Tho Nguyen plans to be single all her life, does it imply not getting married and having children?

KengApr 26, 2024 at 19:51

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After a period of silence after announcing her second retirement, female YouTuber/TikToker Tho Nguyen recently returned to social networks and caused a lot of controversy with her statement when responding to viewers' comments.

Notably, Tho Nguyen also declared that she does not need a man and is ready to plan to be single for the rest of her life.

Specifically, in the latest clip titled "I'm planning to be single for the rest of my life" posted on his personal page, Tho Nguyen is said to be implying that he is ready to live alone, without needing to rely on others. into men. The lyrics she used also clearly expressed the above point of view.

Tho Nguyen plans to be single all her life, does it imply not getting married and having children? - Photo 1

The lyrics are as follows: "Everyone's always like... when will you get married? When will you have kids. Never. I planned to be single. Fun...crazy...chic. ..all my life. I want people to look at me and be like: "That's my best friend. A genuine bad b.oy. She has her own m.oney. She doesn't need any father or son. On the dance floor, she downed 2-3 drinks. It's my sister."

Tho Nguyen plans to be single all her life, does it imply not getting married and having children? - Photo 2

Below the comment, she also denied the relationship with the YouTube channel manager. Accordingly, a netizen wondered: "I thought you knew Mr. Tieu Bao Bao". In response, Tho Nguyen posted private messages from both of them, affirming that they were "best friends forever".

Before that, the female YouTuber also declared: "For me, men are not half the world but just one of the countless interesting things in the world."

Tho Nguyen plans to be single all her life, does it imply not getting married and having children? - Photo 3

Recently, Tho Nguyen caused a lot of controversy when he said he did not give in to anyone, was willing to scold and slap, and f.ight with anti fans. However, she believes that this is her true self.

Tho Nguyen declared when being scrutinized about plastic surgery: "I see that the ideology of the online community is getting more and more progressive. But sometimes when I surf the newspapers, I see that it's like tabloids are a force that wants to deceive the people. It makes thoughts go downhill. It leads people to think negatively.

Tho Nguyen plans to be single all her life, does it imply not getting married and having children? - Photo 4

In the past, people read newspapers to gain knowledge, but now only when they have knowledge do they dare to read newspapers. Fear of being led. Even if I fix my face, it's still my m.oney, I don't ask anyone for charity so I can fix it all. So I don't need anyone to support my decision to fix it other than my mother. Anyway, thank you for your interest in attracting more followers for me. This morning I have a lot of followers but: I have retired, if you don't like it then block me, I have no need to be famous."

Tho Nguyen plans to be single all her life, does it imply not getting married and having children? - Photo 5

She said she had to struggle a lot before deciding to go under the knife.

"To decide to get a little nose job and a little lip surgery. I was heartbroken because of your discrimination. Cyber v.iolence and appearance discrimination are labeled as humane and righteous. Question me. often heard as the mind giving birth, the beak,... All those words to me in 2024 are nothing, but they have hurt me before, a sign to know what they can do What hurts me is when I see it," Tho Nguyen choked up.

Tho Nguyen plans to be single all her life, does it imply not getting married and having children? - Photo 6

The female YouTuber added that she returned to social networks to share her opinions and seek sympathy from people with the same voice, without the need to become more famous.


I left a page with 400,000 followers to play with a Facebook page that only had a few followers, but now I've turned around and it's grown to over 130,000 followers. While there is no need.

No, please don't worry about me. If I needed to interact, I would have opened that page and used it.

Tho Nguyen plans to be single all her life, does it imply not getting married and having children? - Photo 7

I just want to live like a normal person, sharing my personal opinion, not just one specific individual. Then force me to be like this, tell me to be like that.

No, you guys think you're cooler than me, better than me, you build your image, then use that fame to share beautiful values and spread them to everyone. Don't care about someone who quits his career and wants to live his own life."

Tho Nguyen plans to be single all her life, does it imply not getting married and having children? - Photo 8

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