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Mango Non - Pham Thuy Trang: from hotgirl who dropped out of school to become a daughter-in-law of Hao Mon

Vân Anh16:31:18 09/05/2024
Having made a fuss about school, the hotgirl who dropped out of school at the end of grade 10 changed her life after becoming the daughter-in-law of Hao Mon, the wife of the young family. Non Mango has always been a name that attracts special attention of the online community.

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Xoai Non: h.ot g.irl dropped out of school in 10th grade, became the wife of young master Xemesis

Minh Ngọc17:14:10 29/04/2024
Streamer Xemesis's wife is a famous h.ot g.irl at one time with a beauty not inferior to any other star. Although she is now at peace with her young husband, many people still regret that this beauty does not continue to pursue art.

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Xemesis changed dramatically after joining the army. His wife, Xoai Non, was so shocked that she immediately took him to work

Đức Trí16:04:49 26/12/2023
Vietnam's richest streamer Xemesis, after participating in the show Stars enlisted in the army, had a drastic change in appearance. He shocked his wife, Xoai Non, and immediately took her to work.

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Beautiful young mango challenges ordinary cameras, netizens only pay attention to the details and suspect that she is pregnant?

Phong Trần10:54:52 12/12/2023
At a press conference of the reality show that Xemesis participated in, Xoai Non (Pham Thuy Trang) was also present to support her husband's spirit. Attracting attention, the beauty of the hotgirl is especially noticeable when caught in the regular cam lens.

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Young Mango - Xemesis announces the day to welcome the queen c.hild publicly through artificial insemination, f.orced to do one thing for the c.hild

Pinky13:42:07 11/12/2023
The famous streamer couple Xemesis and h.ot g.irl Xoai Non surprised everyone by setting the date of pregnancy after many years of marriage and still no news about their children. Notably, both said they would use the popular IVF method to find a c.hild.

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Xemesis on the clip revealing the rustic face and sloppy appearance of Young Mango, Phat Luo Tian'an openly dating?

Khánh Huyền10:12:46 05/12/2023
Xemesis posted a new vlog, revealing his wife's slouchy and rustic face. It is also inadvertent for fans to see a detail of the couple in question of dating: Phat La - Doan Tianjin.

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Xemesis became a "wife flatterer" after 3 years of marriage to his beautiful, angelic wife

Vân Anh19:14:32 28/11/2023
After getting married, Xemesis was lovingly nicknamed by fans as the saint of wife flattery. Because people will occasionally see a streamer going online to flex his beloved wife with sweet words, full of flattery.

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H.ot g.irl Xoai Non "got angry" and responded extremely harshly to being criticized by netizens, "Are you still expelled from school?"

Snow17:10:45 17/10/2023
Besides those who always support Xoai Non, there are also some who often sarcasm and criticize her in all kinds of ways. Typically, recently, an online account commented rudely under a h.ot g.irl's post.

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Hotgirl was called sister-in-law by Diep Lam Anh, married for 3 years without children, mother-in-law had to give a huge reward

Quỳnh Quỳnh11:03:07 12/10/2023
Xoai Non is a famous hotgirl who was known to everyone when she was just 18 years old when she was asked to marry him by the richest streamer in Vietnam. However, after 3 years of being at her husband's house, she has not been able to get pregnant and have children due to health problems.

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Hotgirl Mango Young received "brick and stone" for an act of charity: Giving for free by giving?

Kiko15:05:41 29/05/2023
Distributing hundreds of meals to the homeless, but just because of the act of not getting off the bus when distributing, Xoai Non suddenly received mixed opinions. Right after that, many people expressed their defense for his wife Xemesis. Specifically, recently, on her Tiktok...

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Tiktoker criticized Do Mixi restaurant for only "young buffalo" coming to eat, apologized but still included a challenge

Keng07:34:12 17/04/2023
Not long ago, the famous trio of Vietnamese streamer villages: PewPew, Do Mixi and Xemesis opened a broken rice restaurant together and received the attention of a large audience. After a period of business, the restaurant has received great support from customers. However...

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Young mango and the "roof" of the streamer village: There is one thing in common that makes the boys fall in love

Minh Lợi11:02:48 23/01/2023
The powerful "rooftop" of streamer Do Mixi, Xemesis and Bomman are loved to the fullest, Mango Non likes to be there, and Trang Mixi is always paired with her very emotional husband. For those who love Vietnamese games, they must be no stranger to famous names such as Xemesis...

