Tho Nguyen defends Xuan Ca's beauty, making shocking comments about her junior's private life

Đình NhưMay 19, 2024 at 11:55

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Owning a TikTok channel with nearly 2.5 million followers shows Xuan Ca's appeal on social networks. However, she also caused a lot of controversy because her appearances in real life were considered too different from those online.

Xuan Ca has a good-looking face and tanned skin. On social networks, Xuan Ca often causes storms because of her somewhat unusual beauty.

Tho Nguyen defends Xuan Cas beauty, making shocking comments about her juniors private life - Photo 1

Xuan Ca admitted that in order to have her current beauty, she has had many cosmetic procedures. Xuan Ca had a nose job and filler injections to look more beautiful than when he was a member of the SGO48 group. If you compare the pure, sweet image of the past with Xuan Ca at the present time, the audience will have a hard time recognizing that they are the same person.

Tho Nguyen defends Xuan Cas beauty, making shocking comments about her juniors private life - Photo 2

During a livestream interacting with the audience on TikTok, Xuan Ca used his hand to pull his nose and talked about his previous surgery: "I'm the only one who got my nose done, this is the cartilage. I also got my two front teeth done." again.

In another livestream, Xuan Ca was asked directly if she had breast surgery or not. The young g.irl replied that she did a little, the surgery went smoothly, and there were no complications.

Tho Nguyen defends Xuan Cas beauty, making shocking comments about her juniors private life - Photo 3

In May 2024, Xuan Ca posted photos on social networks and once again sparked speculation that she had restored many points on her face. A little while later, Xuan Ca's livestream confirmed that he only had eyelid surgery and nothing else.

At the present time, Xuan Ca is being called out for livestreaming with Linh Ngoc Dam and Misthy and performing hip-shaking dances. Her beauty once again became a h.ot topic of discussion.

Tho Nguyen defends Xuan Cas beauty, making shocking comments about her juniors private life - Photo 4

During this time, Tho Nguyen suddenly posted comments about his juniors, making people stir.

Specifically, Tho Nguyen re-shared the clip comparing Xuan Ca's beauty in the self-posted clip and on the livestream, and commented:

"I'm not talking about lighting or any other angle because I don't know, but there's nothing wrong with people sitting and adjusting to make themselves look their best before posting a clip. Who doesn't want to look beautiful when they post a clip, I don't know. Even if I know how to edit, I also want to live a sparkling life. After editing, it's beautiful, it's natural, it's worth it because I put in the effort to edit it. Stop being jealous, ladies and gentlemen, people post it If the clip is uglier than you guys, I'm sure you'll forgive me. I'll go straight to "Samsung body" and all kinds of things. I'll say it's ugly from the beginning, but after I edit it to make it look good, I'll still look at it when it's revealed. It's better to edit it than I'll be happy. My eyes come first, whether beautiful or ugly, this person's only mistake is not whether she is ugly or beautiful, correct or not correct, the mistake is because she is more famous than the people who sit and type.

Tho Nguyen defends Xuan Cas beauty, making shocking comments about her juniors private life - Photo 5

I'm not a fan of this friend, I'm talking about her appearance and I'm not talking about the kiss scandal or something, because I don't know right from wrong so antis don't come in and say I'm defending you. I'm very shy, I promise not to mess up until the end of the week."

Below the article, many people agree with Tho Nguyen's opinion.

Xuan Ca's real name is Vo Ngoc Xuan Ca, born in 2001, from Binh Thuan. Xuan Ca used to be a member of the group SGO48. After the group disbanded, Xuan Ca worked independently and aimed to become a TikToker.

While still in SGO48, Xuan Ca maintained a pure and sweet image. Later, she changed her hairstyle, put on heavy makeup and dressed in a s.exy, youthful style. This change of direction surprised the audience, many people thought that Xuan Ca had made a reasonable decision because if she continued to pursue the path of being a singer and dancer, she would not be able to attract attention like she is now.

Tho Nguyen defends Xuan Cas beauty, making shocking comments about her juniors private life - Photo 6

Currently, Xuan Ca has no intention of returning to her singing career. She is busy with a schedule of photo shoots, livestream sales and participating in a number of events to promote the brand.

Because she started out as a singer, Xuan Ca inherently possesses a relatively good voice. Although there are currently no musical activities, the audience occasionally discovers Xuan Ca showing off her voice here and there. Of course, H.ot TikToker's clips of singing for fun are widely shared. Most people think that this g.irl dances well and sings well. If she doesn't get caught up in the noise about her private life, Xuan Ca will go far.

Tho Nguyen defends Xuan Cas beauty, making shocking comments about her juniors private life - Photo 7

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