Tho Nguyen declares love but will not marry her boyfriend, for this reason!

Hoàng PhúcMay 17, 2024 at 15:07

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Not long ago, Tho Nguyen announced his retirement and quit working on YouTube. In addition, she also said that she had planned to live alone, without getting married or having children.

To emphasize the above, recently, the female YouTuber once again posted to r.eveal her love story but not marriage.

Specifically, on his personal page, Tho Nguyen wrote: "Every time I argue with my boyfriend, I want to suffocate, let alone take it back."

Tho Nguyen declares love but will not marry her boyfriend, for this reason! - Photo 1

When asked why she wasn't married, she humorously said: "Why should I get married? If I don't get married, can't I breathe? I can still breathe normally."

Not only that, along with the sharing line, she also posted a clip tagged with the song "Unrequited Love" with hidden content:

"I'm afraid that the rosebud will fade quickly, so I'm sulky

He was lonely on the way home

I love you unilaterally

I'd rather not say it

Tomorrow, with you, we can return to our old ways

Even though my heart hurts, I have loved you for a long time...".

Tho Nguyen declares love but will not marry her boyfriend, for this reason! - Photo 2

In addition to mentioning love affairs, on his personal page, Tho Nguyen also boasted about receiving a certificate of merit for his active charity activities.

"Because I'm going to receive a certificate of merit for "many years of charity work" in my hometown, and cut the ribbon to inaugurate a charity house (I mean, I built it last year, people are already living there, but there will be beautiful days soon. to cut) so I asked permission to change the name for the leaders that day to add me on Facebook so I wouldn't be afraid.

Tho Nguyen declares love but will not marry her boyfriend, for this reason! - Photo 3

I mean, I think I'm really thoughtful and meticulous about this. Besides, I don't know if the tabloids will jump in and take notice when I receive my certificate of merit. I shouted the song like when I was messing around. Sometimes the newspapers are both deaf and blind," she shared.

Previously, Tho Nguyen admitted that he was a "mixed person" but was "humane". She revealed that she does a lot of charity work but does not like to o.ff.

Tho Nguyen declares love but will not marry her boyfriend, for this reason! - Photo 4

"Continued with the column: HUMANE MINE

At that time, I said I was going home to work on the farm. After that, many people told me: tomorrow the price will drop and then come here to ask for help.

That means you don't know me yet, I give away all the low-priced agricultural products but don't rescue anything. I rescue the poor, but I'm not poor and can't be saved.

That year, there were several thousand people who donated avocado gardens everywhere. My nephew and I picked them, then divided them into bags and sent them to various places.

Tho Nguyen declares love but will not marry her boyfriend, for this reason! - Photo 5

Tho Nguyen declares love but will not marry her boyfriend, for this reason! - Photo 6

You see that I often donate milk and think that in the past I donated milk to charity, right? No. I don't like BORROWING FLOWERS TO OFFER BUDDHA. All the milk I brought to charity was bought with my own m.oney even though at that time I worked with a partner, a dairy company.

In 2022, I have a whole program: 1,000 bags of milk for disadvantaged children every month in Dak Sak commune, also with my own m.oney.

I don't like to o.ff, but when I o.ff, I o.ff a lot."

Tho Nguyen declares love but will not marry her boyfriend, for this reason! - Photo 7

Another time, the female YouTuber shared:


Even though I'm a mess, I often do good things. This time, I received a certificate of merit for the entire 5-year process from 2017-2022 for many contributions.

At that time, I was the youngest among those who received that certificate of merit. Do you guys recognize me? I rarely o.ff, I only o.ff my provincial certificate of merit. (I almost never o.ff on YouTube the activities of building charity houses and supporting the poor, for fear of being known for hitting the ball. Now I do it so I know I can hit the ball beforehand without having to hit it).

Tho Nguyen declares love but will not marry her boyfriend, for this reason! - Photo 8

Dedicating to the point of receiving a certificate of merit from the province is a lot of dedication, and completely with my own m.oney without sponsorship. Besides the minigames I often do for the kids, the number I donate to charity is very, very large."

Tho Nguyen declares love but will not marry her boyfriend, for this reason! - Photo 9

She emphasized: "Before now, I only had one disease, which was hating actors and not being able to stand injustice. I am kind to kind people, but when acting with a c.ruel heart, I use all my strength. I don't blame people for not knowing anything, trusting people when they hear stories, because I'm the only person who knows the most, if I'm that person's friend, of course I have to trust that person Helping evil people is evil. That's my point of view. If evil people read it, they should stop making pitiful speeches or I'll be bullied again."

Tho Nguyen declares love but will not marry her boyfriend, for this reason! - Photo 10

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