Tho Nguyen boasted of earning 15 billion in just one note, ready to ask Jack for 5 million?

Đình NhưMay 11, 2024 at 12:34

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Although he announced his retirement and does not want to be famous, the posts on Tho Nguyen's personal page still attract great attention from netizens. Recently, the female tiktoker surprised everyone when she revealed the secret to earning her first 15 billion.

On his personal page, Tho Nguyen humorously shared: "IF SOMEONE CONSIDERING YOU, PLEASE READ THIS POST

How I earned my first 15 billion in life. Back then I had 200 million. People sold this lot of land for 2 billion 3. The land fronts the highway, has a lake view, but it is as deep as a pond, no one can build a house. The homeowner really wanted to sell, and I bought part of it from an acquaintance.

Tho Nguyen boasted of earning 15 billion in just one note, ready to ask Jack for 5 million? - Photo 1

At that time, the only person who had m.oney for me to borrow was: Bao Bao, and of course Bao Bao borrowed from his mother.

If I borrow it, my mother needs to come see the land. She shakes her head: What can I do with this land? But maybe my face is so trustworthy that she really let me borrow it.

After my mother found out that I bought that lot, many things fell on my head. I'm afraid to go home to see my mother, and I don't know where I'll get the m.oney to pay the debt.

Everyone who passes by and knows I bought that land is like: That g.irl is C.RAZY.

Tho Nguyen boasted of earning 15 billion in just one note, ready to ask Jack for 5 million? - Photo 2

Then I just let it go. There were a lot of people building new houses at that time, so they kept coming and dumping land. Soon, the land was almost full in that area without me losing a penny.

Now people pass by and compliment her, she has a great VISION. Actually, I have no vision, I'm c.razy.

You see: between madness and vision, there is a very thin line. For the same action, success is a given, but failure is the opposite.

SO: if someone thinks you're not normal, it's not because you have a problem, it's because you're different from them."

Tho Nguyen boasted of earning 15 billion in just one note, ready to ask Jack for 5 million? - Photo 3

Not only did he "show off" his ownership of a billion-dollar piece of land, Tho Nguyen also calculated the amount of m.oney he would need to retire, making netizens gasp.

"Calculating m.oney to retire and return to the countryside. If you want to retire and return to the countryside to work in agriculture, each person should have at least: 2 hectares (with adequate electricity and water, convenient concrete roads like our fields): about 3 to 4 billion.

The highway frontage at my house is out of the question. Build a small, fully furnished porch house: 400 million.

Often when people plan to sell, their income source is not very stable, and if they do, they usually do not have a high income source or they neglect to take care of it because they think they will sell it, spending 2 years re-care for it: fertilizers, medicine, cabbage. created: 200 million.

Tho Nguyen boasted of earning 15 billion in just one note, ready to ask Jack for 5 million? - Photo 4

If planted completely, it takes 3 to 4 years. Seedlings like this and everything are probably 500 million.

Food and drink for the whole family during those years: average 10 million per month. That means you don't have to hire any workers, you do it all yourself. 2 to 300 million.

The m.oney for machinery, installing irrigation pipes, and spraying machines is all over the place: 100 million (that's less, actually more).

So to return home, about 4 to 5 billion is in a small house, a small garden, a small source of income. There will be enough food to last a long time.

Tho Nguyen boasted of earning 15 billion in just one note, ready to ask Jack for 5 million? - Photo 5

Also want to get rich from agriculture. That's 10 times the amount of land, that's the cost. Besides, if you want to have both a house with a large frontage and a big house in the center, the garden is just a place to rest, 100% hiring people like me, then there's no point. Get rich from agriculture, if you're happy and passionate, just do it.

Having a house to rent, having land for business... can only support this passion.

However, in return: LATER THE FULL LAND IS DIVIDED TO THE CHILDREN. But I don't plan to have children. There are only a few dogs, but they certainly don't live as long as me.

So, those of you who want to return to your hometown to work in agriculture to take care of your old age but like to look at trees, are lazy in the sun, and mainly hire workers like me, just try to work hard to make a lot of m.oney and go home. Going to school doesn't necessarily mean success, but I think investing in studying is less expensive and less risky," she wrote.

Tho Nguyen boasted of earning 15 billion in just one note, ready to ask Jack for 5 million? - Photo 6

After reading Tho Nguyen's article, some people thought that the female YouTuber had accumulated a huge amount of m.oney, so she decided to leave the city and return to her hometown, retiring early at the age of 32.

It is known that recently, Tho Nguyen mainly returned to his hometown to farm, grow coffee and durian. Occasionally, she speaks up about some statements made by artists and celebrities.

Most recently, the female YouTuber continued to tease Jack about the 5 million deal. Accordingly, Jack posted a status to encourage fans before the exam with a cute tone: "The exam is about to be weird, if you can get 9 math points, don't call me your husband."

Tho Nguyen boasted of earning 15 billion in just one note, ready to ask Jack for 5 million? - Photo 7

Tho Nguyen boasted of earning 15 billion in just one note, ready to ask Jack for 5 million? - Photo 8

Before the male singer's flirting, Tho Nguyen sarcastically said: "The bastard was bribed for 5 million." Everyone knows that Jack was once condemned for only providing 5 million per month to Thien An to raise his children, so Tho Nguyen's status line is like making fun of him.

Tho Nguyen boasted of earning 15 billion in just one note, ready to ask Jack for 5 million? - Photo 9

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