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Non Mango is top-notch beauty despite the camera, beautiful as this is how to make strawberries

17:39:55 24/11/2022
Despite many times entering the normal lens, without any photo editing application, h.ot g.irl Mango Non still makes netizens admire with her spotless beauty, increasingly promoted. Famous for her extremely beautiful Western beauty, Non Mango is getting more and more attention...

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Non Mango reveals her true background, in stark contrast to her husband's life

Hoàng Anh18:26:45 20/11/2022
Always appearing with a beautiful and luxurious appearance, she married a rich husband, so many viewers were curious about the true situation of Non Mango Non Mango real name Pham Thuy Trang (born in 2002). 10X possesses a pretty face, big round eyes, high nose bridge, fair skin...

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Non mango buys diamonds for his mother-in-law, revealing his great fortune to s.mash rumors of plagiarism

Hoàng Anh08:56:44 01/10/2022
At the age of 20, Non Mango makes many people admire because of her luxurious and happy life with her husband. Although often mocked for marrying an older man just for m.oney, the beauty also refused to let it go, but many times made practical moves to s.mash rumors. Recently, on...

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Mixi team - Mixi page and the hottest couples in the Vietnamese game village

Hoàng Anh10:15:37 03/08/2022
In the Vietnamese gaming industry, there are many couples that make the audience admire by the harmony in their personalities, harmony in their interests, and do not hesitate to pay salaries, express sweet feelings that melt hearts. fan. Mixi Team - Mixi page If anyone has ever...

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Young Mango was sarcastically attached to a rich husband and the response made the antifan "dumb"

An Nhi11:36:17 26/07/2022
After getting married to "the richest streamer in Vietnam", h.ot g.irl Xoai Non continuously received offensive comments from antifans, most of which were opinions that she was a parasite of the rich husband's family. Non mango is probably a familiar name for young Vietnamese...

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Team Mixi, Xemesis and the "Four Kings of Vietnamese streamers" have been popular for a while?

An Nhi11:58:27 22/06/2022
10 years ago, the livestream industry flourished with 4 popular streamers including PewPew, Do Mixi, ViruSs and Xemesis. They are favored by the online community as the "Four Emperors streamer" of the Vietnamese gaming village. Vietnam's Four Kings streamer is the beautiful name...

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Seeesis fiercely chatted with antifan when Young Mango was criticized for the first round

Hoàng Anh15:50:01 10/06/2022
Touching anyone is moving, but touching his wife Xoai Non is going to work with Xemesis. The recent chat with antifan of the game streamer is causing great controversy. It is known that a few days ago, on his personal page, Xemesis attracted attention when showing off h.ot photos...

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Non mango first debuted as a streamer, causing the young man's husband Xemesis to be "outside" for this reason

An Nhi10:33:33 18/04/2022
Although it was the first time trying as a streamer, Mango Non quickly won the hearts of netizens. The couple Xemesis - Mango Non is one of the hottest couples in social networks and the Vietnamese gaming community when both have huge followers on many different platforms. The...

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Sunna - H.ot g.irl "super round 1" becomes more and more attractive after giving birth, officially re-appearing on the "exciting" race

An Nhi17:11:20 15/04/2022
After giving birth, h.ot g.irl Sunna did not lose her inherent beauty, but became more and more s.exy than before. Owning a unique hybrid beauty with an extremely f.iery b.ody, it is no wonder that Sunna (real name Wilson Nhat Anh) has become a famous hotgirl on social networks...

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Non mango, Linh Rin and the "lady" association of CEO, young master face bare face: Who is more beautiful?

An Nhi11:24:38 12/04/2022
Possessing a beautiful beauty, thousands of people love it, but Mango Non, Linh Rin ... are still shimmering when they leave their faces bare. Being a g.irl must be "pretty", so it's very normal for h.ot girls to wear makeup or use filters. Because makeup girls often use apps and...

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Non mango and the 'green tea cake' association support the new MV, Thieu Bao Tram reveals something special

Hoàng Anh10:51:37 12/04/2022
Both Linh Ngoc Dam and Non Mango openly show their support for their seniors on social networks On the evening of April 11, Thieu Bao Tram officially "released the chain" of a new music product called "Behind Anh Co Ai Kia". Compared to the previous cheerful song "Love Rosie"...

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"Spring mango close to Thieu Bao Tram's face?" - The owner spoke up against the rumors from netizens

Huỳnh Như07:40:32 07/03/2022
With a story "answering questions" for fans, Mango Non surprised netizens to understand the status of her relationship with Thieu Bao Tram. As one of the KOLs with a "Western" face, a "standard" figure and at the same time the "roof" of Xemesis (the most popular streamer in...

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