youtuber Quang Linh Vlog just caused a stir on the internet when suddenly a fan offered to donate a 140m2 plot of land when he had a visit to Da Lat. After hearing this, Quang Linh immediately gasped, surprised, his welcoming attitude was well received by the public.

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Tho Nguyen shocked her mother-in-law with a question, "turned around" and demanded an urgent wedding, r.evealing the identity of a rich man

Minh Lợi10:18:01 15/05/2024
Not only did Tho Nguyen cause controversy with her statement when responding to viewers' comments, recently, Tho Nguyen made people confused when she announced that she would not get married and planned to be single after retirement.

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Quang Linh took Loi Con to get his feng shui eyebrows done, and fans were excited with the new look

Hoàng Phúc14:07:25 14/05/2024
During this trip to Vietnam, Quang Linh and the African team bombarded famous locations from South to North. After the trip to the West, the male YouTuber suddenly took Loi Con to get his feng shui eyebrows done, causing a stir.

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Although Tho Nguyen had her nose cartilage removed after surgery, her current beauty is shocking

Thảo Mai10:31:12 14/05/2024
More than 4 months ago, Tho Nguyen suddenly announced his retirement, causing many people to stir and discuss. After that, she seemed to be silent, not updating her activities.

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Call Me Duy to China, r.evealing a truth about Fat Cat that few people know, and saying one thing

Minh Lợi14:31:53 13/05/2024
In recent days, throughout Vietnamese social networks, a tragic story has spread about a gamer with the nickname Fat Cat. It is known that this Chinese guy met his girlfriend online.

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Soanh - Diep divide assets after divorce, there is still one thing that is difficult to decide, the community is also confused?

Hoàng Phúc10:22:32 13/05/2024
After 1 year of marriage, Soanh - Diep officially said goodbye to the surprise and regret of many people. Speaking about their short marriage, both affirmed that no one was at fault.

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ViruSs had photos released by a restaurant owner of a date with hotgirl Ngoc Kem, bringing her to meet her biological mother

Châu Anh14:32:57 12/05/2024
Although ViruSs and Ngoc Kem have not officially confirmed that they are dating, netizens all consider this to be a true love relationship. Most recently, the couple was also spotted eating out with the man's family.

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Quang Linh went to the hotel and wondered about the "tiny" object on the bed, and fans quickly explained

Uyển Đình09:25:44 12/05/2024
During Quang Linh's journey to explore the West, Vlogs always receive special attention from people. Recently, a male YouTuber made people laugh out loud because they wondered about something in the hotel.

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Quang Linh sacrificed himself to protect Thuy Tien, Loi Con is officially out?

Bảo Nam18:07:11 11/05/2024
Recently, Quang Linh and the Africa team returned to Vietnam to rest and interact with fans. In his homeland, he also reunited with Miss Thuy Tien for a long time, the two of them accompanied each other while doing charity work in Angola.

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Tho Nguyen boasted of earning 15 billion in just one note, ready to ask Jack for 5 million?

Đình Như12:34:46 11/05/2024
Although he announced his retirement and does not want to be famous, the posts on Tho Nguyen's personal page still attract great attention from netizens. Recently, the female tiktoker surprised everyone when she revealed the secret to earning her first 15 billion.

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Soanh almost cried on live, 1 time said all about Diep, r.evealing the attitude of parents on both sides

Bảo Nam11:52:03 10/05/2024
After 1 period of silence and only posting openly about the divorce, recently, tiktoker Soanh has officially spoken out about her current relationship with her ex - Ye without a broom.

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Lei Con was taken in procession by the Western female giants by G63, taking care of her no less than Thuy Tien

Keng10:15:25 09/05/2024
After a feverish trip with Miss Thuy Tien, Lei Con continued to be led by the African team to explore the West. Goodbye to the fairy, Ms. Le, the African b.oy continues to be cared for by 1 daughter, even sleeping together.

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Quang Linh's brother-in-law expressed his affection for Thuy Tien, and she was shocked to hear this!

Minh Lợi19:47:47 07/05/2024
Recently, social media has been abuzz with the news that Thuy Tien and Nhat Le are not satisfied. The source of the anger comes from the fact that Quang Linh's sister Vlogs constantly has gestures to keep a distance and be shy with her after meeting.

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Tho Nguyen blames 1 heartless, lightly flex man with a Law College degree against antifan?

Hoàng Phúc14:39:48 07/05/2024
YouTuber Tho Nguyen (real name Nguyen Hong Tho) was once very famous for having a Youtube channel with a huge number of subscribers up to millions of followers and even dedicated the Diamond button in May 2023.

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Being hugged by Thuy Tien and parting, Lei Con was sad, almost cried, praised for 1 point

JLO14:36:31 06/05/2024
In recent days, Miss Thuy Tien has taken Lei Con and the group of vlogger Pham Quang Linh to eat and hang out throughout Ho Chi Minh City. This was also the promise the queen made to Lei Con before and now she fulfills.

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Tho Nguyen is proud of the "humanitarian mixed mine", the m.oney of the government goes to charity to divide the poor

Đức Trí13:36:27 06/05/2024
YouTuber Tho Nguyen prides herself on being a good-hearted person who is willing to spend her own m.oney for charity without calling for anyone. After retiring, she was given the opportunity to look back and flex what she had done, calling herself a humanitarian mix.

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Quang Linh gave Thuy Tien's father a gift but was prevented by the queen, refusing for 1 thing!

JLO15:11:34 05/05/2024
Recently, social networks suddenly spread images recording the moment Quang Linh Vlogs and Lei Con b.oy appeared in the same frame with Thuy Tien and her biological father.

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Tho Nguyen reveals a hidden corner of the YouTuber profession, admits to being mixed but living kindly

Đình Như09:56:40 03/05/2024
Tho Nguyen - female YouTuber used to be loved by many young viewers. However, at the peak of her career, she suddenly announced her retirement, causing people to make a series of speculations.

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