Tho Nguyen blames 1 heartless, lightly flex man with a Law College degree against antifan?

Hoàng PhúcMay 07, 2024 at 14:39

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YouTuber Tho Nguyen (real name Nguyen Hong Tho) was once very famous for having a Youtube channel with a huge number of subscribers up to millions of followers and even dedicated the Diamond button in May 2023.

According to the YouTuber, to get the above results, she had to sacrifice many things. Therefore, she thinks that the success that comes to her is completely worth it.

Tho Nguyen blames 1 heartless, lightly flex man with a Law College degree against antifan? - Photo 1

She wrote on her page: "MY SUCCESS IN THE PAST HAS BEEN WORTH IT. I've always thought that.

Today the scene transitions over 1 month on the lake.

I almost died on this trip 3 times. I came up with it later: I've been here for a full month of 7 months.

Remember this walking ball? In some amusement parks or there. What you see is my playfulness, don't you, but I almost didn't see you forever that day.

This ball was airtight, at first I and Bao Bao thought to only play around for about 3 minutes but the lake was too wide, the wind was strong, it blew me far from the shore. The difficulty of this ball is that, only the person outside can open it, the person inside does not have an opening latch.

I was busy turning and not noticing, Bao Bao too, by the time I turned to look it was too far, I shouted: "Brother, bring the boat open for me, I can't breathe anymore"

Tho Nguyen blames 1 heartless, lightly flex man with a Law College degree against antifan? - Photo 2

Because the ball was closed, and went too far, Bao Bao didn't hear it.

I jumped up and called, Bao Bao thought I was jumping for fun.

(Normally he's so heartless to me, caring for everyone and indifferent to me toy, like, I'm used to it so I don't care.)

As I gradually exhausted, Bao thought: I lie down.

It was a water game, so I didn't bring my phone with me to call.

Thankfully at that moment, the ball landed, with his brother-in-law on the shore opening up right away.

And I cried: BROTHER, I'M ALIVE."

Although she sulked her senior, 1 when something happened, she was ready to stand up for Bao Bao. It is known that Bao Bao is a camera man as well as a channel manager after she suspended everything on social media.

Tho Nguyen blames 1 heartless, lightly flex man with a Law College degree against antifan? - Photo 3

She recalled that when Bao Bao's family had a problem, she used all she learned in law school to help her seniors.

"You guys thought I went to law school and got my degree, no, I don't work in a profession but the knowledge in law school always helps me. Typically, I once helped Bao Bao's father with 1 land case and obtained the red book by application: COMPLAINT.

Ba said: Later Tho marries Ba will give a lot of gold, because I love him, so I do not marry, lest he cost him.

There are 2 things I remind you: if you find that your rights are affected or may be affected by others, you must: establish violations by

Then: if you find that your rights have been affected by any action or inaction: COMPLAINT is most appropriate.

Tho Nguyen blames 1 heartless, lightly flex man with a Law College degree against antifan? - Photo 4

I'm not good, I just know, I can walk sometimes I fall, I can sing, sometimes I can break, I have a driver's license and I can still violate traffic laws... And I know the law can be wrong, too: I was fined $7.5 million. It is impossible to speak well or know that there are no flaws. There will be homes. But I show you the basics to protect your rights," she wrote.

Tho Nguyen blames 1 heartless, lightly flex man with a Law College degree against antifan? - Photo 5

Earlier, sharing about Bao Bao, Tho Nguyen affirmed that the 2 love each other more than friends and colleagues: "I don't think this is a long-term friendship.

Because we're family. It is impossible to compare or call heterosexual friendships anymore.

This picture must be about 11 years ago, how many times have you changed, but not once removed the title: TOY's MIXED CHILDREN.

Tho Nguyen blames 1 heartless, lightly flex man with a Law College degree against antifan? - Photo 6

Tra Long Bao Bao may be ruined or wasted, but toy is Hang Tuc, the son of Chen Chen. No one dares to punch."

Tho Nguyen blames 1 heartless, lightly flex man with a Law College degree against antifan? - Photo 7

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